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War Begets War. . .and Nothing Else

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/20/war-begets-war-and-nothing-else

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Christofascists want to control women by prohibiting planned parenting, birth control, abortion. War is their favorite “mud people” overpopulation control method. Other religionists only want to control women.

In a time of science and technology, we are still being led by superstitious greedheaded troglodytes.

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This a document that was prepared by the Pentagon , leaked as a PDF and then pulled. It concludes the USA can win a limited Nuclear war against Russia and China using a first strike , this to ensure the USA remains dominant. It suggests the single most important tool to winning this “first strike war” is the b52 strategic bomber.

Obviously the Russians read this so what does the USA do next?

They send B52 bombers to encroach on Russian Airspace in Eastern Europe! How on Earth do people think Russia should respond?

The Pentagon and US Government is filled with psychopaths.


I’m 65. The US has been at war my whole life and I count the Cold War as war; 37 years of my life right there. I’d argue that the war economy, in place since WW II, has never ended with the capitalists controlling things through the govt and all its subsequent wars and dealings. So war is systemic. The entire system has to be scrapped for a new dimension of living as one peaceful group of humanity in accord with the limited resources carelessly used in imperial pursuits since civilizations arose after the last ice age. That’s not going to happen as it stands today. I envisage a collapse of a grand magnitude and the humans left can rebuild in a maybe peaceful form of a new way of life. Wars as they stand today won’t end until the ‘system’ requiring war ends.


War has no consequences for Donald Trump, John Bolton, or any of the other maniacs who order the killing. With no apparent consequences for the “homeland” war is just another profitable enterprise for the MIC. With the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is clear that the calculus of war included the use of nuclear weapons. If Russia had not obtained such weapons early on and promised real consequences for the use of nuclear weapons (MAD, mutually assured destruction), the book is open on whether we would have continued to use them as a matter of policy. And so it is with war with Iran. As long as we believe there are no consequences (the deaths of our soldiers and possibly millions of Iranis are not considered consequences in the minds of Trump or Bolton), war will continue to be nothing more than one more policy option. If we start a war with Iran the twin towers will be a quaint reminder that we are quite vulnerable to “terrorist” nuclear retaliation, to say nothing of the responses of Russia and China. I believe that war with Iran will have terrible consequences beyond the far-away killing and dying, mass death events here in the good old USA. Would this be enough to deter Bolton and Trump? Not likely. It is time to be afraid, very afraid, and to do what we can to prevent these maniacs from realizing their warped ambitions.


This more on the document I cited above. There is very deliberate provocation going on and it not from Russia.

Read between the lines here. The Document is publicly posted on June 11 and pulled a few days later. When asked why it was posted in the first place if it intended for internal use only the Pentagon had no answer. 6 days after it was posted those B52s fly to the borders of Russia.

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It’s a proven correlation. When 95 to 97% of the voting electorate votes D or R, the United States stays engaged in perpetual warfare.

War doesn’t beget war.

Mindless voters beget war.

Enablers every one of them.

War will reach a point where it’s not going to be profitable anymore.

When the nukes fly, war will then become dead.

Like everyone.

I cannot understand how so many are so blind to their own self-destruction.

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'The U.S. Government, I fear, contains a terrible void where it ought to have sanity."—Robert Koehler.

This truth…this fact…should be on our lips and in our minds every waking hour.
This goes very deep. Much deeper than Trump, as odious as he is.

We Americans—all of us----must do some serious soul-searching, and try to purge
our dangerous illusions, before it’s too late.

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