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War and Peace and the 2020 Presidential Candidates

Common Dreams does a great service and I contribute once in awhile, but your depiction of Tulsi Gabard totally surprises me. She is not for war and wants to bring all ouir troops home abd "stop these endless wars. Don’t forget she laid her life on the line and has the right to be promoted as one totaly honest, truthfully and compassionate. If she gets on the debate stage folks will really see how great she really is. She made some mistakes in the early part of her career but she has confessed her error and is totally honest about her previous faults. do one thin: DO NOT COUNT HER OUT. She probably won’t become president due to the stupidity of the DNC and biased news media. But she will be part of Bernie’s cabinet if he wins.

People really ought to discuss what is meant, and the consequences, of Codepink’s 2020 Election 10 Peace positions. Here, slightly rearranged.

  1. Reduce military spending, end wars, invest at home.
    – Good. There will be consequences.
  2. Use diplomacy and international law.
    – Understand that with an end to ‘war’ and to economic sanctions, American diplomacy will be somewhat ineffective, and international law will change. We should consider that Code Pink may want a world where we have to do what other nations want more often than they have to do what we want.
  3. Work for a nuclear-free world.
    – Can never happen. Two leading reasons are:
    a. Rivalries between China, India and Pakistan mean they will keep their nuclear weapons regardless of what America seeks.
    b. Enemies of the US will keep their nuclear weapons, to bolster their position relative to the US, regardless of whether the US disarms or not.
  4. End weapons sales to human rights violators.
    – Yes… Noting that Code Pink would like to end weapons production and any sales to anyone. They are also interested in the 2nd Amendment.
  5. Close overseas military bases. Much like point 1.
  6. Build peaceful, green economy.
    – With reference to point 9, we can want, and the mass of immigrants can want something else.
  7. End support for Israel’s War on Palestinians.
    – In the sort of no US diplomacy or intervention world they contemplate, soon there may not be an Israel. We can then contemplate watching the Arabs kill large numbers of Israeli Jews, or of helping resettle them elsewhere, mostly in the US, along with war and economic refugees from almost everywhere else.
    – Also in that world there may not be a Taiwan. Never mind “rights of self-determination” and “government by consent of the people.” What Beijing wants Beijing gets, definitely imperialism.
  8. Promote women in peacemaking. Yep. As Mao said, they are half of the sky.
  9. Stop militarization of the border and of police.
    – On another page far leftists favor open borders and easy citizenship. Anyone who wants in, come on in.
    – In places where the population is in rebellion against the police, we have to consider whether they are in rebellion against the law and the people who rule over them, and what that means for the rest of us. Could be the far left approves of and condones the urban mugger, as a precursor to societal revolution.
  10. No campaign donations from weapons companies.
    – Presuming, when they get done, that there are any weapons companies…

Keep in mind, ending American imperialism won’t end imperialism in the world. Plenty of other nations are imperialistic and hegemonic towards their neighbors.