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War Against Iran Becoming Ever More Likely


Sadly, most of the US population will support an attack on Iran, especially if the Trump regme comes up with some kind of “Tonkin Gulf” excuse to fool us. I wish there was more push-back to that threat and the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal from Russia, China, Japan and Europe. It would also help if Iran cooled its rhetoric about the Great Satan and “Death to Israel.”


The real danger, as the article says is, ‘of conflict with Iran escalating into a larger regional war.’ More seriously, it has the potential of drawing in the US and Russia. Iran is strategically too important for Moscow to allow instability or regime change there, being on its own doorstep, its ‘near abroad’. The constant pursuit of power makes leaders and decision-makers blind to the consequences. They pursue disastrous wars – ultimately the very one they need to avoid: convinced it can be avoided, limited in scale or even won. In such conditions the outcome of war against Iran will be nuclear war – what nobody wants.



Yes! And my question is: Who and how many Nations are at this very moment planning the end of the bully U.S.A.?

BABYLON: “Woe, woe, the great city…for in one hour such great wealth has been laid waste!” Rev18: 16,17.

But everything can be different. Can we turn this around?


And that true statement should tell us that Trump is becoming like a cornered animal and that fact makes the Amerikan, Fuhrer in my opinion, more dangerous than ever!

Just asking: Trump claims he will declare a national emergency if he does not get his wall in three weeks, and if that doesn’t work? Is it a stretch for Trump to declare martial law?


HI paularae: I wish I knew—I’m guessing----but maybe as the world is watching America deciding to bomb a legally elected president in Venezuela--------- maybe the smart money will just switch to a different monetary system—like the Yuan, for example.
I think many countries will just drift away and America will find itself alone with the dollar.
After all, China and Russia and others are working together—outside of Israel. I can’t imagine that anyone else likes us—or maybe a better world us TRUSTS us. When the moneys is gone , Israel will leave too. . And as for warfare------well America’s corporations sell to anybody-----I wonder which US made killing machine , sold to other nations, will attack us first. The irony is truly overpowering. Yes, today is very, very depressing :frowning:

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