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War on Drugs 'Is an Unmitigated Disaster': Former Latin American Heads of State


War on Drugs 'Is an Unmitigated Disaster': Former Latin American Heads of State

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"The 'war on drugs' is an unmitigated disaster."

That's the resounding judgement of three former Latin American heads of state who write in an op-ed published Friday in the Los Angels Times that the best way to approach the problem is one that puts health and human rights first.


Remember Lyndon Baines Johnson's "War On Poverty"?

Are there less poor persons today?

How about the War on Terrorism? Many intelligent pundits have eloquently explained that it creates and sustains the problem it was ideologically designed to control (or stamp out).

I think it's the same with the War on Drugs.

This cruel "war" was mostly an excuse to arm people and bring Left-leaning groups throughout South and Central America to their knees.

It's refreshing to hear these leaders speak in terms of caring, treatment, and humanity in the place of always "Das Boot."

Any counter-narrative to that of war (no matter how the premise is framed) is a good thing... as it takes air out of the tent that Mars-rules assembled.

Any alternatives to the premise of war brings the prospect of other than destruction! What a novel thought!


The so called war on drugs, is a lot like the so called war on terrorism, just ask yourself: Cui bono? Gary Webb exposed this in his book DARK ALLIANCE, before he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back!


You forgot to point out that he allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself twice.


We need to stop calling it a war on drugs. It is a malicious war against people and their lifestyles, and a war against public health. Just like any kind of war, the only result it has had is human death and ruined lives. There has never been any benefit to the war against personal freedom and human life. The DEA is a domestic (and international) terrorist organization and its members should be brought to justice for the crimes against humanity that they have committed.


The "War on Drugs" is an absolute racket! The real drug warlords are the DEA, the for-profit prison system, the CIA, the pencil-necked politicians wanting to look "tough" while locking up and disenfranchising as many blacks as possible, pharma companies pushing dangerous "anti-depressants" and other drugs, and the multinational corporations that benefit from the slave labor made available by imprisoning hundreds of thousands of non-violent "offenders" for no good reason.

It's a transparent racket, and like every entrenched racket in America it is way, way too deeply bound up in our corrupt political system to end. If there was a serious push to end it, bullets would fly, reformers would die, palms in Washington D.C. would be greased, and the gravy train would roll on.


An "unmitigated disaster" for all the victims of the WOD, either jailed or killed, but promotions for cops, and profits for the Prison Industrial Complex.

Ramarley Graham 18 years, was victim of the WOD, murdered by a killer-cop who ran into the family home with no justification/warrant other than BS "belief" Ramarley had some pot - the cop shot Ramarley to death, claiming as all such depraved cops do that "I thought he was reaching for a gun" the usual lie from murderer cops - Ramarley had no gun!
The murderer cop escaped scott-free - local prosecutor made "a mistake", and the Feds claim there was "no crime we could get a conviction on"!



USA needs an entry point into the internal politics of Central and South America. The war on drugs provides that entry.


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True, but I thought committing suicide by shooting yourself in the back covered it pretty well.


That is part of the equation, but the other part is the CIA has been making $$$$$$$$$$$ off of the South and Central American drug trade for years.

There is a war on drugs alright, but like in Afghanistan, that is a billion $ war for who controls the drug trade.


"the best way to turn an incident into a problem is to declare war on it"


EX LEADERS SPEAK, EX OFFICIALS SPEAK. ex powlice speak...... seems they all speak when they no longer have anything to lose !!


Other countries are sounding smarter than America by the day. Actually, they prove it.


It is not just the injection of million$$$ into the DEA but the unwarranted and extremely expensive expansion of the NSA and Homeland Security that sprang forth from the belly of the beastly War on Drugs by poseurs starting with Richard Nixon, who was the FIRST to declare a war on drugs in 1971. NR chose the WoD as her cause celebre as first lady with her "Just Say No" mantra, as useless as it was/is. And history has shown that over the years, the "war' on drugs was and is a total failure.


The so-called war on drugs was created to keep drug prices high specifically so that the CIA can use drug sales to fund covert operations. Covert operations can not be funded by Congress because they have to be kept top secret, so the funding can't come from the regular federal budget. Also, most of the time members of Congress know nothing about CIA covert operations. That is the real reason why drugs are illegal in the US and why the US bullies other countries to have the same irresponsible policies. They definitely used drug sales to fund their covert operations in Vietnam, Nicaragua and Afghanistan.

Ron Paul explains how George H. W. Bush was involved in drug trafficking.


This is a liberal nation and Americans want legalization of Marijuana -- Sanders is for it -- Hillary against.

The Drug War is fake -- it was intended to introduce violence into the US society -- guns and fear --
and increase US's ability to interfere with other nations' affairs and create violence in their countries --
and to control populations in every nation.

Follow the money -- those licensing and protecting this fake Drug War are very likely also financially profiting
from it.


Everyone knows the so-called "War on Drugs" has failed for decades to stop drug use and trafficking. The real problems are varied and systemic. (1) For various reasons people want to get high, even those who are not addicted. No one knows why but this has been true since the dawn of humanity. Research sucks and has been completely inadequate for my entire life. I'm almost 65 years old. (2) The so-called WoD is a real money maker for law enforcement, prison operators, tobacco and alcohol companies, big pharma, and the secret players behind the scenes who make billions off the business end. Their identities are so well-hidden no one really knows who they are. They are so wealthy as to be untouchable by any legal entity on the planet. (3) The "little guy" has to make a living no matter where he or she lives. Unless and until these 3 issues are really addressed rather than creating the illusion that something is being done when really nothing of value is being done (which is the political reality in the USA) conditions will continue to worsen.


Actually, the "War on Poverty" did lead to far less poor until it was dismantled by Ronnie Raygun and Slick Willie Clinton.

You are playing nonsensical word games here....


The "War on Drugs" was always just the pursuit of the Monroe Doctrine by other means.