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War Crimes In Yemen


War Crimes In Yemen

Paul Pillar

The war in Yemen has been for some time one of the worst current man-made humanitarian disasters. Now comes a report, from the United Nations Human Rights Council and based on extensive investigations of a group of experts examining the past four years of the war, documenting not only human suffering as a byproduct of warfare but also the commission of war crimes.


Curious how the UN’s reports always seem to omit the complicity of America, France and England when investigating war crimes. None of this would even be possible without the involvement of America and its “allies”, who also happen to be the source of every weapon used on these people.


But according to the Saudi’s these are not a string of aerial atrocities…BUT A STRING OF AERIAL MISTAKES!


The US government and US weapons makers are every bit a guilty as the Saudi regime is on the slaughter of Yemeni people. I see no difference in which country drops the bombs as those that make or supply them. How can these dealers in death even sleep at night? Answer: They lost their humanity as they were indoctrinated into the capitalist system and became useful servants to their corporate/government masters. Children are raised in a culture with hate underlining the fabric of this system. Some children are deprived of their human qualities by beatings, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or in a system deprived of any affect what-so-ever. (Conditional instead of unconditional love.) This screws up one’s sense of morality and hence makes for immoral adults, perfect for the capitalists to exploit and to do the imperialists’ dirty work fighting needless, never ending wars for Empire. That’s whats wrong and wanton slaughter fo whole populations will continue until capitalism ends.


Any participation by any other country, by any means, what-so-ever is every bit as guilty as the one’s that dropped the bombs. The US is a willing participant in the slaughter of the Yemeni peoples and should be tried for crimes against humanity. That includes the makers, the sellers, of weaponry and the military that provides support along with the intelligence communities that supply targeting info.These are the one that belong in the prisons instead of the petty drug offenders and other low level criminals that endure a lifetime of criminality after a conviction in a revolving door in and out of prison for life. Let’s instead fill them with the mass murderers, the real monsters that need to be locked up for good.


Could not agree more.
Unfortunately, they created nuclear weapons for the express purpose of preventing something like that from ever happening.


Why does American progressives keep omitting the substantial role of the UK and France, is a question i keep asking myself Tarsus. Your comment is a rare mention when i read the American leftist websites of the involvment of other natons in the crimes.

Without the US aiding and abetting the Saudi war crimes, i am sure that the UK would take up the slack. The entire UK armaments industry depends on Saudi contracts and money and they too are giving the Saudis direct assistant in the shape of supposed advisors from the K military


He was CIA during some of its greatest excesses from 1977 through 1999. This included the period where the CIA was training Jihadists in the use of Terrorism and arming and funding groups in places like Nicaraugua where the CIA was training the Contras to target nuns, schoolteachers and priests. It also included the period where they were trading arms for drugs and importing those Drugs into the USA.

Apparently he knew nothing about any of that. One of two things is true. He knew about all of it and just went along as a member of the Agency , or he did not have a clue as to what was going on making him one piss poor intelligence analyst.

Fuck the CIA and its ex operatives pretending concern for Human Rights.


Reading the article and knowing the author’s background, the word, “insidious”, comes to mind. Thanks for your assessment.



Spain halts missile sale to Saudi.