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War in the Gulf (No, Not That Gulf!)


War in the Gulf (No, Not That Gulf!)

Dahr Jamail

It’s war in the Gulf and the U.S. Navy is on hand to protect us. No, not that Gulf! I’m talking about the Gulf of Alaska and it’s actually mock war -- if, that is, you don’t happen to be a fin whale or a wild salmon.


War is goddam idiocy, and when enough people realize that fact we will cease to tolerate the bone-headed bastards that promote and start them.


You can't get two people to agree on something when they speak two different languages and they have no idea of what each other is actually talking about.

The Navy speaks the language of military preparedness and refuses to discuss or even hear anything that they think might inhibit that priority. So when the Navy is asked to adjust their timing, which they could do, the Navy still refuses because they are actually thinking about being asked to adjust their timing in the future when they might not be able to do so for military reasons. So the Navy rationalizes that anything that might interfere with them should automatically be refused without discussion. It becomes a reflex denial where even though they could adjust their timing or move elsewhere they automatically refuse any request that they change anything simply on reflex.

However, if you speak to them in another language such as within the press and ask the question - "Does the Navy want to cause the extinction of a species when it isn't absolutely necessary?" The Navy would deny it possesses such an attitude. The press matters after all.


A U.S. military that routinely murders civilians around the globe on an almost daily basis is not likely to change its policy for the sake of fish and other marine life, especially not when it also happens to be the world's greatest agent of pollution. The U.S. military, as with the surveillance state, is above the law.


And most of us here in the lower 48, will never even hear that this is happening. No hue and cry will reach our ears, no matter how big the protest evolves to be in Alaska or how much damage is done. The fact that this will happen sickens me. That it can't be stopped is even worse. Apparently the only 'important' thing is that we be ready to go to war with Russia on a moments notice. People and place, not so much.


The US Government is in a war against Democracy, Humans and Earth.

Did I miss mention of Navy shelling of US territory with depleted Uranium artillery?


The USN obviously doesn't care about the people there, nor the wildlife, nor the environment! It appears that everything which is life-sustaining must be sacrificed in order to make us "safe", and to protect
"our way of life", and we are stupid enough to keep throwing more and more money at them! If this is not Insanity, then what the hell is?


Another day another military idiocy. Do we still need to fire a big gun or a missile to see where it lands or use live ordnance to judge the effect? Cruising around and avoiding running into each other in maneuvers is one thing, attacking the planet for the wonder of the destruction is stupid and very costly in any number of ways.


The sonar alone can drive the residents to beach themselves.


I refer you to the number of dead whales washing up on the shores of the Puget Sound in WA. State after the Navy began their war games here. Of course, they deny that SONAR is not at fault.


This is all because the US Government is based on FEAR.

They fear Enemies, they fear Rivals, they fear that their Ultimate Plans will be found out and rejected, by the Citizens that Pay for them.

They Rule by Fear, attempting to instill it in the Citizens that they are Supposedly Serving, by threatening Dire Consequences to any who may pursue the Truth.

This Desecration of the Habitat of Innocent Working People, and Indigenous Animals, in the Gulf to practice Warfare against an enemy that they are Creating, or Have Created, is all because their Reality, as is the case with many of the Hardest Line Religions, is dominated by, and based on FEAR.


Absolutely correct.
Not a peep about this in the Captured Media.


Strangely as a resident of the area I would expect to know about a rash of strandings. I would appreciate a thread.


NO! our government is not based on fear but on the beneficial cooperation of All its citizens and those chosen by the people to lead. That it has become what you state is the fault of a complacent citizenry and corrupted legislators. The Right is selling fear as a commodity designed to strip our freedoms and rights for the betterment of the fiscal aristocrats. The left has been silenced largely by lies and innuendo that is a holdover of the falsely promoted fear of communism.
Blaming the government is foolishly ignoring the very fact that We Are the Government but have forgotten our responsibilities to demand accurate reporting of its activities and those who are trusted in the running of Our nation. The onus is on us and our lack of involvement.


If only we were the Government.

Bernie's Campaign exposed the fact, Big Time, that we are anything but.

This Government is what has taken the Power AWAY from us Citizens, through Assassination of our President in 1963, lead by the CIA,

Laws permitting the News, Broadcast and Television Media to be Privatized, and Captured to the Control, and Agenda of a few Wealthy Entities,

Election Results subverted by Insidious means,

Laws initiated and passed by our Elected Representatives permitting them to be Legally Bribed with no Consequence,

and a Military, complicit in the 1963 Coup, that now enjoys a Trillion Dollars a Year (almost $2 Million per minute) of our Tax Money to Piss Away and Ravage the World, at will, in Our Name.

That we, the Citizens, have been subjected to all this in the last half century, like the Apocryphal Frog in the Gradually Heated Water, while these same forces have destroyed our Economy, forcing the Vast Majority of us (99%) to devote all our attention to merely trying to keep our families afloat, is not worthy of self flagellation, rather self awareness that may come from the few of us who have seen through the Subterfuge and are trying to spread the word.

They surely do use Fear to keep us in line, just as do most Organized Religions.

We're faced with changing this situation, with the deck stacked against us, but with the guidance of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's warning, which I believe you are intimating, that "The only thing we have to Fear is...Fear Itself."


What disturbs me most is how some conflate Our government with the forces that run it. At present our government has, mainly due to public apathy, been usurped by the 1% both the real and court created personages. Through our potentially and presently corrupt campaign finance system they have managed to get a firm grasp on our power structure. This recent debacle of an election presented us with No desirable candidates and a disgusted electorate either held their nose and voted for another neoliberal, an unknown loose cannon, or with their butts by sittin on them. The result surely isn't our government but something foisted upon us by a Party that is now a subsidiary of the 1%. The Democrats are being called on their consumption of the toxic ideas of the right and it won't be long before they either rejoin their voters or become Republican'ts with social consciences.


Like your comment, but I don't blame the Public for apathy, rather, that since the Media has been Captured their source of Information has been insidiously undermined.
The example of Bernie simply telling the truth, even in as limited a fashion as the Media allowed, showed how the Public would respond, if they could only Hear and Read the Truth on a daily basis.


While I will admit to a crooked captured media I gotta say that forums like this one are making the medei less relevant as aa the sole source on current affairs. Also there is no one making the uninformed voter gravitate toward the right and feel more comfortable being told who and why are enemies are even though many of them are fabricated out of whole cloth. "Obama's commin after your guns." is a classic. We The People hear the truth every day. We refuse to listen. Misconceptions are easier to live with than doubts.