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War of Aggression: The Saudi & UAE Slaughter in Yemen Isn’t A Proxy Conflict With Iran


War of Aggression: The Saudi & UAE Slaughter in Yemen Isn’t A Proxy Conflict With Iran

Sheila Carapico

Alongside their throttlehold over which reporters can visit what parts of Yemen, and thus what story they can tell, Saudi and Emirati investments in public relations, lobbying, think-tanks, and political consultants are shaping the narrative about their war there.


This, right here, is what voting for Democrats “and” Republicans has brought to the world.

“The United States government is the greatest purveyor of Violence in the World.” ~MLK~

“The voting American electorate are addicted to supporting political parties that profit from Violence.” ~PonyBoy~


This is not a Saudi/UAE-led slaughter, but a U.S./U.K. slaughter that uses the Saudis and UAE as puppets and mercenaries (and also many private mercenaries are involved). It is direct result of U.S./U.K./Euro foreign policy that has been absolutely consistent in the region and around the world since the end of WW2. The only changes are that newer technologies of slaughter become more horrific by the day.


The UK supported the House of Saud as a proxy since the end of the First World War with the intent that the puppet regime would ever represent the interests of the British Empire in the region. Once the Empire centered out of London collapsed it was transferred over to Washington DC,

The UK and France still see the Middle East and Africa as “Colonies” the purpose of which is to allow Corporations to extract wealth from the same and transfer to Europe.


Controlling the narrative is the most important part of starting a war. The only thing better is winning the war and thus being able to write the history. Because then it doesn’t matter about how you looked before the war.
What to add that Pony, Tom, and Suspira didn’t say. What I can think of is that the countries that have been behind the ME destruction for over a hundred yrs is that the real powers behind it all all share one goal. That goal has been to rule the world, either directly or by proxy. The US was just a continuation of the english drive to have an empire where the sun never set. Manifest Destiny gave way to world domination.
Even if there had been no Hitler, the US would have had a war with the Japanese. Both wanted empires in asia as the british empire dwindled, conflict was inevitable. The Japanese were sure that the US would attack them somewhere or that their fleets would engage in combat somewhere. To them it was just a matter of where. So they picked the time and place of their choosing.
And the US is still controlling it’s empire today.


Did the US put forth some aspect of Sharia law as it applies to headchopping in the G.H.W. Bush presidency? Trump acts like a potential headchopper to his adversaries, imo.