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Want Bargaining Rights With That?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/03/want-bargaining-rights

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Why is it that police can have a union but Walmart workers, Amazon workers, fast food workers, and
myriad others can’t have unions?
Yes, I know that they have multi-millionaire lawyers and “consultancy” firms working against them. That is the travesty. Wages have been flat for 40 odd years, and union destruction has
been perpetrated all along that time.


Rich people tell me repeatedly that its “supply and demand”.

Whats right and wrong or whats fair they say cannot make wages rise if the number of jobs is falling or the number of workers (or free workers in the form of computers) is rising or both.

So under their logic wages must fall a lot, until -

They don’t have any answer.

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hmmm maybe b/c they help protect the property of the 1% … part of the bribery scheme set up … remember when Scott Walker killed the teachers union in Wisconsin but explicitly defended the police union … its really fucking sickening


Not to mention that the police held all the cards when the assault weapons ban was up for renewal in Congress during the Dubya regime.

Had police unions called a strike until Congress renewed the ban, renewal would have happened faster than any legislation that ever made its way through Congress. Yes, I know that police union contracts have no-strike clauses, but there is no way the strike would have actually happened, once it was called.

Instead, police unions tacitly or actively supported opening up the assault weapon flood gates that gave us the weaponized murka we have now, made the Mexican Mafia more powerful than the gubmit, just to cite a few of the results…