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War Leaves Two-Thirds of Yemen without Water Access: Oxfam


War Leaves Two-Thirds of Yemen without Water Access: Oxfam

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As war continues to ravage Yemen, at least 16 million people—nearly two-thirds of the country's population—are now without access to clean water, a humanitarian crisis that threatens to escalate, Oxfam warned on Monday.


Look, the Saudis are good guys. They are friends of the USA, so they must be good. What they are doing is good - they are doing it with US-supplied arms.

And think of it this way, those Houthis are as poor as church mice and right now Saudi Arabia and USA are spending billions of dollars on them. Houthis would not have generated that amount of expenditure in a hundred years, so it has to be good for the global economy.

Hey, thanks very much to Saudi Arabia for spending all of that oil money on US-made armaments and then using them in such an intelligent way in such a poor place.


Civilian deaths in war, exceed 100:1, the professional soldier or contractor/mercenary being the 1.
The ‘Powell Doctrine’ of overwhelming force is humanitarian disaster.