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WaPo Worships Principled, Humanitarian McCain That’s Never Existed

WaPo Worships Principled, Humanitarian McCain That’s Never Existed

Adam Johnson

In a fawning editorial Saturday (7/22/17), pillar of the national security establishment Washington Post fell over itself to commend a John McCain that never existed, instead lavishing praise on a well-curated PR facsimile developed


Interesting how a public figure becomes heralded even though they have left a trail of tragedy, destruction, and lives lost in their wake. McCain abandoned his first wife and four children who waited tirelessly for him while he was a POW and when she was in a near-fatal auto accident before his return that left her scarred and forever medically challenged, he was off partying with his present wife whom he met in Hawai’i. And the divorce soon followed. (He also crashed some Navy planes while learning how to fly…)

As for voting to provide ALL Americans with affordable, accessible health care he cast NAYS but when it came to legislation to guarantee that many thousands of lives would be lost due to military incursions, his AYES were loud and clear. And he has had the benefit of a lifetime of medical care first as the son and grandson of admirals; then while serving in the Navy and thereafter; and next throughout his 30 years in the Senate…that and the fact that he is a millionaire (and married to one) who has the means to access any and all medical care he desires without a care about the cost or whether or not he will lose any of his five-plus homes.

He has been a party man…party first, people last…as long as he has been in the Senate. But he has also been true to his base in Arizona that has kept him in office for three decades.

I do not wish him ill-will and hope that his fight comes out a success/win.

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Ha ha ha.


Oh well, he tried Peggy Sue, knew she wouldn’t do.


He’s the last Republican capable of going on Meet The Press. Who would Chuck Todd bat his eyes at, if not for Sen. McCain?
He’s the shorthand answer to our long MIC narrative. Perfect for TeeVee, btw.
Vaya con Dios, Johnny " Jet Crasher " McCain. P. S. We’re still losing the war in Vietnam. And, pretty much everywhere else, too. For the same old tired reasons.


Does anyone here have anything positive to write about self-serving Jonny?

Jet Crasher, indeed, as has been recounted in Tim Dickenson’s Rolling Stone piece “Make Believe Maverick”, published during McCain’s Presidential Run.

Graduating next to last in his Annapolis Class, disdained by his Superiors as the Spoiled Brat Son of the Admiral of the Navy, irresponsibly crashing not one, but two Jets, fooling around.

Selfishly Disobeying Procedure, resulting in his third Jet being shot down, and him being captured, where he divulged, beyond name, rank and serial number, his Family Connection, to the North Viet Namese, in order to receive better treatment.

There’s more, none of it inspiring.


I think it’s amazing how well the career of a jackass like McCain illustrates the irony and injustice of having relatives in high places–even a complete fuck-up can rise to incredible heights by having the right connections.

Oh, and I must mention, he more than anyone helped a fellow fuck-up named Sarah Palin rise to prominence.

Her whole family is rich now, so it all worked out.


When given a terminal diagnosis, some find a need to make things right.

Will John McCain show any moral and ethical character in his remaining days on Earth?

Country or Party?

His legacy will be determined by his choices in the next few days.


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I don’t have the burden of liking John McCain. The left needs to gear up for an early special Senatorial election in Arizona in the next two years. Either McCain is going to (probably) die in the next 18 months or so (just a fact of his condition), or he will have to retire because of it. He should never have run for re-election at age 80 to begin with. I’m talking to Green Party activists in AZ. Start getting your act together. You might not be able to win the seat, but the Green Party has to start showing up for races like this and capturing significant percentages of the vote. After all, the environmentalist Udall brothers were from Arizona. There is precedence for pro-environment, pro-average people political activism there. It’s time to be counted in every state.


Thanx for the further reminder of McCain’s career shortcomings.
Removed from his sickbed and drugged into adding his vote against healthcare.

We are there. Impeachment is imminent.
Ask why Tillerson now considers resigning office.

Incisive, concise, pulling no punches.

And as a bonus, you can easily re-purpose this piece by switching out McCain’s name & substituting Hillary, Obama, or Sanders.

His first choice:

Rise from his deathbed to vote for TrumpCare.

Any further questions?

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When I lived in AZ during the 80s McCain was one of the Keating Five who precipitated and exacerbated the savings and loan scandal.

No matter how slimy these politicians’ records confirm that they ARE, Trump is so much slimier than any of them that he makes them look better than they ever have.

The only certainty about McCain’s demise is that AZ will send somebody even further to the right to replace him.


Yup. Common sense, critical thinking, clarity have run full-on into the wall of jingoism, delusional glory-seeking, war mongering and exceptionalism as embodied in that old fool whose real personal story is more about opportunism and a complete lack of ethics than anything else.


Keep in mind, McCain voted to move forward on a “bill” after he complained about it not being heard through regular order. The maverick straight-shooter could’ve forced the bill to go through regular order today, but didn’t.

Now, Jake Tapper is trying to tell us McCain’s “yes” vote sets him up to say “no” more easily next time. I have one question: Where the hell does this sycophantic logic come from? Man flies halfway across the country after being seriously ill to vote in favor of a bill that he was telling us should be heard through regular order and we are supposed to say he’s done us a solid? Call me skeptical. I may not be bright, but this sure seems dim to say the least.

The CIA = Washington Post always supports its allies, The Empire’s war-mongers and war criminals.
… and idiot clueless Americans yield no hope for progress in this world.

Party first. Country second. McCain SOP.

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The sycophants in the cable press love them some “maverick,” right? Got no words, your’s work better than mine right now.