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WaPo Doesn’t Want Voters to Know Medicare for All Will Cut Their Health Costs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/25/wapo-doesnt-want-voters-know-medicare-all-will-cut-their-health-costs

Well Washington Post: Remember that if ALL Americans had REAL health care—there would need to be more people working in all areas of health care. More care available = more health care workers = a healthier nation! Why would any of this be a negative?


Jeff Bezos owns WaPo and Amazon. Although Amazon’s business model appeared to be bookselling when it emerged, it quickly became apparent that Amazon’s real business model is MONOPOLY…plain and simple…monopolize every business and industry it possibly can.

There is nothing Bezos would love more than to add the “health care” industry to his portfolio of monopolies.


First do no harm

To Bozos’ healthcorp holdings

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It’s a pretty simple questions to answer:
Let’s say we get spending down to $7000 (30% less) that would be $2.2 trillion. Currently we spnd about $350 billion for medicaid $600 billion. Let’s make that an even $trillion.
In order to over everyone for $7000 we need an extra $1.2 trillion. Given that he fed budget is about $4T. Simple mat tells us taxed have to be raised by 25%.

So whatever we pay now in fed taxed divide by 4 and that’s how much extra we’ll have to pay. That’s for the 50% of us who do pay fed taxes. It will be less if everyone pays a health premium.

My best guess is, people who do use the system and pay all the deductibles and copays are gonna be way better off. Most of the rest are gonna have to pay more.

Bozoz acknowledged well over a decade ago that monopoly was indeed his aim. He also owns “Whole Foods,” the health food store that traffics in white flour and similar “health foods.”

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What do you mean by Bozos’ “healthcorp holdings”? That’s a new one on me, and I have followed this stuff for decades.

Raising fuzzy math–or more accurately, arbitrary and false assumptions–to a new low. Your reasoning, of course, being the same as that of all “developed democracies” (highly industrialized nations not ruled by hereditary monarchs) for jetissoning the USian non-health, non-care, non-system decades ago.

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Insert “bezos investments health” into your favorite search engine,
and see what gurgles up.


Please feel free to correct my numbers.

Certainly the Washington Post and most of our free press is run by and
working for the interests of Elites/Corporations –

It’s their bread and butter –

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As with NPR, WaPo is not deserving of one minute of your time. Unless, again, you want to be more uninformed rather than more informed. Is that what you want?

Do you want Pharmaceutical industry and insurance industry lies bouncing around in your head and substituted for an actual understanding of Medicare for All?

Insist that your candidate of choice supports Actual Medicare for All. There are not many paths to universal coverage.


It would compromise the ability of the health care bandits to operate with impunity. As it is now they can kill you by denying care or placing drugs out of the reach of the ordinary consumer. The level of their greed knows no boundaries.


Please educate yourself. Here is a good place to begin:

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And what else would we expect from the “house organ” of the King of the Capitalists?

Very interesting. It seems to be pretty widely disucssed in the financial media, but not elsewhere.

Given the comment to which you’re replying, I think you’re spitting in the wind!

Certainly not in any broadsheet emanating from 1301 K Street NW.

That would apply to any substantive critique of Amazon policies and practices, as well.

Another wise investment, eh?

Indeed. I’m surprised that he has not started his own bank. Probably more lucrative to speculate on start-ups, although Goldman Sucks makes out pretty well.

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Hi unlikelysource:

Oh I did look that up and oh my, Mr. Bezos has been investing in health care— since 1990 and especially the drug end…oh geez---- I guess the Amazon customers will just keep using Amazon for everything -----even if the prices go up, because I don’t think many compare prices anymore. Why did I think Bezos will be just as awful at this as the BIG pharma guys are?