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Want to Get Into Some 'Good Trouble'? Join the Fight to Save Our Post Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/12/want-get-some-good-trouble-join-fight-save-our-post-office


Thanks Jim, ever stalwart!

The USPS is bedrock of The Commons - The Common Good - a national civilian service that unites us and serves We The People, not greed, or privatization or political manipulations - the USPS is a symbol of nationhood and belongs to us all, and as such is viewed as somehow “socialist” by the conservative Republicon mob. those openly greed-driven corporate whores to whom everything should be for-profit - for private profit!

We allow the “privatization” - ie theft - or organizational and independent destruction or undermining/sabotage of the Service by such criminal elements or tools such as the corrupt trump Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and the Board of Governors, who ALL are trump appointees! In addition, it is reported that "DeJoy and his wife have assets between $30.1 million and $75.3 million in USPS competitors or contractors, such as UPS and trucking company J.B. Hunt"., a clear criminal conflict of interest and blatant violation and betrayal of his office!

We allow the destruction of the USPS at our great peril - and shame!.

"“Democracy is not a state. It is an act.” If We the People are to control our own destiny, if we are to have and hold democratic power, we can’t wait on some politician to “save” us. We have to act, standing together against the moneyed and political elites who keep imposing their plutocratic control over us." - Jim Hightower


USPS was subjecting USPS to death by a thousand cuts ever since they kicked the Postmaster General out of the POTUS’ cabinet, and ended Postal Banking (thereby launching the payday lending industry) a half century ago.

In 2006 Slimy Pete Sessions authored legislation that mandated the USPS fund pensions out 75 years, putting it into a death spiral. Although Slimy lost his seat in Congress in 2018, he is running in a different Congressional District (TX-17) on November 3 (send your spare change to opponent Rick Kennedy’s campaign).

Now the GOP is coming in for the kill…killing two birds with one stone…1) a popular federal department, and 2) a vehicle that makes voting easier for most voters, and the only way to vote for many.


A-a-annd today we have reports of sorting machines being removed from Postal Service facilities in Iowa. Can’t take this one to the SCOTUS. Good trouble time. John Lewis would be donning his trench coat and packing an overnight-in-jail backpack.


Americans are in a coma! I am tired of calling, emailing, writing and not a frickin thing get done to stop the carnage of this administration. Democracy is slow moving but eroding quickly. That has to change, we will not survive!


Agree!! but how? I would like a 100,000 March in all major cities and DC. Whose going to get this going and promoting to get that many people. Asking pundits, radio gurus to help hasn’t work lately, facebook hasn’t help. I’ve done that with no response. Very discouraging. Americans are in a coma.


I shot you a heart mostly because I’ve indicated the same thing. Americans are in some sort of coma. Stunned by this years virus pandemic for sure, but this has been our condition for years now.


V, for now, just one tweak. I don’t believe for a second that the vile Rethugs view USPS as a socialist anything. Taking that position means we believe THEY believe in something. They have no principles or values other than greed. My money says they couldn’t explain any single socialist concept at all. IMO, they merely throw out those ooooooo scary words to fool the public while they rape us.

So far, their tactic works too well. We must condemn them en toto and destroy them to the best of our ability, whatever that entails. Yes. It’s way past time to learn from the Bielski brothers and follow their courageous resistance leads.


Take away the incentive to privatize.

Simple Plan: Since the legislation makes the post office responsible for workers 75 years out; yes some, many have not even been born nor their parents, then add this. Name the employees as beneficiaries. That way if the post office is taken over the nest egg does not go to the right-wing connected thug. Just like corporate raiders who take the old pension funds, that is what is happening here. Cause no way can a private firm compete.

Kudos to Jim Hightower. An actual patriot, not a flag-molesting fool.

In almost all of the USPS stories, what goes unmentioned is that in Dec. 2006, a bill (H.R. 6407) introduced by former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Of Course) was passed. In part, it requires that the USPS pre-fund the retirement for its employees seventy-five years in advance. To my knowledge, that more anything else (including COVID) is responsible for its financial shortfall.

I’d believe it was Sessions, but my viewing indicates that it was Tom Davis.