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WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism


WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism

Katherine Krueger

As the war over Gina Haspel’s nomination to lead the Central Intelligence Agency has waged on this week, we’ve been gifted an incredible batch of corporate media apologias for the CIA’s decades-long legacy of torture, extrajudicial killings and civil liberties violations.


“Mental supremacy, that’s the game!
And anyone can play—
as long as you don’t give a crap
for much beyond today…

As long as you’ll sell anything
to make your sacred buck—
up to and including
infants born to f _ _ _!

If that’s ‘all good!’ with you,
supremacy’s just grand!
For as you may have noticed,
they do go hand in hand…

Supremacy and money, yo!
That’s the deadly pair!
Like some royal couple seen
together everywhere…”

(From “What Could Possibly Be Wrong? A Rhythmic Re-indigenizing Trauma Transformation Exploration”, by Lisa G. Nash)

‘Nuff said. Don’t drink the mental supremacist Kool-Aid, y’all. A habituated social predator is readily recognized by their BEHAVIORS—regardless of sex, gender, “race”, etc.


The 2 party system is morally and intellectually bankrupt, and this political theater about Haspel demonstrates it so well. We are a nation of torture apologists in government.


If WaPo really wants to use Haspel as a poster child for feminism, why not just call her an evil “bastard” and leave it at that.


I really took to heart a quote from one of Dr Martin Luther King’s speeches, and I’ll paraphrase is like this; I long for the day when people judged based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin, whether they are male/female, etc…Ms Haspel is an epic fail on that factor alone. Hiring her to run the see eye ay is not feminism or a win for women by any phucking stretch of the imagination.
The torture of Libyan citizen, Ms Fatima Boudchar, while pregnant is one of the most horrifyingly chilling things that I have ever read.
The MSM is falling into step with this corrupt administration and the howls of the Saudis/Israelis by banging the drums of war, war, war once again.


Might be worthwhile to point out that Huckabee, Sanders, Trump and the Post writers are using the same language and logic Hillary Clinton supporters used to browbeat leftists two years ago. That is: “no matter how many human lives she has destroyed and will destroy in the future, she has (had?) a uterus. So if you don’t support her career, you’re not a real feminist.”

Which illustrates the moral bankruptcy of the ruling class generally. Not just a couple of newspaper writers and the current administration.


The Washington post is owned by one Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos owns a firm that has a 600 MILLION dollar contract with the CIA. Karen Delacy does not write on behalf of "feminists’ . She writes on the behalf of the CIA.


WaPo has always been indentured to the CIA, even during the soft coup we call Watergate.


“I’m Jeff Bezos, owner and publisher of the Washington Post, and I approve this message.”


Spot on.


This is where neoliberal “identity politics” feminism takes you. Hillary Clinton-style feminism (or the feminism of the today’s Liberals) is that which elevates women like Madeline Albright, Condolezza Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Betty De Vos etc. This is feminism divorced from class analysis, from critiques of imperialism and capitalism.
If this feminism helps any women, it is only those among the .1%.


Just a point of fairness and accuracy in reporting: the “even more craven” example was an op-ed, not a WaPo editorial position.

I’m a feminist unimpressed with Haspel’s qualifications for that title. I’m glad to see shallow identity politics called out, but I don’t like any more the witch-hunt tactics of calling everything published in certain newspapers bad. Those papers have long made clear distinctions among news, features, and opinion. Critical thinking requires the same of us.


Teachers across the nation are mobilizing. NURSES IN california are too. Many, many people, both more conservative and progressive are very fed-up, with this nightmare of a death-care system. Young people cannot afford rent anymore. Young people cannot afford college. Vets are not Happy, about the republicans wanting to Shut down VA hospitals. Most people, are desperate and fightened of the homeless situation, especially the homeless. The environment is on the brink of catastrophe. All of this and yet, old reactionary idiots, and warmonging neoliberals, like Nancy Pelosi, Backstabbing-elitist-loser-Hillary Clinton, Biden, Hoyer, and Chuck Shumer are still running the Democratic establishment, in Washington DC and they are hell-bent on losing in the mid-terms in 2018. I think it is because, they really are paid-off by the corporations and billionaires, to be republicans posing as opposition.

Roy Eidelson @royeidelson If these polls results are reasonably accurate, it’s noteworthy that 34%–including 48% of independent voters–say it doesn’t matter which party controls Congress. DEMOCRATS have failed to demonstrate that support for the 1% isn’t a BI-PARTISAN priority. CNN poll: Democrats’ 2018ile.twitter.com/royeidelson/status/995035598627987457


My disgust with friends who drank that feminism kool-aid cost me their friendship…or should I say ‘cost them my friendship’?

I’d barf if there were anything left to barf.