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War and Peace and War


War and Peace and War

Martin Winiecki

BOGOTA, Colombia – At the end of last year, the world celebrated what seemed to be the end one of history's longest standing internal wars. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who had brokered a peace deal with the guerrillas of the FARC-Ep received the Nobel Peace Prize. Even after the narrow, but defeating plebiscite in October, Colombia’s Congress was still able to ratify an adapted version of the peace deal with the guerrilla troop in December.


The peace groups should stay in Colombia so there will be a transition from war to peace. It is way too early to tell that there will be real peace.


I lay the guilt of so few responses to this article upon our "captured" and "quaint" little Main Stream, bullshit and worthless Media! This is A HUGE story, within our hemisphere, that should NOT be taken lightly- It is the water protectors, the DAPL and all of the pipelines combined!

From what I see this guy is A dreamer-Maybe an optimist, but never-the-less, A dreamer....
The deal that FARK made with the Government has apparently been shit upon-
How can you deal with A ruthless Capitalist company like Chiquita Banana, United Fruit etc. without A clear and transparent MANDATE- Like "Get the Fk out of our Country"!!!
The WTO, World Bank and other scavenger operations are writing the rules here-
As far as I can see FARK gave in too soon with too little for so few-
This is Colonialism in spades and I just don't see these people coming out on top without realizing that they are dealing with the devil-
Neoliberalism, Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys are written all over this- And I hope they ALL rot in Hell for what they have visited upon this Earth...
If here in the good old USA, people had the balls to hold this Corporate ruled Government in check, we might be able to defuse this situation- But as always, the whore Politicians and their whore lobbyists will have their way with these poor indigenous people that only want to live free and out from under the neoliberal yoke, that has become the "Norm" for this sorry assed Country-The USA....
Although I call this guy (Mr. Martin Winiecki) A dreamer, I have much respect for this fine article and all that it speaks of this centuries long tragedy- I just don't believe that his end game logic is the best....For it is really about Capitalism, Money and GREED....


I am hoping for a post industrial utopia. Photovoltaics and horse drawn carriages perhaps, local everything in energy, food, finance, education and healthcare, all in the very beautiful country of Columbia.
In this way, one can choose life over "development" which as we near the depletion of resources, is death by domination.