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Want National Security? Dismantle the War Machine


Want National Security? Dismantle the War Machine

David Korten
The recent 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade towers was a reminder of the terrible consequences when a nation ignores the lessons of history—including its own recent history. The U.S.


John Miller, the chief intelligence officer for the New York City police department, testified before congress yesterday.
He said in part that:

NYC has the largest and most intrusive intelligence gathering operation of any city or state and is only slightly smaller then the entire FBI.
1500 police agents gather intelligence (spy) on NYC citizens daily.
Tens of thousands of cameras have been placed around the city as well as DAX license plate readers and facial recognition systems.
If you can do it there you can do it anywhere.

Big Brother is alive and well.


Nope. Like all children they're going to have to be forced to abandon their toys.


This article outlines how the British Parliament has concluded that the war on Libya was based on outright lies and fabrications. It also details how the Western countries OVERTLY supplied terrorists with arms, trained them and used them to topple Qaddafi. It makes it crystal clear that those nations knew all along that they were arming Al Qaeda linked terrorists.

This was the very thing we were saying here on these boards as those events unfolded.

This follows another inquiry which concluded that the war on Iraq was bogus and based on lies and falsehoods.

How an earth can anyone conclude that what the US and Western Governments tell us happens in Syria is true? Just as example that so called Air strike on a UN convoy which the US claimed was launched by Russia appears to have been a fabrication as well as Russia provided evidence it was not involved and that the attack occurred from on the ground rather than from the air.

It not only the WAR machine that needs dismantling, it the LIE machine and those two operate in lockstep to the point they inseparable and the mother of all lies was 9/11.


HSBC was listed in the article as a problem. If we are going to dismantle the war machine, we need to stop funding and giving the Saudi's all the killing weapons that they want. HRC is one of the biggest proponents of arming the Saudis. How come No one is looking at HSBC, James Comey the ex board member of HSBC and his ties to the Clinton Foundation. He has only been the head of the FBI since 2013. Why don't investigators check with his relationship with the Clinton Foundation when he was at HSBC.There are numerous article on the internet showing massive money laundering involving the Clinton Foundation. Has any else seen them? Oh I guess he has the final say on what gets investigated? Is that right?. I would just like to know the facts as I am sure the rest of the American people would also. God Bless America, We need his help now more than ever!


" It must come from the bottom up, from the people who are living a 21st-century vision into being.": That's right--global mobilization is how we will vote and how we will defeat the powers that care only for monetary profit at all costs and to the cost of everyone and all of Life.


"They" say they missed him.
Me, I'm not so sure.


All of what you say is true, but the "system" has the largest, most powerful arsenal in the history of mankind.
So a frontal attack is a suicide mission.
With that in mind what solution would you offer to correct the situation?


Gotta stop glorifying the military. Yes, we should take care of our veterans, not because we honor their service for protecting us (which is bullsh**), but because the US government owes it to them for putting them in awful circumstances. We should not be encouraging people from joining the military with the cruel hoax that it is somehow patriotic.

Remember the "Universal Soldier."


David Korten makes a lot of sense, but he falls short in connecting the dots. I read one or two articles a day on the evils of the military industrial complex and how it should be reduced or dismantled. Usually a case is made that Trump or Clinton will go in the opposite direction. Rarely do writers, such as Korten, endorse the Green Party for its anti-militaristic stance. The Greens want to accomplish what Korten wants to accomplish. People are such cowards. They refuse to affiliate with a winning ticket because of some past, alleged tarnishing. Jill Stein is the best candidate and she can win if intelligent people will support her.


We lost Bernie. Things may have to get worse before they get better.


Dear Dr. Korten,

Full disclosure/disclaimer: I had the very ggreat privilege of hearing you in person @ one of my first [of close to 20[ RESULTS/RESULTSEducationalFund International Conferences in DC.
Please please keep writing this article over and over and over; sooner or later, w/enough repetition, the facts will sink into the heads of the grossly and MOSTLY ill-informed American taxpayers. It may or may not make a difference in how they vote-sadly the ill-educated among us are the ones most likely to vote against their own self-interest, but your writing these words repeatedly seem to my mind to be one of the most potent things we can do to put the sorely-needed monkey wrench into the cogs of the machinery of the MICC.
Honest to God, if I hear one more politician say, "God bless our troops," I may not be responsible for the mayhem I will inflict. [This is a particularly favorite of Obama, our Nobel prize awardee who has increased not only wars overseas by manner of drones, but who has infllicted more damage on whistleblowers than almost any other Prez. [or mebbe he gets the Prize for that, too?]
The trouble is, we have too many installations in too many states of warmongering profiteers like Lockheed, GE, Westinghouse, Raythron, and their ilk. And too many Forts. In my mostly benighted state, I live but a very few miles from the gigantic training Fort Jackson. With money-grubbing wrongheaded and wrongfooted Rethuglican Senators, who JUST voted FOR the huge Saudi arms deal, I am up against a big stoopid wall.
Like you, I keep writing and speaking out. My words will never have the force of yours.
Please, Dear Dr. Korten, keep writing; if you will, I suggest that you use the selfsame words/their synonyms and keep publishing.
I salute you and am proud to say I've heard you IN PERSON.


Today, upon hearing the terrible news that 71 senators voted FOR the Saudi arms deal, but that there were 27 who voted against, I spent a fair amount of time calling the Senate switchboard who forwarded my calls to those amazing brilliant Senators who voted AGAINST. In the time I had, I managed to call 5 offices to say 'thank you.'
It is important to note here that BERNIE SANDERS voted AGAINST THE SALE.
Those of us who donated, blogged, appeared @ rallies, and in general hoped for and prayer for his securing the nomination, expected no less AND HE DELIVERED.

I am going to start a petition--NO IT IS NOT TOO LATE--to BRING BACK BERNIE AS OUR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. No sane, sentient w/ even half a brain can vote for Trump, the narcissistic, misogynistic, sociopathic ignoramus. And when more of us know the TRUTH about Shillery, who is NOT the advocate for "women and children" her acolytes keep lying; she is a warmongering hawk who never met a war nor an arms deal she couldn't slaver over. See Diana Johnsone, "Queen of Chaos: the Misadventures of Hillary Clinton." She's the neoliberal who persuaded Obama to bomb the living daylights out of what Gaddafi had created in Libya: the beginnings of a modern, styled on Europe, country. Remember Shakespeare "A picture is worth a thousand words"?? The pictures are in this highly praised by eminent people expose by Johnstone [I bought my copy from Counterpunch, if u can't find it elsewhere.]


Mark N, thank you for posting Chaplin's wonderful speech. I keep it on file and watch it often along with the following two speeches....JFK's warning of Secret Societies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs and Eisenhower's warning of the Military Industrial Complex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyBNmecVtdU .

I can get so depressed, disillusioned sometimes about what has happened to our country. Yet I know without a doubt, the American people are perfectly capable of saving this republic once there is no longer any doubt all our liberties have slipped away...stolen from under our eyes. I'm resigned to the fact that Americans will remain complacent right up until the time all seems lost. Only then do I believe we will truly take back our power.

"If the aristocrats make peaceful and necessary change impossible, they will make violent resistance inevitable. It’s not a battle they can win, but if it’s a battle they are too foolish and arrogant to avoid, bring it on." John F. Kennedy

NOTE: The above quote is not completely accurate. I had to replace the word "war" with "battle" because I was stopped by a "Strong Text" warning before I could move forward, type in the JFK credit and continue this post..

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." Albert Einstein


"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic
into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting
measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension,
is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." John Adams

Just one among hundreds of wrongs we must fix.


I'm trying to "like" Mark N's post re his link on The Great Dictator video. Tried several times to hit "like" but keep getting the message... "You are not permitted to view the requested resource." I don't have any trouble pulling up the link. Can anyone tell me what "resource" I'm not supposed to see? First I can't include the word "war" in my post and now this. What the hell is going on?


When they say " national security" what they really mean is their security! Not our security. There is nothing national about it.


Great post, Mark. Especially love that last line. Peace.


I buy all of Dr. Korten's positions with the exception of the "Box Cutter Brigade".
How can a seemingly on-it type of guy still be blind to PNAC?


And none of it prevented the latest spate of pressure cooker bombers. Maybe, as Korten explains, ceasing the bombing of civilians in the ME would work better.