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Want to Get Trump to Start a Trade War? Follow Steel Industry's Lead and Buy Some Ad Time on Fox & Friends


Want to Get Trump to Start a Trade War? Follow Steel Industry's Lead and Buy Some Ad Time on Fox & Friends

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite opposition from much of his entire cabinet and warnings that imposing strict tariffs on steel imports would likely harm many American workers while sparking a trade war, President Donald Trump on Thursday decided to go ahead with the punishing import restrictions anyway—just days after the steel industry launched a massive ad blitz aired on TV programs "


Tariffs are economically destructive. This is a very bad move by Trump.


No, he’s made plenty of others, like the other tariffs on solar and washing machines.


If the externalities were priced into the energy side of the economy, it would right the ship and steel production would localize in many places as a result. Instead, iron is shipped to places like China, made into steel, and shipped right back to the country from which the ore was extracted. Not too bright. The same can be said for agriculture–food should be grown as locally as possible–especially staple items (spices are cheap to ship–with regard to both economics and the environment). Correct energy pricing that includes anthropocentric and environmental concerns is a major key to righting the egregious assaults on humanity and the planet.


Almost as bad as the ‘Investor State Dispute Settlement’ provisions in CAFTA, NAFTA and the TPP that give greedy Multi-NaZional Korporations the ability to claim bullshit “restraint of trade” conditions to overturn food safety regulations and other provisions that protect a nation’s citizens from dangerous exploitation by screw­pulous marketeers.


‘correct’ energy pricing would require an actual market in the externalities, actual = truly voluntary.

Make up fake prices and impose them, all you get is a different set of distortions. It doesn’t matter how smart the pricers are or how many calculations they apply, etc.

Prices only function as valid market signals when the prices are valid, and that magic only occurs in voluntary markets.


You can protect citizens without violating their right to free trade. You sue vendors with dangerous product, you make the risks known via media, etc etc.


If Only!!   The ISDS provisions allow international marketeers to suppress provisions such as COOL (Country Of Origin Labeling) and many other health & safety related regulations because they act “in restraint of trade” (have a negative effect on the ‘bottom line’).  And good luck organizing a class-action suit against these Multi- NaZional behemoths, who have not only “our” government but armies of lawyers liars on their side.


I would rather start a war against Trump and Trump-publicans that are of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

  • Open Borders
  • Single Currency
  • International Revenue Service
  • Earth Parliament
  • World Living Wage

Free trade is a scam!


Emotionally I agree with Trump, but my economic history of the late twenties and early thirties tells me I’m wrong. Then what the hell do I know I voted for a Russian spoiler called Jill Stein.


“Free trade is a scam!” It sure tore the hell out of labor.


And now Trump is talking about (surprise!) changing his mind and re-entering the TPP.

This is not going to end well.


One of the biggest problems Americans have with democracy is that often government policies take a long time to be implemented, often taking months if not years of debate and then there are many difficulties in passing needed reforms, and then, even when changes are made rather quickly, as this one will be, the effects of these measures will not be felt for months or years.

It may feel good to Trump, the American steel and aluminum industry and its workers, that this tariff has been instituted because it makes it look as if something positive is being done on their behalf. However, the results may not be as expected, and there may be other players involved, who are unknown and may profit from these changes, even though these changes may not end up being good for the very industries that they were intended to help.

The world’s economies are interlinked today in massively complex ways. The biggest trouble with Trump is that he is acting on pure instinct, without the benefit from the very real knowledge that he needs to make real constructive and well thought out changes to policies that can actually help our domestic manufacturing industries. Knee jerk public policies are rarely good public policies and Trump doesn’t know how to do anything else. He lacks the knowledge, the education, and the necessary humility to realize that he needs expert help sometimes before he embarks on radical changes that will affect millions of lives.

While I cannot predict the future, the information in just this tiny article tends to indicate that that these very same tariffs caused just the opposite effect as desired in 2002, and instead of causing the creation of more manufacturing jobs and job security and wage increases for steel and aluminum workers, there was massive job loss the last time this policy was implemented. This makes it very unlikely that Trump will effect the changes he desires, and while his intentions may have been good, the results will most likely be devestating to those that Trump is actually trying to help.

It is for this reason and others like it that men like Trump are unqualified for the job of being our president. Any man who thinks that he knows it all, when no man knows everything, is setting himself and everyone who listens to him up for disaster. As Socrates once said: The wise man knows that he doesn’t know, and only a fool thinks that he knows everything." I’m afraid that this time, as in many other circumstances, Trump is being a fool once again, and the American people, and in this instance, the American steel and aluminum workers, will soon be paying for it. I hope that this isn’t the case, but I do not think so. This is why our presidents need better qualifications and the public must do a much better job making sure that they are really qualified to be good presidents before we elect them.

Unfortunatly, I am afraid that Trump, like many other republican presidents, will ruin, and perhaps even crash, the healthy economies that they often inherit from prior democratic administrations. This action alone by Trump puts hundreds of thousands of vulnerable American workers’ livelihoods at stake and is another reason that a social safety net is essential to the American people. This is because job loss and economic destitution cannot be blamed solely on the individual in the modern world, as often economic forces beyond the control of workers can cause job loss, loss of retirement, and economic destitution for innocent workers at the mercy of men who don’t care or realize the consequences of their behavior on others.

These powerful republican men who are in positions of controlling our laws and our economy are all too often personally insulated from the effects of their actions, as they will probably not suffer at all when the results of bad public policies that they make disrupt the lives and livelihoods of working people who do not share in their advantages. This fact tends to make them all too unconcerned about these effects on the lives of millions of other people who are from an entirely different social and economic class than they are, and with whom they are not likely to make more than very casual contact. When Trump goes back to Mar-a-Lago he will not be socializing with steel and aluminum workers, or any ordinary American citizens, but instead he will be surrounded only with other extremely wealthy men who will not suffer personally from any of the things that Trump does while he serves as our president. This, combined with the cruel and sociopathic attitudes that have become the mainstay of republican politics and attitudes, makes a man like Trump really unsuitable to represent the best interests of the vast majority of the American people. These facts are amplified even more by his lack of contact with ordinary folk, and especially his lack of contact with the millions of extremely vulnerable elderly, disabled, mentally ill, and homeless people that Trump will never see, who will suffer dearly from the heartless republican policies that he and the republican controlled Congress are likely to enact during his presidency.

The American public is stuck in an extremely vicious cycle of having harmful republican policies enacted, followed by democratic administrations that must waste much needed valuable time in office just working to undo the very same harmful public policies that were just recently enacted by the prior republican administration, and which leaves much less time for positive changes to occur, to the great frustration of the voters, who become impatient and subsequently elect republicans into office to fix things and then all the prior democratic changes are then undone and the cycle repeats itself. In the meantime, the effects of one administration often overlap onto the next one, causing blame to be mistakenly misplaced on the wrong agents of government. A good example of this happened when the Deepwater Horizon exploded and was blamed on the Obama administration, despite the actual fact that it was totally the fault of the extremely unsafe and liberal safety policies of the prior republican Bush administration that actually caused the disaster and the Obama administration had insufficient time in office to undo those poor policies before this happened.

The American corporate controlled media is also to blame for failing to properly inform the public and educate all Americans about our government and the way things work and do not work in the modern age. Instead, the media all too often resorts to sensationalism and the blame and shame games that increase its ratings. In addition, we have an eighteenth century Constitution in a twenty first century world that the founding fathers could never have imagined or properly prepared us for, and due to extreme republican partisanship, and a general lack of the ability to put ones’ country before ones’ party or personal ambitions, it is impossible in the present atmosphere and circumstances, to properly fix this outdated and ineffective Constitution in any way that would benefit the vast majority of the ninety nine percent of the American people.

I don’t know the answers to our conundrum. However, it has become plainly clear to myself, and many other Americans that Trump is not up to the job of being our president for many reasons, even without the issues surrounding the Russia Investigation. And for all of these reasons I hope that the democrats will regain at least the House and hopefully Trump will be removed before he causes much more damage, because right now we have a rampaging, out of control wild bull in the White House and this is not a good thing for America.


Don’t have a trade war, pray tell, what will become of the good old U. S. A. if for once government policy reflected the interests of workers, horror of horrors. Just as so called progressive and Bernie Democrats have flipped to the new McCarthyism in foreign policy, now progressives are reaffirming the neoliberal agenda of the free traders, that is how I interpret the headline and tone of this piece, my oh my.


Progressives do not understand that a lot of construction projects are going to get a great deal more expensive. A lot of workers are going to have a lot more trouble finding work if entities like the California Transportation Commission have to start shelving capitol projects while expenses for already-approved projects go up, also costing time and money. This is no different than all the progressives that think “just” obstruction, fraud, and conspiracy are not big deals either.


Trump’s intelligence committee: Jeanine (pouty mouth) Pirro, Sean (fat head)Hannity, Laura (testosterone) Ingraham. Committee chair Steven, (racist)) Miller All of it paid for by Viagra.


Trade and tariffs are complicated. And how trade agreements are constructed and how and what tariffs are placed on also matters to whether or not they are effective or not.

These can be divisive issues for those to the left of center. Though not opposed to trade, most progressives recognize the big flaws and bad consequences of deals like NAFTA and the TPP, whereas “liberals” generally supported them when first created. Bernie was against them, and Clinton reluctantly and late in the game also came to oppose TPP.

I’ve heard similar things from the left on tariffs. Thom Hartmann has explained the benefits of and supported imposition of tariffs, noting also that EU countries have something called a VAT tax that essentially serves as a tariff that protects their industries and workers.

Now I hear others opposing tariffs in general and specifically those imposed by Trump. I’d love to read an actual analysis of the pros and cons and not simply opposition because its Trump who is imposing them.

What will be the likely consequences of these tariffs and tariffs in general on the US economy, the industries, and workers in those industries?


I understand that a lot of steel production in the US is shifting to automation with robots. What’s the effect on steel workers?

Chinese steel that is getting imported is cheaper, but also lower quality. But leading exporter to the US Canada is also negatively affected by the tariff. Assuming the steel produced in Canada is similar in quality as the US, and US-Canada import/export steel to each other. Seems like a problem.


You don’t have the right to tell me or others what I think as a progressive, nor does KC2669.