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War and Fortress America: Dangerous Answers


War and Fortress America: Dangerous Answers

Joseph Gerson, Paul Shannon

We are staggered by the brutal murders in San Bernardino. We’re amazed and depressed that in its immediate aftermath Congressional Republicans voted against the banning of weapons sales to potential terrorists. And we worry that racist and xenophobic pressures to keep war refugees from our shores, and vengeful calls for military escalation in Syria and Iraq are precisely the reactions that ISIS’ strategists anticipated. These responses auger decades of futile and nationally self-destructive .....


The official 9/11 narrative turdball is still being carried over the goal line. Is it due to a lack of understanding or timidity? Either way, it besmirches the credibility of the authors in my opinion.


The following is generally true, to me: the more one loves one's country, the more one hates own people [netanyahu, obama, hitler, maccain come to mind]
The more one loves god, the more one detests and/or looks down on believers and non-believers [moses, issaiah, mohammed, jeshua, all or almost most all fundamentalists come to mind].


Peace is a great idea; there's just no profit in it. Just ask the ghouls at the Pentagon.


You mean maybe, just possibly, perhaps the unmentioned gift to ISIL?


If you got any more black-white, you could rent yourself out as a chessboard.


" The brutal Assad regime in Syria have played their roles in promoting instability, sectarian violence and wars across the Middle East."

I guess the brutal Israeli regime; the brutal Saudi regime; and most of all, the brutal US regime have been left out of this equation because the authors of this article are woefully ignorant. The problem with Assad is he may be a brutal thug, but he is Russia's thug not the Amerikan Empire's thug!


Once again the writer assumes that those pulling the strings want anything but what is happening. Brutal social control and vast wealth are the immediate "benefits" of endless war. We live in truly Orwellian times, where war is peace and ignorance is strength. We are barely one step away from telescreens, and our "minute of hate" is now aimed at Muslims. Our governments are merely subsidiaries of multinational corporations who are the beneficiaries of war and universally propagandized ignorance. Our leaders invite retaliation and retribution, which is so easily converted into mass hysteria and further escalation of violent madness. No, we are NOT falling into ISIS's trap. It is all Grand Guignol theater to further the ends of the psychopaths who pass themselves off as statesmen, but who are mere vassals of the Deep State. It is not a trap, but the mere appearance of a trap to those who remain ignorant of the designs of our true rulers, the multinationals who reap untold riches from the suffering of billions, and the deaths of millions.