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'War on Students': Consumer Advocates Warn Mulvaney's Moves at CFPB Will Lead to 'Open Season on Borrowers'


'War on Students': Consumer Advocates Warn Mulvaney's Moves at CFPB Will Lead to 'Open Season on Borrowers'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Mick Mulvaney, acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), announced Wednesday that the federal watchdog will effectively shutter its student loan division and shift its responsibilities to another office, a move that critics warn will lead to "open season on borrowers."


Please! We the People are citizens. Parents. Students. Friends. Family. NOT “consumers”! A corporate weasel that wreaks to high heaven. A weasel that perpetuates an unsustainable philosophy of waste-producing lifestyles. Bees are dying, Global CO2 is at a historic level of 410 ppm. Plastic is in our food, now. I and many now reject the corporate folly of “consumerism”. How long must We the People endure the “catapulting of this lie”? We need a revolution of moral values. Starting with pointing out how our language has been distorted to produce a narrative that perpetuates the lie of unending “growth” and mountains of trash. While a few bankster-types engorge themselves at the expense of our home planet and We the Poor People who are enduring this perversion of Earth’s Eden.


The “Consumer Financial Persecution Bureau (CFPB)” headed by Mick Mulvaney, is performing down to standards never before seen.

How, We the People continue to allow this is unfathomable.

This agency no longer serves the 99%, only the top 1%.

We are within our rights to demand equal protection.

We must find the will to demand resignations and restore sanity to governance.


Some serious medications are indicated for this whole administration, serious med.'s.


I recommend 60 ml KCl bolus IV stat.


Its not just borrowers being targeted by the “new” CFPB. Depositors and taxpayers will also experience exploitation by the banksters and politicians they own.


As if it wasn’t open season on borrowers already. Students cannot even discharge their debts through bankruptcy. I remember hearing that news on the radio in traffic one morning and knowing exactly what that meant. I looked around at everybody scurrying around, blissfully unaware as their children were turned into permanent debt slaves and I cried inside for their loss. My advice is don’t pay and get out as quickly as possible. Germany will let you go to school for free even if you are not German. Think about that.


Many European countries offer free college to American people.

Watch Michael Moores film, “Where to invade next” for the straight dope.


yea, but according to the US myth - they are not “free.” We are the bastion of freedom and democracy. Right?


What a farce from this mean spirited empty suit–or is it a klansman suit?. When we went from being citizens to being seen as consumers that changed a deep psychological viewpoint and no one protested. Why the hell should we be content with such an meaningless culture of materialism? Who exactly stands to benefit from it?


It is war, all right, on anyone who is not at least a multi-millionaire.


Don’t think that these “patriots” are not enjoying all of the hand-wringing and clucking about their actions.
I (think I have) a better idea: Exile.


And the latest findings that Round Up is in all our foods???


I support the CFPB-----But at the same time we need to ask why are college costs so high?Why are medical costs so high?


Brilliant, Bob.


I looked that up…serious, serious med’s. indeed.


Great idea, hadn’t thought of it…grand idea really.


There’s only one problem with that – according to what I read it’s used in patients that have heart issues – the people we would be administering this to obviously don’t have a heart :smiling_imp::scream::stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, sounds like the perfect solution to the problems so many of us are facing with this goddamned administration!


Haven’t actually read this article as yet –
but Student Loans are a huge issue as Bernie Sanders recognized.

And it is yet one more way to bankrupt citizens.

What amazes me is that students haven’t organized against these
interest rates – especially as we’ve only begun to come out of a long,
long period of long-term employment and loss of unemployment benefits
beyond two years.

And, LAWYERS are doing nothing to help these students versus the very
harsh terms being set for repayment of the loans – the continueing and
compounding interest rates – and NO USURY laws covering these laws …
which used to be either 3 years or 6 years in our state.

Neither can these Student Loans be off-loaded by bankruptcy filings –
AND, if you succeed in somehow how the loan discharged the new gimmick
is to ADD it to your income at tax time!