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WaPo Warns Dems That Progressive Policies Could Bring Them Many Victories

WaPo Warns Dems That Progressive Policies Could Bring Them Many Victories

Jeff Cohen

A standard bias in news coverage in elite outlets (Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, etc.) is centrism—using an allegedly objective voice to warn against or critique “extremism” of left and right.

It will not be Centrists in the Democratic Party that will kill the Progressive Movement.

The Right Wing DINO’s will do that Dirty Deed.

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i’m confused - Cohen got this short article into the WaPo? As a letter to the editor? In an on-line comment thread? As a stand-alone article in the print edition? It’s not clear.

i’m ready to say that’s an error – the little blurb on the CD re-post of Cohen’s article says “Published on Tuesday, March 05, 2019 by Washington Post” but it was not published by WaPo, it was published by FAIR:

Yeah, wow, it would be terrible if the Dems experienced a tea party-like insurgency as the result of moving left. It’s a damn good thing they have leaders like Schumer, Pelosi, and Hoyer to make sure that won’t happen.

Biden-Harris 2020. Sure, that’s the ticket.

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Ha Ha…My guess-though Biden hasn’t announced-is that you’ve just called the 2020 Dem ticket! Too bad you can’t put money down on this campaign in Vegas, because that would bring good odds and a great payout.

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Looks like Cohen’s piece is a response to the WP opinion - perhaps, as you guess, posted somewhere in the WP thread on the opinion…

Yea, it is somewhat confusing…

I like Cohen in the sense that he is someone I can argue respectfully with…

In this case, Cohen doesn’t say what I would about centrism. What he calls centrism, I would call right liberalism - the long-dominant political position in the Democratic Party and its elected representatives.

And imo the most salient feature of this so-called centrism - where it’s ‘neither left nor right’ positioning is concerned - is that, under cover of being ‘evenhanded,’ the main purpose of this ‘centrism’ is not to criticize the right, but to distinguish itself from its left flank in an effort to avoid being red baited by the right.

The problem is, this McCarthyism-descended, ‘safe’ tactic means that the Democratic Party will never adopt progressive positions that could succeed in elections for fear of being red baited by the right and - it imagines - losing…

…when, in fact, the opposite is true: it is centrism (HRC) - vs. demanding popular, progressive social programs (Bernie, duh) - that loses key swing voters at the polls, when left liberalism could win:

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I’ve repeatedly stated that Biden will fizzle out quickly just like he did in his previous presidential campaigns. Take it to the bank.

The Rightwing DINOs are the Centrists, for the most part, though to be fair not all DINOs are old, white, and male. DNC coffin nails are occassionally female, and not all are white, and there’s even one or two who are surprisingly young.