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WaPo Goes After Warren With a Posse of Centrist Sources

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/09/wapo-goes-after-warren-posse-centrist-sources

For all the talk about progressives sitting out 2016, the reality is that the large majority of them (admittedly not all), still held their noses and voted for Hillary Clinton. I would want our party’s center wing to reciprocate in 2020 should Warren win the nomination.


Now they are trying to make Warren look good by looking bad to the corporate media. To late!! We know she is not Bernie!!


Being in corporate crosshairs, Warren will probably need to pay somebody to start her car in the morning.

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It will be interesting to see if they’d rather have a progressive Dem or Trump.


If we didn’t learn the truth of that after 2016, we never will.


I see the kabuki show still plays on schedule.

And the WasPo has been a centrist mouthpiece since forever.


Well Bezos is going to be leading the hostile questioning.


Sample question: “Mayor Pete, how do you manage to make incrementalism so sexy?”


In most Countries, what the US media portrays as a Centrist would be seen as far right. Centrists in the USA are just Reagans and Goldwaters under a different name.


Invoking a “political reality” that they strive mightily to make real

The red herrings are beginning to stink up the place.
The corporate DNC has been pushing Warren ever since their other choices (Beto, Kamala, and Joe) fell short of expectations.
Real progressives don’t transfer money (raised from fat cats for her Senate campaign) to her “small donation only” Presidential campaign and not make a big announcement about it.
I used to like her, I really did but she keeps making these huge mistakes. I’m sticking with the original:" Bernie Sanders.


The fact is, more Sanders supporters turned out in 2016 to vote for Hillary than did Hillary supporters in 2008 to vote for Obama. It looks to me like Hillary supporters are just poor losers who can’t see beyond their candidates sex and never did and never will take a look at policy issues.


Sanders is home and taking daily walks. He’ll be back in the saddle shortly. I’m not ready to count him out.


How’s about Claire McCaskill the new MSNBC “pundit”? Her pearls of political wisdom sounds like she’s going to run against Roy Blunt in the 2022 REPUBLICAN primary. Can she REALLY be more conservative than Roy?


The Post used to be such a good paper. What happened?

Are you referring to Michael Bloomberg threatening to jump into the race should Hillary Clinton have faltered?

I mean, I guess Michael Bloomberg is a bit of an “honorary” centrist Democrat…

After going to bat for Hillary Clinton in this forum so many times in 2016 on the grounds of unity in the name of defeating Trump, and knowing that most Sanders supporters did ultimately vote for her (even though she still lost)…

Nothing would break my already-jaded political heart more than turning around to see the moderate wing refuse to support a progressive nominee in mirror like fashion.

No. I was referring to the theft of the D nomination from the candidate who could easily have beaten Twump–Bernie Sanders. He was–and is–too “left” for the big donors, who call the shots in both wings of the duopoly.

Of course they did go after moderate Warren by calling her too extreme. Please, please, please stop calling the conservative wing and the corporate funders of the Democratic Party “Centrists” or “Moderates” without enclosing the inaccurate terms with quotation marks. The Democratic party shift from progressive-liberal to neoliberal with Bill Clinton has continued to solidify the establishment DNC failed leadership right up through the Obama years and the Clinton and Biden campaigns.

The “New Democrat” and “Third Way” distasteful merger of austerity driven domestic policies and programs with MIC & corporate neoconservative foreign policies and programs has left the party bereft of a truly progressive populist wing that drove the party to success with FDR. The democratic party is left with only advocates for Social Security, Single payer health care for all Americans, ending 'never-ending" war, international diplomacy, fair trade, universal public education through university level, social justice and criminal justice reform to hold the true banners of moderation in the Party and the country.

Sanders, Yang, Gabbard, and a couple of 1or 2 percent vote candidates are the people legitimately called moderates or centrists in the Democratic party today. It is disappointing to see publications and organizations like Common Dreams deferring to the establishment media by calling the conservatives in the party names that they do not deserve and have never earned.