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Want To Succeed in Establishment Policy Circles? Just Be Aggressively and Consistently Wrong Over and Over and Over


Want To Succeed in Establishment Policy Circles? Just Be Aggressively and Consistently Wrong Over and Over and Over

Tom Engelhardt

In our era in Washington, whole careers have been built on grotesque mistakes. In fact, when it comes to our various conflicts, God save you if you’re right; no one will ever want to hear from you again. If you’re wrong, however...


It might behoove Mr. Engelhardt to read up on the Authoritarian Personality structure and how it makes the Inverted Authoritarian State possible.

In the same way that Bush’s Junta recruited lawyers who would prove more loyal to the cause of wars of premeditated aggression and the torture pogroms used as props to beef up alleged patriotic support for these shows of martial machismo, than to the established protocols of Law, itself, those warriors committed to making wars have no obligation to win a damned thing! Their purpose is to sustain rationales for endless war.

And they ARE quite successful in that in the same way a piss poor doctor might open a small wound to thereby introduce and spread a greater infection, these wars of choice (made on the basis of wholly fixed “evidence” and entirely false Official Narratives and related false flag acts) have spread the fledgling activity of Al-Qaeda and now ISIS into highly inflamed SERIOUS threats. How better to justify enormous monies for those engaged in the Job of all war, all the time.

The job of automotons within the structures of bureaucratic systems–like today’s MIC make-war bureaucracy–is to sustain these behemoths.

Just as is the case in sports, where it’s the GAME more than winning that counts… since no team wins most of the time, these individuals cited by Mr. Engelhardt as professional losers play a loyal and vital role to their sponsors. They sustain (what to them is) the Game of War!

You can’t understand what’s going on if you apply a false frame to it.


Rather than automatons, much in the vein of Eric Hoffer’s True Believer, the pattern appears to be more to massage ideologues into a subliminal acceptance of the price of the ‘glory’ rationalized. The consciousness of the sado-masochistic dimensions within the ranks is sublimated to save that destructiveness for confrontation when the ideological rationalizations fail.



Another great article by Tom Engelhardt. Like Reagan showed, the people seem to like candidates that although wrong, are cheerful and upbeat about it.