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Want to Dump Trump? New Polls Underscore Sanders Firewall


Want to Dump Trump? New Polls Underscore Sanders Firewall

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As forces in both major parties have begun to mobilize against a Trump presidency, a new national poll out Tuesday shows that the most surefire way to derail the GOP frontrunner: Put Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ticket.

The NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll found that if the 2016 presidential election were held today, 53 to 40 percent of voters would elect Sanders over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.


So based upon polls the super delegates should overrule people who actually voted. Talk about your flip flop..


Despite all polls conducted since January 2016 showing Sanders doing better against Trump than Clinton, more than 80% of the arguments I get from caucus participants supporting Clinton and our local dyed in the wool Democrats declare Sanders unfit to run against the GOP in November. Since these folks never let facts get in the way of a good story they will never admit they were wrong if Trump beats Clinton in November.


Mainstream or old-school, centre-right Republicans are ideologically close , or at least easily reconcilable, to the Clintonist "New Democrats" with the Neoliberal program. And Neocons will probably gravitate toward the proven warmonger and "Free trade" standard bearer rather than go with the America-firster loose cannon.


Clinton/Sanders ticket: Yea or Nay?



Except in cases where the vice president takes over for a deceased or resigning president, the VP role is low on the scale of dynamic electeds. Seeing how effective Sanders has been in Congress for the past quarter century plus, we need him there more than we need him taking orders from Clinton.


Bernie must figure out a way to reach the super delegates and these polls may help Bernie, but what makes it so difficult for Bernie is that many are super delegates for Hillary no matter what the polls say, it does not matter to them because they are not really open-minded delegates but Hillary's close-minded cronies, who will support her at all costs, even if it means a Trump POTUS!


This afternoon PST today, Bernie will speak at a Salem, OR rally. No matter how often and how loudly that Senator Sanders decries the "horse-race" media reporting, it still won't stop! Almost screechy sometimes! A zombie-like repetitive drone of corporate media owner's script, performed by actors who are paid to lambast our common senses to shreds (They sure get their yah-yahs, I bet.). Key issues of humanity's longings: a "revolution" of thought, outside the status quo, hardly reaches Americans; UNLESS ONLY through thoughtful internet searches outside of the seductive, ego-centric social media forces of fb, twitter and cable tv. America's political & Justice backsliding on climate, penal system, food-water-air degradation has reached, again still another obscene level of the finger-nail skreeching propaganda. Thanks to YouTube (One must be careful here!), Common Dreams, The Guardian US, TeleSur, Pacifica (& Democracy Now) and others, or there would be just NPR, MSNBC, Fox and other corporate-cozy reporting.


Every time I tell our local Obamabots (recently turned Hillarybots) that Obama and Clinton are further rightward than Nixon was, they disagree.

Now that the GOP candidate is to the left of Clinton they will continue to disagree because they have given money to corporate Dems and are therefore emotionally and financially invested in the Party.

I know several Murkins who have never voted GOP, and have voted for Democrats for 50 years, who are voting for Trump.


"Meanwhile, a separate poll found that in key presidential swing states the anointed nominees are running neck and neck."

What a pathetic spectacle that would be. Two self-absorbed narcissists running neck and neck for the highest post in the land.


Not "would" DLT88, WILL. Clinton is already manning up her offices in the swing states where the "pathetic spectacle" will soon unfold.

If my friends didn't already consider me contrarian, I would throw the John Adams quote at them the next time they suggest Sanders sign on as Clinton's cabin boy.


Front loading of white states like Iowa, New Hampshire was not a problem?


John Nance Garner IV, known among his contemporaries as "Cactus Jack" (November 22, ... In 1932 and 1936 he was elected the 32nd Vice President of the United States, .... He famously described the Vice-Presidency as being "not worth a bucket of warm piss". (For many years, this quote was euphemized as "warm spit".).


Bernie has always been the strongest candidate. They know that but would rather have a Republican than Bernie so they don't have to change. Simple as that. So if they get Trump it's on them it's not our job to support a candidate and party that are so corrupt we can't even have a fair election. They have what they want and I hope they choke on it. I won't vote for her.


Quinnipiac, which weighted the poll whiter than the actual voting records. Whiter means Trump or Sanders do better.


As trolls must troll, seems their trolling here focuses on the "horse race" delusion. A sure path to quackery of our most fundamental citizen's right, an unfettered access to whether or not we have honorable politicians (for sure is rare, if not immensely irreconcilable with post LBJ neo-liberal hyper "consumerism"). Independent fact-checks, anyone? BORING! I know!

Sure is "neck-n-neck" here, as the "pack" enters the final stretch. Fuck the environment & people's lives, as "contender one, two and three run neck-n-neck!"


Cause Whites should ALWAYS go first.


You've nailed! YES!! It will all coalesce on the convention floor in Philly! Even the DNC "cronies" (corporate slaves) must sleep with their choice, knowing that their stubborn zealotry, that enables their lying eyes to hide behind their corporate overlord's logo (right you repubs out there, happened to you, too, hey?) will reap them the whirlwind - a cost of 4-years of UNNECESSARY intensified resource pillage to Planet Earth.


Mark my words, Trump will win in November using this phrase. "It's time to stop the gravy train". Clinton has no defense and the American public is so pissed off that they will go for it. Leave it to Democrats to burn their party to the ground.


It would be really nice if NPR would start covering Bernie, and stop calling Hillary the "presumptive nominee" and skipping over Bernie completely, as they've done since Trump's competition dropped out...
It will be interesting to see if NPR even covers this poll...