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WaPo Defends Boss Against Sanders’ Charge That He’s Extremely Wealthy


WaPo Defends Boss Against Sanders’ Charge That He’s Extremely Wealthy

Jim Naureckas

“Since the wealthiest six people own $462.6 billion and the bottom 50 percent own $409 billion, the case is closed, right?”

It almost sounds like the newspaper owned by the second-wealthiest person in the world doesn’t want people talking about how much the extremely rich own compared to the rest of us.


I am inclined to trust Sanders and Oxfam more than the Washington Post.


And he over-turned the money changers tables!!!


Let’s say they have the same wealth as the bottom third

Or quarter.

Six versus two billion or so

That should even things up, eh?


“… it’s hard to make heads or tails of what wealth actually means,…”

Ah, ha ,aha, ha, ha, ha. ???

Fucking hell.


Me, too! Bezos is equivalent to Murdoch. Who owns the Enquirer?


Jeff Bezos- Also owner of Amazon.com which is the Walmart of the internet-
I don’t care what anyone says, no one can go out and earn A BILLION dollars, let alone 80+ Billion- He should have the living shit taxed out of him…
Who is really worth A BILLION dollars?




Nicole Lewis and the other hired guns employed by the oligarchs love to use the too-complex-for-anybody-to-understand-except-the-oligarchs myth to discredit Sanders and anybody else who gets too close to facts.

Industry or systemic “complexity” is one of their favorite mantras despite issues like wealth, banking, insurance being inherently straightforward. These issues and industries are complex because the oligarchs make them complex AND confusing with as many moving targets as possible to keep us in a never ending shell game.

FDR’s New Deal financial industry regulations kept banking simple until decriminalization (deregulation is the commonly used euphemism) during the past four decades enabled oligarchs to turn the industry into the shell game it is today.


No one!


Yes indeed- Absolutely NO ONE is worth A BILLION dollars!!!


I’ve boycotted Amazon for years. Another creep pig.


Who would have thought that wealthy people carry so much debt. Not. What a lame argument. The factual basis of Sander’s argument is entirely clear and is the underlying motive/premise. Leave it to the WaPo to get lost in the weeds. BTW, how is that contract with the CIA going Mr. Bezos?


“The oldest exercise in moral philosophy is the search for a justfication for greed.”
–John Kenneth Galbraith


The WaPo (or NYTimes, MSM in general for that matter) throwing continual shade on Sanders, and the incon-phucking-vienient fact of reporting actual real data, (with a healthy dose of shade), on wealth statistics surely doesn’t surprise me.

Ms Lewis will be receiving some pushback from me today.


Nicole Lewis you are a turd blossom!


I’m not sure what they think should be done about debt in wealth stats. If you take net wealth as actual wealth, you end up with a grossly distorted view of what’s going on. If someone has just $1 million in wealth and $1 million in debt he can use the money he has, to erase his debt over time, and collect a lot more, all the time living better than 99.99999999999% of the people who have ever lived, AND having an enormously outsized impact on politics, society and the Earth. Call that 0 wealth? Call that equal to the debt-free person who also owns nothing? Absurd.

PS “it counted the value of Bill Gates’ Microsoft shares even though he owns relatively few cows or sheep.” Did I miss something or did this line about cows and sheep come out of nowhere and lie there like a pile of droppings?


Perhaps it would balance out for the poor debt-ridden Bezos of the world if we include the debt of the 99%. What lameness of the WaPo.