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"Want to Know What a Worker's Life Is Worth in America?" Trump OSHA Fines Meat Company Just $13,494 For Infecting 1,294 Employees With Covid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/want-know-what-workers-life-worth-america-trump-osha-fines-meat-company-just-13494


Well, here we go again. Strega chao, yah, mcconnell’s wife and one of drumpf’s cabinet members now, all but shredded OSHA when she was working for dubya the war criminal. So, you would think that after 8 years of Obama, Osha would have been restored. Nope. That’s the thing about this back and forth between the republican light donkeys and the republican heavy elephants ever since reagan, ~ 50 years now, is that the donkeys (republican lights, such as the clintons) never completely repair and fix all the damage done by the elephants once they’re back in charge. Which has created this ratcheting effect of things getting worse overtime. And OSHA is a perfect example.


Next on the agenda. Employees that get sick while working at these Corporations due to Corporate malfeasance shall have their wages garnished with the monies used to pay these fines.

The Bill will be called the Save The Job Creators act.


The Republicans are used to pull the Country far to the right towards fascism and the Democrats follow to “normalize” that behaviour .This creates the illusion of choice while ensuring the wealth and power of the 1 percent is never touched and is expanded on.

I maintain that the Clinton Presidency was the most harmful in US History as it ensured that the left wing and progressive policies would never have any power again. They were silenced and will remain so as long as they continue to vote Democrat.

Should Biden win he will do very little to reverse all that trump as done. Any changes will be minor but when one looks at where the USA is in 2024 after his first term , it will be to the right of Obama who was to the right of Clinton.


The reason, imo, the republicans hate the Clintons so much is that the Clintons were better at being republicans than the republicans.

And if you compare policies between Bill/Hill/Biden and republicans, there isn’t a whole lot of daylight.


I sincerely hope that a civil suit follows and gets a considerably larger award for every employee who was affected.

Public Citizen? ACLU? It’s definitely not Southern – (except South Dakota) or I also would suggest SPLC.


Don’t worry, be happy.

Ignore the crimes and corruption, the malignant mental illness, the pathological lies and fantasy land, the crony enrichment, the environmental holocaust!
Ignore the existential parasite in the room - the capitalist greed for money/wealthinfecting all our lives and corruption of government from a tool of and for the Common Good, to the accumulation of obscene wealth for a rew and misery just to survive for the many. Think you are in the first group? Think the PTB give a shite about your life or your family? Think again!

Another 4 years of the trump regime? Don’t worry.

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That works out to $10.43 per infected employee, or roughly the cost of a 1 lb. Ribeye steak.

Hey, F_DN, your points as presented are very useful and much appreciated.

It would be easy and meaningful in fulfilling the founding principles for an informed polity to itemize in a more understandable way than dense statistics and\or by creating a list of the DEMs failures to rectify far right-wing lurches. For example just on the increase or decrease of regulation and regulatory enforcement to measure regulatory capture of areas like financial services, where private profit-maximizing corporate entities have come to rely on regular cyclical bail-outs and salvation from the tax-payers. The public treasury may be repaid, but is not made a full majority partner in the return to profit-maximizing policies. When we talk about breaking up too-big-to-fail banks and other corporate entities this must be considered and fully discussed not only by candidates but with the Public Affairs mass media.

One problem with our polity is that surprisingly few U.S. voting citizens stopped on the street could even give a meaningfully substantive definition of what Right Wing\Left Wing means in civic, civil rights, communications policies\systems, correctional systems, cyber policy, Daddy Warbucks (Military Contracting), ecology\environmental regulatory, economic, employment policy, finance regulatory, first nations treaty rights, governmental checks & balances, Housing and Urban Development, Insurance regulation, labor law, law enforcement, life sciences policies and regulatory, infrastructure, legal\legislative, mining and usufructuary rights, Port Authority and Shipping, Public Lands Management, Public Education, Public Health, Public Postal system, Social Security\Social Welfare, Taxation and its collection\enforcement along with disbursal, transit\transportation terms.

Along with whatever else one may have missed inventorying the makings of a thoroughly functioning modern state and its Public Affairs. Even thinking much less discussing in a public forum such a comprehensive list requires the differentiation of Right Wing\Left Wing policy options to those who have in good faith (if perhaps faulty reasoning) bought into the political tactic of labeling a representational government (democratic government has yet to be found workable in recorded history except on island or within otherwise isolated tribal organizations and structures) a NANNY STATE. Caps here denote both the rhetorical sense of the term and\or a more limited philosophical sense of delineating definitive parameters for such a pragmatic social organization. Or for defining the parameters of a democratic socialist state. Clearly the default to Duopoly as mirrored in the concentration of wealth and spread of our Pay2Play political and telecomm system has not worked either in Good Faith nor in the Public Interest.

Your points would be amplified and repeated throughout a properly functioning Public Interest broadcast system (not a corporate-captured CPB as we got from LBJ in 1967) and enforced by a truly independent debating and elections sponsorship organization as was the case before the League of Women Voters was banished from performing such Public Affairs tasks and the profit-maximizing Lord of Pay2Play Telecomm took over and immediately eliminated 3rd party candidates from participating in nationally or state-wide televised debates for national or state-wide public office.

Is it any wonder we have now descended as a nation-state to electing as our Presiding Commander in Chief a candidate without a single Public Interest or Public Service credential, nor did any political rival or accredited journalist ask for such a credential from the candidate(s) granted access to national broadcast channels and platforms.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Trump is trying to attract foreign investment by doing evil things like this.

they are trying to portray the US as a sort of Third World country, with better infrastructure, and slightly higher wages, but not for long.


Thank you for your thought filled response.


Astute, succinct and prescient observations as always! Our tag-team kleptocracy, while nothing new, becomes a little bit harder to obfuscate or gaslight away as time goes by? Thank heavens for the obtuse denial of our speciously delusional, financially complicit and obsequiously brainwashed 9% Creative Class™ spewing cynical euphemism & platitudes?





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frankly I am surprised OSHA did anything

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