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WaPo Staffers Call Out World's Richest Man Jeff Bezos Over 'Disturbing' Refusal to Pay Decent Wages


WaPo Staffers Call Out World's Richest Man Jeff Bezos Over 'Disturbing' Refusal to Pay Decent Wages

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amazon CEO, Washington Post owner, and world's richest man Jeff Bezos is notorious for raking in enormous profits on the back of his overstrained and dramatically undercompensated workforce—all the while doing everything he can to avoid paying taxes.


Bezos = evil incarnate.


Direct Democracy is Good for the Economy.



Fuck that son of a bitch. He didn’t get rich by “giving back”. That’s often regarded as a sign of weakness by the wealthy, or even the not so wealthy. The well-off live in their own kind of bubble, and do not, or cannot, regard anyone in a lesser bubble, as their equal in regard to life in general. There have been wealthy families who have been regarded as traitors to their class, but they are few and far between, and often arise from rather unwholesome lives. FDR cheated on his wife, Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger, in addition to his banking and real estate wealth. His sons were deeply flawed in their own ways, but were also engaged as public servants. There could be a long list of both modern, as well as historical figures who did great things, but were not perfect people. In the universe as we know it, perfection likely cannot be achieved, but people don’t have to be greedy bastards, and victimize others with their wealth.


Hey WaPo workers! Please include your brothers and sisters slaving away at Amazon in your demand for decent, i.e., living wages. One big union has much more bargaining power than one capitalist business.


Did the paper not have good wages prior to Bezos? He’s owned it for less than 3 years IIRC and most reports are that he’s “revitalized” it by focusing on the internet and technology. Keeping expenses low (i.e. a low raise amount) for whatever reason is not a “refusal to pay decent wages”.


Man tells doctor, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.”
Doctor tells man, “Then stop doing that.”
This old joke applies to all those who bitch about Bezos’ greed but still shop at Amazon.


Is it just me, or is anyone else brought up short when screwed workers, at WaPo or Walmart, use terms like “contributed to this company’s success”, sussing just what that “success” entails to the greater society?


What’s the point of being stinking rich if other people aren’t suffering?


People don’t connect the dots and see the picture.


I wish there were a special place called Hell for these fat cats.


And consider a employee walk out at every facility.


We need to return to FDR tax rates for individuals. We need a wealth tax of 90% over 20 million in wealth and 99 % if over 100 million. The rules have been made for the Oligarchs and now we need to balance the scales. Why. Should our government work for them not us?


One way to give back would be to not block the Seattle city council “head tax” recently passed (and now repealed, thanks to Bezos) intended to provide at least something for the homeless.
Bezos is a sociopath.


Can you believe I missed your post!?
Well Jimmy’s piece is so important, it deserves to be said twice.
We are watching the United States turned into a third world country. Americans who vote Republican, and some of the Dems too, are either monsters or stupid.

On a side note, Catholicism/Christianity has Mathew 25:34 ( I think it’s verse 34) the Final Judgement, which clearly directs our actions in this regard.

Judaism does not.

If this were truly a “Christian” nation, as so many like to claim, then, I wonder why such abominations as Bezos and Amaxon are happening.


The last guy who tried to do that was shot dead. Huey Long.


The head tax is as dead as Seattle “progressivism.” Seattle, once a sweet city in which to live, has turned to complete shit thanks to Bezos (with a lot of help from Gates).


Tho. Jefferson spoke to times such as these.


No one, apparently.


There are some.