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'War Is Hell': As Survivor of Conflict, Rep. Ilhan Omar Makes Impassioned Case Against US Attack on Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/21/war-hell-survivor-conflict-rep-ilhan-omar-makes-impassioned-case-against-us-attack


Good for both of you! Omar and Ocasio Cortez.
My wife and I just called our congressman. I think Omar’s push for us to pick up the phone and call them is important. We/I get so cynical we often feel paralyzed and just stay on progressie websites and read and rant.
I’m trying to do something each day even if it’s as simple as talking with a neighbor or acquaintence or writing a letter, etc.


Sane Americans have become very wary of these proxy wars. What is critical now, is that if a war is to be declared, it MUST be declared by congress, NOT by the troika that is now controlling foreign policy. This war will be based on lies even more obvious than those of Iraq. NO WAR, stop the insanity, as michaelegan emphasizes call your congressman, speak now before any bombs drop on a another sovereign country.


Unfortunately, as far as most of the American public is concerned war is an action movie, or a video game depending on the generation.
Until it “happens here” the mic’s Hollywood narrative will prevail.


That is why we need good, moral leadership to make them concerned. The MIC robs us all of healthcare, education, and so many other services that our taxes should be providing. It is not that Americans don’t care, in fact many are seething because they feel things are so out of control. If the dims would stop this war in it’s tracks, I believe, it will mean a lot at the polls during election time,

I must admit it is easy to be cynical but the fight is out there, we must be part of it.


Is there space in our system for any presidential candidate to oppose warfare as promptly and appropriately as these two amazing women? I don’t think so. This is like the slavery reparations debate – which opponents pretend is about money, but which truly concerns USAmerican’s moral debt – a concept so “unamerican” that people get lynched for merely suggesting it.

The meaning and purpose of USA, as a nation, then an empire of unparalleled dominance throughout history has been perpetuating white supremacy, with ever-expanding slaughter of people who don’t count whenever necessary. By now this should be so obvious to all thoughtful, compassionate people that soft-pedaling around our moral debt as citizens of Empire is enough to question a USAmerican’s honesty – even basic decency.

We can’t turn around without an unvarnished review of where we’ve been headed.


We need to focus on the case against war, not just process questions.


Sooooooo true! To rant is okay as long as we progressives back it up with actions!


Our complete history with Iran needs to be regularly published in newspapers and magazines where the non political American trustingly reads every day.
Truth could set us free on this false flag operation.
I seems that the message we were supposed to get from the VZ. incidents, may have been to soften us up for the real thing going down with Iran.
Amazing how the U.S. can make Iran appear as the aggressor, and not the U.S.


These two women, as you describe, are missing important qualities to rise to power. In these United States, cigar smoking, and lying with just about every breath is a prerequisite. Accepting cash from lobbyists wouldn’t hurt your opportunities either.


That’s why we need a DRAFTED military. 2 years between High school and college - mandatory. To force a more of Americans (families) to have skin in the game. We need more people at risk when decisions for war are made. That’s how you get people to pay attention.

On a side note: We need a law that states that all M$M talking heads that support a war have to be on the front lines of that war regardless of their age or ability.


Thanks to IIhan Omar for her integrity and wisdom!

As Commander in Chief “Bonespur” has no experience in war (nor much else outside his narrow “business” world and personal pathology) and clearly no wisdom or integrity, he is at the mercy of his appointees - bolton and pompeo, et al, who also have no wisdom, but are warmongers that serve the interests of foreign power over America’s.

Perhaps Dwight Eisenhower was the last Prez with actual war experience.- he said this:

“Men acquainted with the battlefield will not be found among the numbers that glibly talk of another war. Many people think I glorify war, but I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. In fact war is no longer a lively adventure or expedition into romance, matching man against man in the test of the stouthearted. Instead, it is aimed against the cities mankind has built. Its goal is their total destruction and devastation. And although I have lead many into battle I have come to the realization that next to the loss of freedom, war is the ultimate, which can befall a nation. It is so horrible that imagination cannot grasp it in all its hideous aspects” – Dwight David Eisenhower

“The statesman who yields to war fever is no longer the master of policy, but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.”
– Winston Churchill


Strongly disagree—though I understand and sympathize with the argument.

What we need is to read the history of our nation’s founding, which will reveal the Founders’ distrust of standing armies; to close our overseas military bases and bring the troops home, where they might find useful work; and to take the profit out of war by nationalizing the likes of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and General Dynamics.

Can you imagine the horrors that would be visited on the world if this administration had the power of conscription?


Can’t say i agree with that argument to be honest. I think the last thing we need to do is feed the army more bodies, willing or otherwise.
There is no shortage of brainwashed kids eager and willing to sign up without the draft, or for that matter proud “patriotic” parents pushing them to do so. Instituting the draft again won’t change that.
What caused the protest over Vietnam was not so much the draft as the photos and journalism of the real reporters we used to have. It was the first time the American public got to see the realities of war for themselves, and i would argue that is what we need once again.


Well, I agree with that.
I think that if Trump was drafting kids right now, for any war he wanted, we would see millions of people in the streets to protest. War protests (under this circumstance) would make Vietnam protests look minor. My point is that none of what you suggest can happen (and I agree with your points completely) until we reach a critical mass. And that won’t happen until we have significantly more families with kids in jeopardy - skin in the game. right now any war can too easily be ignored. The Republican brain especially, cannot relate to a problem until that problem bits them in their own PERSONAL ass.


As I said, I understand and sympathize with the case for conscription, and that’s the crux of it. But I have to ask—as we’re being flayed alive for ever-more tax dollars!—whether people even know how much skin they already have in the game? How much more biting can our personal asses take?


Glenn Greenwald took a break from all the turmoil in Brazil to point out Tucker Carlson is being the voice of reason on Fox again:


Well obviously your personal ass get’s it! LOL oops (I"m a victim of the circumstance - didn’t mean it like it may sound but…sorry, too funny to edit. I hope we can still be friends

But I don’ know any republicans that do care. They are all in favor of war with iran because they don’t have to get shot at, and they don’t know anyone who will. They are completely disconnected from the reality of it


That moral debt needs to come in the form as socialism replacing capitalism which was at the heart of stealing the lands and lives of the First Nation peoples, the kidnapping and enslaving of black people, the dropping of two atomic bombs over Japan and every atrocity committed by the moral monsters in the US against people across the world.


I know your heart’s in the right place. My best wishes to you, and the same to little Sparkel Pharkel, I hope she’s well,

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