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WaPo Takes Another Shot at Senator Warren on Behalf of the TPP


WaPo Takes Another Shot at Senator Warren on Behalf of the TPP

Dean Baker

The fast-track authority needed to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress must be in real trouble. Why else would the Washington Post devote so much space to pushing the deal and attacking its critics?


Capehart is a regular talking head on MSNBC, ala the similarly dubious E.J. Dionne.
The larger “issue” is (if not mistaken) that the WaPo has but one owner, and that is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
So Capehart may just be following orders.


In a recent interview Robert F Kennedy Jr revealed that a high ranking TV exec had told him that in non election years 70 percent of all advertising revenue for the big networks came from the Pharmaceutical industry. RFK Jr also was also told that if any employee cost a network a major Phamacuetical account they would be terminated.

As far as this executives are concerned in the Media they are in the ADVERTISING industry and are helping to sell product. News and “facts” have nothing to do with it.


Capehart is and has been an Obama mouthpiece for a long time. He is not much of an original thinker, often simply restating what others say. An unimpressive pundit. Mediocre at best - wouldn’t worry about what he has to say.


He is mediocre and quite a shill for The Establishment. Capehart and his stenographer’s touch is highly valued in TeeVee land. A lot of that crowd appear to be selling designer framed eye glasses as they read their various scripts. What next, costume changes between commercials? MSNBC’s head honcho, or CEO, is a right leaning ad man who can’t stand his audience’s political views. I wonder what the younger women viewers ( the target ) think about that? ( My boss is Don Draper, I’m so proud. ) Hard to sell erectile dysfunction pills and reverse mortgages to them; maybe that explains his distaste. With the addition of Kornacki to cover the N. Jersey/N.York Syndicate, and the overall meanderings of the editorial staff, most of these folks are not as advertised. The wasteland spreads it’s dull plain which, inevitably, turns to desert.