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War Hawk Petraeus Comes Out Of Retirement to Recommend Pouring Fuel on Syria's Fire


War Hawk Petraeus Comes Out Of Retirement to Recommend Pouring Fuel on Syria's Fire

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As the Obama administration's policies of regime change and armed intervention in Syria flounder, the retired general who oversaw the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan added his voice to the hawkish chorus calling for even more aggressive bombing and military action as he testified before lawmakers on Tuesday.


This is payback support for letting him off the hook re: mishandling classified information. He is a disgraced former general who will do or say anything to remain relevant. Disgusting.


Maybe we could have a story that quotes Trump recomending that everyone invest in his 'business'...

They're about the same kind of story - Dog bites man.


This is what happens when you don't prosecute your war criminals.

They just refuse to shut up.


A secular "AMEN" to you ctrl_z. Only a GOP controlled committee would even invite the un-prosecuted and un-questionable war criminal BETRAYUS to speak before them. But not
a doubt in my mind the war mongering, war profiteering members of the GOP heard exactly what they wanted to hear. If "we" continue to hold on to GITMO, save a cell there for
the killer general to join others such as Cheney, Dubya, Condie and the rest of that infamous list.


"Disgraced general David Petraeus is now being rolled out by private equity firm in a bid to impress potential new clients
•Former CIA director's name recognition has become way for company KKR to help attract big name clients from country's richest families
•General, found guilty of sharing classified information with his lover, joined company in 2013 and now runs its institute with former GOP chairman
•'The world's wealthiest people do want to meet him. He's a highly connected global guy,' one observer says of disgraced commander." (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3098548/Disgraced-general-David-Petraeus-using-star-power-help-private-equity-firm-lobby-manage-wealthy-families-4trillion.html )

More on KKR: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohlberg_Kravis_Roberts

One of KKR's specialty investments is energy and natural resources." It has traditionally specialized in private equity investments, focusing on specific industry sectors where the firm has created nine dedicated investment groups." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohlberg_Kravis_Roberts )

Whoring continues to be his specialty...he has mastered the trade.

Support of escalated action in Syria puts money in his and his partners-in-crime's pockets. Loss of human life has never been a concern of this P.O.S.


Put some skin in the game!! Since Patraeus thinks war in Syria is a good idea & ordering American troops to their deaths like he has done all along then he should lead the charge & join the fighting on the front lines as a combat soldier instead of leading from the rear as he did in Iraq & Afganistan.
With leadership like his we are doomed to failure.


Not just him. Every political leader that wants war should be made to lead the charge. Put your life where your mouth is would make them all think again and the world could have some peace. But instead they hypocritically salute the coffins draped in national flags, in the knowledge that someone else gets the bullet. These guys don't even get a slap on the wrist for lying on the international stage.


The " showdown " the Republicans couldn't get with the Russian/Iran/Assad Regime, when the Dems were in charge of the Senate Committees, they're pushing hard now for their AIPAC and Israeli/Saudi/GCC business buddies..This will continue until/through the 2016 general election as the " kabuki " plays on in regards to the left wing of the Democratic Party/Independents being weak and patsies ( read Bernie ) for the Commies, Socialists etc. ( We're all in cahoots and plotting with Putzie; don't cha' know. And, bed wetters to boot ). Note " Bombs Away " Hillary taking exception to the " softness " of the Obama Adm.'s ( read Biden ) actions. ( Her huevos are bigger than Putzies' even, meme, is quite enlightening ). " Peckerwood " Petraeus ( he's white and not fly for a Christian guy ) is the PR face to this traveling medicine show " hokum ", of course. ( Auditioning for the VP spot? Republican Sec. of State? ) Snake oil potions are not covered under the fickle Obamacare reforms/policies but they certainly must be a saleable item under Veteran Adm.'s health policies. Who will get the VFW vote? The PTB is again painting the forces of change headed by Bernie, et al as " unpatriotic " in some undefined way. ( " A lie spreads halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on. " M. Twain ) The campaign for the Presidency is now officially enough in doubt; as the PTB begin their assault on the critics of " endless war ", who may actually be gaining the upper hand. Hillary's support is weakest among the under 30 crowd who are more than ready to move on from the constant " fear and warmongering " since they were barely teenagers at the commencement of the 9/11 payback/ bullshit tours. They can do math, thankfully, and for most more war just doesn't nearly add up, to anything at all, but more dreams delayed. The criminal Patreaus has been called on to be the " errand boy " for the DoD and MIC. Who, most of all, fear their moneytrain being derailed or sidetracked by those two old staples of American revolution, Progressive/Populism. Go Bernie, Go! For the sake of the 99s, Go Bernie, Go! And, Win Bernie, Win! We simply can't afford ( $$$$ ) another phony crisis and war.


It is hardly a surprise that a general's solution to a problem is more war. I believe that was his job to prosecute the war and even back then, his solution was... more war - a surge and another surge.

General more war - another surge - is the answer Petraeus. If he ever came up with another idea instead of another surge and more war... that would be news.


Sorry, although Darth Cheney supported the Vietnam War he didn't enlist because he had "other priorities", yeah, like getting Lynne pregnant ASAP to get his draft classification changed. Very, very few of these war criminals have been anywhere near military service. Patreaus, although a General, is a lackey of the Powers That Be and a disgrace.
Hey, Davey, how's that girlfriend who wrote your biography doing these days?


Politicians seem to do what people with bad judgement recommend.


The war against ISIS is going terribly from the US point of view because there no war on ISIS.

On the other hand media sources outside the western media indicate that there have been a number of recent successes against ISIS since Russia started providing intelligence to the Syrian Military along with more advanced weaponry.

Indeed a source that has been opposed to Assad and calls for his removal that is based in that region acknowledged a number of notable successes against ISIS by the Syrian Air Force.

The real reason Patreus and those so called hawks push no fly zones and intervention is because they fear their ISIS allies will be defeated .

A defeated ISIS wherein said force becomes a non entity in the region will loosen western influence in the region and strengthen that of Russia and China.



why is this criminal still testifying to anything at all in the halls of our government? another circus presented to us by the republithugs and their friends in the congress - ugh!


That's typical of our elected officials in DC. Need advice? Go to their amerikan general who passes classified information to his mistress. The dumbasses never even stripped the bastard of his security clearance! Well let's kick it up in Syria, let privates Betrayus, Clinton, McCain, Graham, Menendez, Limbaugh, Cruz, Fiorina and all of the rest of the bloodthirsty types grab their M16's and show the rest of the world how it's done!
BTW, adultery in the US military is mainly an article 15 offense. Though I am sure no military officer would like to have such a reprimand on his or her official record!


They prosecute adultery in the U.S. military about as often as winged pigs fly out of Petreaus's arse.


David Petraeus called for the U.S. and allies to use their air forces to create a "safe haven" in Syria for "moderate" rebels.

In other words one who is responsible for the total destruction of Iraq is calling for the completion of yet another tragedy to play out exactly like the Libyan disaster. What an utter P.O.S..

This Orwellian so called "moderate rebels" (AKA Al Queda) have been created, trained and fed with weaponry. Now Petraus is calling for the completion of this civil war in order to destroy the country ...

... so that the big already bloated money can FEED. And I must mention that while the Libyan disaster has been a complete for citizens, it has been a bonanza for big oil.

Yes indeed. This is what happens when you don't prosecute your war criminals.


The picture would be more accurate if their snouts and ears were longer, and their little hooves were correctly portrayed.


I'd have to disagree. The allusion to the old 'putting lipstick on a pig' insults pigs. I think these two - Petrayus and the hedge fund manager are themselves much better emblems.