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WaPo Spins Its Scoop to Minimize Damage to Sessions


WaPo Spins Its Scoop to Minimize Damage to Sessions

Jim Naureckas

The Washington Post, which broke the Jeff Sessions/Russian ambassador story (3/1/17), is framing it to minimize political damage to the attorney general. Here’s the headline:


The spin is not surprising. Wapo made its support of Trump clear enough during the campaign with under-reporting, spin, hiding popular but damaging articles, and "losing" posts (reported by several posters), despite its avowed critical view of the candidate. Interestingly, WaPo was invited to Sean Spicer's recent "gaggle" which excluded Politico, NYTimes, LA Times, BBC and CNN.

A WaPo article yesterday, "Democrats just keep bungling their case against Jeff Sessions", was unabashedly misleading and biased against Democrats, while virtually exonerating Sessions:
" Democrats would very much like you to believe that Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury or was covering something up when he said at his confirmation hearing that he hadn't spoken with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign. But that requires Sessions knowingly saying something false or misleading; if he simply forgot, it doesn't qualify as perjury."
The story was promptly buried.