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War and Poverty: A Compromise With Hell


War and Poverty: A Compromise With Hell

Robert C. Koehler

It’s so easy to paper over the real American security void with verbiage about strength vs. weakness and the endless need to upgrade the military.

Here’s Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, for instance, quoted the other day in The Guardian: “It is incumbent upon us to field a more lethal force if our nation is to retain the ability to defend ourselves and what we stand for.”


Good, spot on article.
We are indeed a nation run by deplorables.


“It is incumbent upon us to field a more lethal force if our nation is to retain the ability to defend ourselves and what we stand for.”

Yes, this is the big lie on so many levels, but the part I find most obnoxious and disgusting is how these monsters use these statement to 1) instill fear and 2) mask their true motives. What we stand for? What the hell is that? If by that they mean freedom and democracy in any form, these are the very people first in line to destroy it.

As for the poor, the best the Democrats can do is to ignore it. As for the Republicans and their policy, it’s little more than ethnic cleansing and removal of the part of the population they regard as a drag on the economy. The sooner they die off, the better.


Fear Me Now!

“So relax. Even if we’re dying as a nation, we’re still tougher than anybody else.” franklin delano roosevelt defined four basic freedoms as 1) freedom of speech, 2) freedom of religion, 3) freedom from want and 4) freedom from fear. fdr made that speech 77 years ago. numbers one and two, of course, we all recognize as part of the first entry in the u.s. constitution’s bill of rights. these rights should be understood as a restriction on the government from interfering in any manner with any person"s right to express an opinion or her/his choice of beliefs. freedom from want should be an easy one, but capitalism cannot extort profits from a healthy, contented populous. i interpret “freedom from want” as implying that all are guaranteed access to proper nourishment, clean air to breathe, potable water and shelter from the storm.

however, fdr’s “freedom from fear” idea is implausible even down right impossible! fear is a basic emotion shared by every living entity. fear is the natural response to perceived presence of danger and as such serves as a life saver. therefore, no government try as they might can abolish fear. in fact our humongous weapons industry thrives on fear. our weapons of mass destruction serve only to exacerbate our sense of danger and insecurity.

i don’t blame the media, because the media is owned and sponsored by corporate america. that’s why someone like phil donahue who promotes a peace agenda finds his popular talk show cancelled. there’s no profit in peace–at least to the capitalist’s point of view. now, we have such tremendous arsenal of nuclear weaponry, fighter jets, drones and more that our species can destroy earth’s life many times over. do you feel any safer?

so, let’s speak out loud and clear! what have we got to lose?


The premise being, I suppose, that somehow we are the only people enjoying freedom. Well, good news: most people out there are perfectly free to work, enjoy leisure time, and love their families without fear. They just do it in different settings. Concept! Now we can dismantle our ridiculous military and start feeding our children.


Very nice response Hummingbird and thanks. I think FDR meant, with his “Freedom from Fear” point is to have a strong and vibrant justice department to protect the people from mob rule. This imaginary justice department would have already very strong gun control legislation as one of it’s pillars along with enforceable equality statutes.


I would be willing to wager anyone here that the prevalent fear most Americans feel has absolutely nothing to do with the “Enemy” on distant shores or even on our borders, the fear that is consuming them is the fear of homelessness, absence of medical care and that of hunger-
The false prophets of the MIC, Congress and this insufferable President are all aware of this and just maybe someday they will be made to atone for their lies, deception and gross negligence…


yes! if our false prophets were to focus on infrastructure, healthcare, protecting our natural resources–all those programs to assure all of us “freedom from want” the budget would reflect that priority. however, making war seems to be their obsession. and what an expensive obsession that is! to date we already are in debt as a nation to the tune of $20 trillion. that comes down to about $170,000 per tax payer and the empire’s insatiable appetite demands more and more. it’s insanity. cui bono?


Or, we can boil down Mr. Koehler’s excellent arguments by simply asking the not-so rhetorical question: “If such trillion-dollar-per-year levels of violence are soooo needed to keep us safe, then why hasn’t, say, Sweden, Norway, or Canada been invaded by these terrifying mysterious bogeymen yet?”


Defend ourselves from what, Mr.Mattis? It is way past time that we eliminate this military narrative of fear. We need to change the bogeyman of miltary, fear to: what FDR said. " The only thing we have to fear; is fear itself!"