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*Wanted* Dead or Alive: $100,000 for Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership


*Wanted* Dead or Alive: $100,000 for Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership

Jon Queally, staff writer

There is now a bounty on the head of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the "monster" international treaty negotiated behind closed doors by government officials and corporate executives but kept secret from the global public.

The global media outlet Wikileaks on Tuesday announced a campaign to raise a $100,000 cash reward for the complete text of the agreement in order to end the mystery surrounding the actual contents of the deal that involves the U.S. and eleven Pacific Rim nations.


How could lawmakers be forbidden to discuss the contents of TPP? It has nothing to do with national security. Elizabeth Warren should discuss it openly, quoting from it word-for-word. If the administration wants to go after her in the courts, let it. Isn’t there something about free speech in the Constitution?


It’s called Profiles in Courage. Does any member of congress want to step forward?


The globalization of corporate expansion, based on the model of predatory methods, cannot survive without preying on EVERYTHING at this point. It is peak predation and the consequences are and have been piling up since its inception while riding the ‘pride’ and egoism coattail factors of advertising. It is a well known fact that market research is a solipsism - it slickly references only its own criteria to the exclusion integrity and dignity - two notions we might well benefit from having pasted across our foreheads whenever we are out and about for all to see and remind each other.
In addition to the climate impacts, I would submit that the great denialsim “debate” is an example of preying on INFORMED CONSENT IN GOVERNANCE by a number of means - one need only witness the activities undertaken in its shadow.
Transgressive Predation Pacts do not end well.


The one question i have is: how is this not a conspiracy? By American law, it takes 3 or more to commit conspiracy. I count more than three. I can see how people that believe in a world elite controlling the planet get their view. Is this not an indicator if such things? If its so great of a deal, why not be open about it? But those are normal questions. Real questions consist of: how did they get this point without the public knowing any details? How has noone hacked this? People can break into the Pentagon, but not a business deal? There is something awry with this. All the stuff thats been hacked, yet nothing on the TPP? I think that its cant be hacked. For a global elite to exist, if they keep records, then it wont be electronic, at least not accessable by the net. An elite group would never be so stupid. Just like our officials and others wont be hacked for this info. If the global elite are real, this is the best evidence ive seen so far. The one key thing is, no matter how many object, it will still happen, as per the script (at least thats my understanding of the theory). So far this particular situation is on par with the theories.


The thing about classification is that a person is not classified. Remember, before the TPP got started, corps became people, therefore releasing them from public notification. For every law we say pertains to us, now pertains to them, even if their not from this country, but have at least one store or office pertaining just like immigrants gaining rights when they arrive. Now imagine years from now that law being repealed and end up affecting immigration. An exp: if corps from other countries lose their rights, why would any other person get to keep theirs? Corps are ‘people’. For any of this to make sense, one must keep that in mind. True or not, corps are seen that way in a court of law, the same place classifications are determined, go figure.


There is no courage in our houses of Congress—only greed. No ethics, no morals, no empathy, no compassion, no generosity, no concern for life on this planet—only greed.

This TPP is just one more step into fascism in our nation. The truth is that our democracy is dead. There is no one in Congress who is not paid by the 1% and AIPAC to vote as these evil people tell them to vote. Congress does not pay any attention at all to the ordinary people in this nation. We are ‘out of the loop’ and out of their concern.

It is time for the people to rise up in a rebellion and get rid of the current ‘honored’ members of Congress. We need to put the banksters in jail and put our monetary system under the Treasury Dept as is stated in our Constitution.

All life on earth is endangered by our unfettered capitalism. The people must stand up and state clearly that there are values over making a buck.
We must unite to change the government. Time is running out. You need to join thousands of others in the streets to stop the machine that is killing all life on earth.


Again i applaud WikiLeaks for this effort of raising awareness since this indeed is a gigantic power grab on the part of global corporations. I for one am willing to place my body on the line to prevent the passage of this most wicked and sneaky destroyer of our economic, civil and environmental rights and freedoms


Elizabeth Warren said that TPP is top secret, because if the American people saw it, they would be opposed to it. The problem is that it is top secret. Julian Assange and Chelsey Manning released and publishes secret information to expose war crimes, incompetence, and the dirty underhanded dealings of our leaders. Manning is serving 35 years in prison and our government wants to do the same to Julian if they could get their hands on him. Their only motives for releasing classified information were to show the truth and to expose war crimes. If someone leaked TPP document and there motives were to get $100,000 they would probably be shot at sunrise.


Shucks, we can’t even get folks to revolt at the polls …



Poppy Bush’s wet dream… to make slaves out of everybody in his “New World Order”…


Good point, John. The 100,000 offer is a fine gimmick but it goes against the spirit of whistleblowing, as an invitation to mercenary action. Snowden and Manning acted out of patriotism - in fact they started out pretty un-political, even centrist or centre-right, and it was their civic indignation that moved them. What we need is an urgent campaign appealing to the true patriotism and social consciousness of staffers and congress people and staff at any of the many corporations that are in on the drafting of the TPP and the other horrid treaties.

Just as it was probably a staffer who gave the NYT’s Risen the information on the crazy anti-Iran scheme, for which Jeffrey Sterling got blamed, other staffers should be stepping up to the plate.


Obama has to hide the truth so he can smile while parading his lies about TPP & Fasttrack.

Most of the Ds like most of the Rs are happy to go along to get along with all the campaign cash flowing to them for that vote.

Treason is legal.


If you or I are charged with a crime that we are suspected of commiting with two or more other people, we WILL be charged with conspiracy on top of whatever else they charge us with.

However, whenever you or I identify conspiracy among corporate or government operatives we are accused of being CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. The corporate propaganda machine has convinced most Americans to at least lend zero credibility and at worst persecute anybody labeled a conspiracy theorist, thereby giving corporations and governments endless opportunity to engage in conspiracies without ever having any accountability thereto.


Obama has serially hidden the truth starting with his January 2009 secret meetings with drug industry operatives to assure them that Obamacare would prohibit the government from negotiating drug prices.


Since the 1980s, Americans have dramatically empowered corporations, clinging to the notion that corporations, in turn, were going to create that mass of “good, family-supporting jobs.” The best we can do is to keep working at informing people about these policies, and the likely consequences. A critical issue at this point is the continued censorship of the details of the TPP.

As our attention turns to 2016, we need to take a closer look at the potential candidates. Just prior to launching her pre-campaign speaking tour, Hillary Clinton was hard at work promoting the TPP. We need reporters who have the courage to confront Clinton on this issue (as well as every other potential candidate). Liberal media have essentially given her a “free ride,” in spite of her long support not only for NAFTA and the TPP, but the right wing/corporate agenda in whole.


As always, “the devil’s in the details.” I urge people to examine the votes of Dems in Congress.


deleted-Larry Flint is going for Hillary…