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War on Facts Sparks Momentum for Scientists' March on Washington


War on Facts Sparks Momentum for Scientists' March on Washington

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Trump-Pence administration's war on facts may have galvanized the next major demonstration in the nation's capital—the Scientists' March on Washington, which is as yet unscheduled but is garnering significant enthusiasm online.


Hopeful piece...The accompanying pic - literally laughed out loud.


James Hansen should lead the march.


This is my kind of march. It's amazing that the idea of evidence based public policy is even controversial. I hope they also include congressional lobbying efforts in the mix of that day's events.


Yes! Wasn't he fired by Bush 2?


i just said this to my housemate, and i think it makes some sense:

As much as the Trump team pushes many basic elements of "classical fascism":
- "The People" are embodied by the State (inherently racist construct);
- the State encompasses all elements of society;
- the State is embodied by the Leader;
- nationalism and patriotism (and racism) are mandatory;
- "The Other" (in this case at the start, primarily Muslims and Mexicans) is defined as the enemy of The People and of the State and the source of all problems with The People and the State;
- Liberals are demonized for not sufficiently hating The Other, and essentially being "enemies within";
- privileged economic and military actors hold preeminent positions in the executive leadership of the State;
- the Leader and the State dictate Truth, Reality, and Function to every element of society and the economy;
- bullying and thuggishness seek to impose this on all people and all sectors;

There are numerous elements within US society that are not primed to submit to the imposition of this system. As such, hopefully, primed to respond with greater resistance than the social structure of, for example, Germany in the 1930s. So as the bullies and thugs seek to impose silence and submission on every element of US society, the Trumpists should (hopefully) encounter significant push-back from many sectors.

This organizing by scientists is very hopeful in that regard.


Hats off to the scientists for Mother Earth!


Yes, this is my kind of movement- period.


What is significant here is, that the Washington Post uses social media as a source and thereby recognizes them. Corporate media have up until now disregarded anything from that source, trying to defend their monopoly on news reporting


I don't believe so, He was working for NASA when Obama was in office. I think he got out the word that Bush was trying to silence people on saying what was going on with global warming. Trump seems to be taking that to the next level being a true autocrat.


No, I don't think he was fired. NASA reports were only released without revision if their conclusions met the Bush agenda. The Bush administration also changed the description of the mission statement.


What I cannot understand is the condemnation of science when all of the benefits that modern society enjoys were the direct product of science. How do you cherry pick which science you want to believe while enjoying the fruits of it all?


Momentum a solid scientific word. Having not much to do with scientists who like the rainbow of society that their community represents do not bother with good science only produce reasonable conclusions for corporations to sway the consumer/slave to buy buy buy.

I wonder if DR. Guy Mcpherson would march. I should wonder if he could walk after the beating the government trolls have given him.


Somewhat of mixed attitude here. First, chuckling to myself when asking where the scientists were when the government began cutting down the humanities disciplines beginning, perhaps, with Reagan. There is something of turn-about-is-fair-play in my thoughts.

Scientists should have been fighting like hell for the humanities since the attack on the humanities began, but nah. Hey, it freed up funding for the sciences. Thus, scientists have been a bit too arrogantly dismissive about the humanities. Now the scientists need all the support they can get. Well, one part of me says" "Oh, and what have you done for the humanities lately"?

OK, that gotten off my chest, my instinct is to rise to the defense of the sciences. Just as the humanities study human consciousness--the only disciplines to do so other than clinical psychology--the sciences study the material world. Both pursuits are worthy in themselves, an attempt to understand the world at least for its own sake. This is what distinguishes humans from other creatures.

And, beyond the intrinsic worthiness of both pursuits, there is the practical application. Yes, I appreciate the material well-being provided by the discoveries of science. Similarly, I appreciate the understanding of ourselves and, most especially, others, provided by the humanities and social sciences. This is what fosters social life, and is the heart of democracy, where requisite is mutual understanding to create common policy.

Hell, science IS a social activity in which verification of the observations of one another are foundational. How is it this scientist can understand the phenomenal experience of observation of another scientist? Einstein took this for granted in relativity theory, where observation of an object is RELATIVE to the location of different observers. Here is where the social sciences and humanities enter, both presupposed by the natural sciences--I emphasize: PRESUPPOSED.

Trump is now reducing the sciences to the dismissive level to which the humanities in general, and social sciences less generally, have descended--e.g,"alternate facts". Supplanting is ideological myth-making, the stuff of bad literature and rhetoric. Can the character of American "civilization" be far behind? A living of myth, a dismissal of one another to some unreal commonality? I think not.

Now, watch for the ridicule of my defense of the humanities and social sciences roll-in with comments subsequent to mine.


Well, we thought things couldn't get worse, I just hope that Trump idiocy will galvanize a huge people movement against this son of a bitch orange haired monster. I am mad as hell at this asshole.


Any science against oil and profits is "bad" science


" Publicly funded with tax dollars ". Sheeeeesh... you mean we're paying the freight for our own oppression and suppression; of knowledge, of inquiry, of science, of mathematics, of wisdom? Are certain :wink:
churches finally following the Amway model of The Trumpster Revolution?:wink: Is DeVos/Prince nomination and the pyramid schemes of multi-level marketing and the Dept. of Education, melding? Is Trump building a Dystopian Camelot, complete with a Trump Univ. ( Bob Jones Univ. ) 7 Day Course on " Becoming Your Own God ". And, how-to instructions for Building Your Own Pyramid with alternative facts and alternative geometry; even your own alternative UBC manuals!
It's the American Dream: ya know, building your own educational track, self-funded ( other people's money ) to go completely off the rails with. Crazy Train, indeed! All aboard!


Apparently you have not been following what has been going on in the neurosciences recently. I couldn't agree more about the need for humanities but don't blame the scientists for the problem. Trump is working on behalf of companies that pollute. That is the reason he is attacking science. He used to be a Democrat. He gave Hillary Clinton a big contribution in 2008. I am not sure how he went from that to this. Probably it was the election of a black president. It must have sent him crazily toward the right wing. And I think he is still angry at the government suing him for racial discrimination in the 70s. This seems to be his revenge on the federal government and the people who elected Obama. He is vengeful to the point that it might be considered a sickness. This is a really scary situation with no good answer.


first they muzzle the press with cries of fake news, then they go after the intellects and burn the books (science) then demonize the downtroden, whats next? roundup the LGBT comunity and ship them of in railway cars, shutdown schools and universities?, close art gallerys and museams for being to subversive? arresting comedians for being to funny or truthfull? getting neighbors to spy on one another for "subversive" activities, all this and more dosent sound quite so absurd anymore does it?


No argument here. Sell the future of the world for short term oil profit? What could possibly go wrong?