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WaPo Can’t Believe White Supremacist Senate Candidate Really Means It


WaPo Can’t Believe White Supremacist Senate Candidate Really Means It

Janine Jackson

A few things about Virginia Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart:


Politics being driven by white nationalist populism will result in what we are seeing in Trump administration and to a large extent in the Republican controlled Congress. From his statements I would certainly assume that Stewart believes in white nationalism. If he doesn’t he is doing a good job fooling the voters but I would say he is for real. It appears that this wave of hate on the right can only be stopped by the blue wave on the left. White nationalist candidates who strongly support Trump have been doing very well in primaries so this win in Virginia is fairly typical of what has been happening. The number of moderate Republicans that the Democrats will be facing in November are apparently going to be few and far between.


If Paul Nehlen comes after my friends Ozzie and Omar, whose only “affront” to me is to close their restaurant (where I get my gyro, tabouleh, and baklava fixes) down early during Ramadan, then he will have to answer to me. Maʿ al-salāmah Mr. Nehlen and Mr. Stewart. May you find your retirement (extrication) from politics enjoyable.


Politicians who run their campaigns with Hate, will, at their end, to the cemetery, never be late.


The gates of Hell were truly opened wide when Twitler was sworn in as president*. Actually, the damn bars to the gates melted…
Let’s not forget that the righty wingy political prayer groups have been salivating for this suped up racism for years, aiding the Israel uber allies completely in their armageddon wish.


In a much better America once upon a time, a sitting U.S. Senator named Joe McCarthy saw his career crash and burn for lesser offenses than this guy seems to favor. I can hardly believe the choices that Republican Primary voters have been making in many States.


“Moderate Republicans” has become a contradiction in terms. I really think they are extinct.


Pony, how I wish that were true. It is beyond tragic that people like Robert Kennedy and Paul Wellstone are taken in their prime, while those such as Strom Thurmond live to a ripe old age.


Michael Moore is correct, White people in the United States are the problem !


“Corey Stewart’s Win in Virginia Means Further Degradation of Civic Discourse.” JANINE JACKSON is so right to question this statement by WAPO.

Corey Stewart win of the primary GOP seat for Senate and the Trump’s win for the president of the oosa are symptoms of the demise of moral culture along with the pressures relative to the economy of capitalism and its unsustainable nature. Producing more goods than can be consumed while destroying our environment in the process is pushing our earth to its limits. An accessory of capitalism, the war economy adds to the burden placed on the environment and the people who are dependent upon its resources. Increased migration caused by climate change and constant warfare with its instability fosters fear. Migrants are the easy target to be named as the party responsible for the instability and economic problems when intact they are also victims of capitalism and its wars. Discussions fostering peaceful solutions, as improbable as its sounds are imperative for the world as we know it to survive.

A while back a friend said “We are Republicans and your are not going to change us.” I had been invited over for dinner and when I arrived Rush Limbaugh was the program being listened to. It is my policy to not argue or try to change anyone who has already claimed their position and so I just laughed and stated it is good to hear different points of view. Over time we have remained friends and recently she and her husband has referenced Amy Goodwin of DEMOCRACY NOW. This was one of the websites that I had mentioned to them when they asked where to find alternative views form the mainstream. So although I have not asked my friend if she still believes the Muslims are trying to take over our world, I feel satisfied that somehow I have helped them see things a bit differently through our friendship. Sometimes small steps result in change.


I wonder how Corey Stewart feels about Beige/Magenta/Purple people?