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War Against Iran Becoming Ever More Likely


War Against Iran Becoming Ever More Likely

Jim Lobe, Ben Armbruster

Donald Trump’s domestic troubles, combined with the current makeup of his foreign policy team, provide a confluence of circumstances, perhaps a perfect storm, to pull the United States into a war with Iran.


Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo, the Three Whores-Men Of The Apocalypse To Come!


Revolting picture of those three. Although I was beginning to wonder whether Pompeo/Bolton would invade Venezuela first. Hard to know which they would think was an easier target.
Have to wonder whether any call to invade either land would be carried out. At this juncture I think that even the usually balls-less military commanders would finally refuse an order (after all its only been around seven decades since Nuremberg.
I still remember, as a kid in Civil Air Patrol (which I was in for eight years before getting into the Air Force in 1968) we were taught that the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) required disobedience to unlawful orders, that unlike the Nazis who, we were taught, would follow their leader to their own deaths, even over a cliff because they always followed any orders (“I’m only following zee orders.”), the value of American military was that “we” thought and decided for ourselves. Yeah. Right. I’ve seen that displayed a lot (not).
I once thought that wearing a uniform in formation, marching around and standing stiff looked cool. I felt cool, even, somehow, powerful and proud. Now everytime I see someone standing in a brace or see a stiff upright formation marching, trying to look important for some recruiting poster, it just looks like everybody got their balls lopped off, along with their hair.


Last August, tRump’s personal lawyer and former campaign manager got in deep trouble. Since then, tRump’s statements and actions indicate that he feels threatened by what is happening to his family and colleagues. He will lash out, like a cornered animal, when the pressure gets too great. Now, his buddy Roger Stone has been arrested.

Whatever tRump may be thinking about Iran, Pompeo and Bolton are the ones to watch. They could convince tRump to order a military strike on Iran under some pre-text without much difficulty.

Given tRump’s political and legal predicaments and the ease with which the US takes military action based on “creative” intelligence and outright lies, this is really scary. Can the people be fooled again to support yet another war? Who can stop it?


tRump… I imagine a sick, cannibalistic, bilious dinosaur-like creature sinking swiftly into the swamp. Got any iron weights handy? With manacles by which to attach Pompous and moostache to the sinker?
apologies for all the adjectives.


I keep this quote from Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone regarding Conscientious Objection:

In United States v. Steeger:

“both morals and sound policy require that the state should not violate the conscience of the individual. All our history gives confirmation to the view that liberty of conscience has a moral and social value which makes it worthy of preservation at the hands of the state. So deep in its significance and vital, indeed, is it to the integrity of man’s moral and spiritual nature that nothing short of the self-preservation of the state should warrant its violation; and it may well be questioned whether the state which preserves its life by a settled policy of violation of the conscience of the individual will not in fact ultimately lose it by the process.”

“Stone, The Conscientious Objector, 21 Col.Univ.Q. 253, 269 (1919).”


Everyone here at CD has been reading since CD’s inception about an ‘imminent invasion of Iran’. Despite my dislike of Trump, he has started no major wars unlike his previous dozen or so predecessors. He has ramped up bombing of innocent people around the globe, but all of his predecessors were guilty of the same abomination. What I found interesting was the author’s point here…

“And with what’s left of his domestic agenda on hold indefinitely due to the Democratic takeover of the House, Trump’s attention—as erratic as it is—is very likely to shift to foreign policy where he not only enjoys greater freedom of action but can also deflect attention from his disastrous presidency.”

Disastrous Presidency to whom? Every presidency has been “disastrous” in my lifetime… at least for the 99%! But Trump is actually a God Send to corporate America. From military contractors and Big Oil to Big Pharma and tax avoidance for the uber-wealthy, Trump has delivered. Now Trump is throwing his corporate master’s an additional bonus by sticking it to low paid government workers under the pretence that it is someone else’s fault for not funding his “wall”. It is no secret that corporate America despises government workers for their slightly higher wages and their measly benefits. To see that their (corporate America) president is brazenly willing to throw the middle class under a bus, is a dream come true for corporate sociopaths.
I do believe that Bolton and Pompeo are extremely ignorant, narrow minded, corporate serving and ideologically corrupt individuals, however it doesn’t mean that Trump won’t fire one or both of them over the next few weeks or months. If Trump feels that his ‘advisors’ have fallen out of favor with his political base, Trump won’t hesitate to throw those two under the same bus that he is currently driving over 800,000 federal employees.
The absence of ‘issue based news’ is eroding television audiences by leaps and bounds. Soon (if not already!) Americans will get their news from social media sources about issues that matter like universal healthcare, taxing the rich more, free college tuition, global warming and the dismantling of the MIC. The MSM will have a free hand to provide unlimited frivolous entertainment to the masses, but the vast majority of people will forever abandon the MSM for any honest insight into issues of life and death like the ones I mentioned above.
Trump’s bizarre victory was the result of the MSM deciding to concentrate all of their energies on Trump and his equally repulsive opponent at the expense of intelligent debates, coverage of sane candidates and a conscious decision to avoid addressing any non-corporate approved topics. The public has ironically agreed with Trump that the MSM can’t be trusted, but in general for different reasons as the reasons espoused by Trump himself. Once the masses alternatively start following the AOC’s and the Sander’s of the world through Twitter, Instagram and whatever, the 99% may finally discover a logical road map to cleanse Washington once and for all of our corporate sycophants. As recently as a decade ago, Corporate America figured that the Great Western Narrative was cemented permanently in the minds of the general population after corporate America finally extinguished any and all competition from the airwaves and print media. Little did they expect that at some point in the future, the population would abandon those same institutions would experience a ‘great awakening’ and create a way around the mainstream propaganda via their cell phones and lap tops. This is precisely why there is an accelerated effort by corporate America now to end net neutrality as the CEO’s and Wall Street investors are scrambling to find a way to keep the public from uniting.
I have never felt more hopeful of an end to the corporate tyranny of America as I do now despite the incompetent tenants that currently occupy the White House. The next 18 months will be crucial in our attempts to energize enough Americans to initiate a peaceful but total transformation of the country into a functioning and inclusive democracy. The first step is already underway as more and more average Americans each day are not only learning to distrust any “news” on the MSM, but also they’re understanding WHY the establishment is so intent on serving us such massive quantities of misinformation in the first place.


It looks like Bolton is linked to Maria Butina. We need to make a big effort to discredit this man and pump this scandal through the mainstream media bullhorn. The war on Iran is his baby. We need to act NOW to get this man marginalized and fast!!! It is scary that Trump needs a war distraction to get the spotlight off his scandals.


No apologies needed. Nice turn of phrase though :slight_smile:


I like your argument and rationale, but I don’t see enough engagement on the ground of people “waking up” or seeking out the truth on alternative media. I believe that posters out here on Common Dreams and other outlets are outliers to the general population. Especially older people that are still glued to their TV news. I’m old, but I turned off my TV almost 20 years ago when Jim Leher lied to me on PBS news about the Peru trade deal rammed down their throat by the global oligarchs.

Our only hope is with today’s youth. AOC is giving some of hope if she doesn’t get absorbed by the power structure of the duopoly. But in the end, it is a matter of the youth to know and exercise their power, and for their elders to have their back.


Of course I understand what people call geopolitics but, honestly, why would any normal human being support war?


You can’t win by playing their game.


Iran was searching for oil in the southern provinces during the late 1890’s when they hired British subject William D’Arcy to find oil and he did and British Anglo-Iranian Oil was founded about 1906. It provided oil and gas to America and all our allies during both world wars until the Brits bought 51 percent of British Anglo by the end of WW II. They reduced the Iranian profits to 16 percent and treated them with racist contempt.
The Iranians and Mohammad Mossadegh kicked the British out of their nation and nationalized their oil. The British begged Truman and our new CIA to attack and overthrow Iran and reprivatize the oil fields. Truman told them to go suck an egg. Truman was a old conservative fiscally but liberal socially and he was pragmatic. He was well liked, a farm man from Kansas to which he returned.
Eisenhower agreed and the CIA and America overthrew Iran in 1953, Operation Ajax. Ike was mad about it for the rest of his life. He was betrayed and knew it but Mossadegh was placed under house arrest where he died at 86, never allowed to see his family again. Iran was our ally and we betrayed them EXACTLY how we betrayed Iraq in 2003 so if we know history we know murdering oil thieves don’t give a flying dead Fallujah baby about stealing Venezuela’s oil fields. Cuz thee CIA and NSA and Pentagon and all the rest of our deep state can do it and it makes us what? Have a great weekend. Don’t drink the kool-aid.


Hi, geronimo: oh geez, Mossadegh was placed under house arrest never allowed to see his family again? America, your evil can still surprise me. Of course, now that Iran agreed with the IRAN deal but then Trump-ayahu got rid of the Iran deal…ah I see, Trump-ayahu think that Iran is defenseless… maybe they are now, but then you never know. Maybe North Korea will help them out-----wow be careful what you wish for Trump-ayahu----- because since you change the game pieces all the time, what makes you think that others aren’t doing the same to you?


We old people who comment on this site are a minority in our age group. Unfortunately, many senior citizens are poorly informed, complain about big government and “socialism,” while gladly taking their Social Security and Medicare benefits. Also, most younger people ignore mainstream media entirely and are more well informed than the older generation that relies heavily, or entirely, on the corporate news media.


Would have been a great coup to say that Iran was behind Al-Quada when 1st they are the opposite side of Al-Quada’s sunni and Saudi ties and 2nd the US helped formed Al-Quada by funding Bin Ladin in afghan. Iran plays no part in helping Al-Quada or it’s later incarnation ISIS.
It is the Saudis perversion of Islam that helped formed both. It is the funding from the Saudis that have helped both. Iran had nothing to do with it.
Pompeo is lying in order to justify war.

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Recently I started asking young people (not teenagers) if they know what fascism or the Nuremberg trials were. Nope. Hitler? Yeah, a bad guy. It would be quite an experiment to ask every member of Congress what the Nuremberg trials were for and what the lessons were. I bet less than 1/4 could answer.

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Goat, thanks. I’ve never seen this. It’s great.


J, you answered your own question, sorta… Whom are you calling normal?


I frankly do not know where you are getting your optimism. At all. I see things as circling the drain at an ever increasing clip and the vast majority of people getting stupider and less involved by the day…