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‘War on Terror’ Blowback Hits Dallas


‘War on Terror’ Blowback Hits Dallas

Ann Wright

In response to the killing of five police officers and wounding of seven more in Dallas, Texas, Police Chief David O. Brown became the first city or state official to order a remote-controlled execution of a suspected killer with whom hours of negotiation had not resulted in surrender.


The terrorists called ISIS are just so crude. They lop people's heads off. We are so much better than them. Our killers use advanced technology robots to deliver a few pounds of C4.


Ironic that we're here in Dallas again, where it all began.
Intelligence, Law Enforcement and the Military had a Difference with the President of the United States in 1963 and decided that it was their prerogative to similarly dispatch their Adversary.
Of course, Lowly Cowards that they were, they didn't come clean to the American People as to what they had done.
They falsely blamed a Scapegoat and, over the course of many years, murdered as many Witnesses, Operatives and Co-conspirators as they could, that could actually have outed them for the Treasonous Crime they had Committed.
Half a Century later and it is now done against any Citizen, out in the open, a Captured media Justifying and Rationalizing their acts, as We the People have been transformed, in their eyes, into We the Enemy.


Killing is so much more convenient in that it eliminates a whole lot of paperwork, trial nonsense, storage concerns, etc. And besides, this way nobody has to be burdened with having to listen to all of the messy details about why and what motivated the guy to go off the rails anyway.

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Good point about attorneys. I don't see anyone having the courage to say the sob deserved what he got. Has absolutely nothing to do with his race. You can't kill people and create that kind of chaos and expect to get out alive.


Unless you are a cop killing black people--then you not only get out alive, but suffer no consequences for your murders.


I understand your point. I also understand the police needing to stop this guy from killing anymore people. They gave him two hours to surrender, or so they say. And I agree, there are answers they may remain unknown but he didn't kill anymore people and at that point in time, at that particular moment, I think the officers in charge made the best decision to keep the public safe that they thought was necessary. I wouldn't want to make that call while not being a participant in the highly charged situation. The police chief seemed like a reasonable, thoughtful kind of man. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision. And if it were a false flag, well, "oops, they did it again" and it won't be the last time by a long shot. (I'm really becoming quite cynical and I've started believing everything is a lie.)


First I want to thank Ann Wright on her courage stand against the invasion of Iraq, and her many principled stands since.
I remember her telling the story about how her and some other US officials in the diplomatic corp, were in a bunker in Afghanistan watching the invasion and her saying we were all wondering what the hell they were doing.
As for the tragic mistake of militarizing our civilian police forces which we are now seeing the terrible results of, search “Operation Garden Plot”.


Be willing to bet they get their C4 from the good old USA.


Always stimulating to see a Frank Zappa reference, or anyone else who had their eyes wide open when mine had yet to focus....


I agree completely, and for now, at least, the police are the instrument for carrying out that killing domestically, for the 1%.


Hmmmm, I wonder if the Prisons for Profit group will sue the Dallas PD to recover the loss of profit from denying them a lifetime incarceration? Lotsa $$$ there, I'll bet.


Thank you Democracy Now for reporting the shooting in NY. Watch this video and see how calmly this off duty police officer kills this unarmed man. But this is a black officer killing a black man---it doesn't fit the scenario by corporate media. And there was little info about what this officer did as he drove off in his car????

Another interesting point----the police chief in Dallas said protesters should join the police dept.and stop being part of the problem????????

Look at Trumps comments----the view of the rich----law and order----if we don't support the police there will be chaos in America.


Ha! Now that's arguing persuasively using the only sort of (patho-) logic that our capitalistic overlords will find reasonable once the "trade packs" are at last victorious, transferring sovereignty from nation-states to global corporations.

Elite financiers seeking success at the top will need to master such cold, calculated thinking without emitting the slightest spasms of human sympathy, as the new "dictatorship of money" steps into the open on its world domination.


The point is not the shooter's fate. It's the implications of domestic remote control killing for the rest of us and the media's tacit acceptance of such a tactic without even bringing up the obvious constitutional issues.


I understand. I do. They needed to stop him. He was shooting from a vantage point. They tried to negotiate. He would not surrender. He WOULD BE killed-by robot or by marksman. The objective was to keep anyone else from being hurt. They met their objective and if the story is what it is reported to be, I think they did a good job.
What bothers me so much more than a robot, which will not be my bomb since I don't intend mass shootings, is a group of yahoos keeping my sealed, spring water from boarding with me on a plane. That and so very much else assaults my freedom and due process on a daily basis that the robot is just not on my radar...and, yes, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. Next they will loose le robot on the protestors in Cleveland and wherever else the grown ups are having conventions.


When your own govt operates drones overhead, in your back yard, spying, and the NSA sucking up all our information (which they mine for marketing gold without compensating us) what's a robot or two. When your tech can be remotely turned on, take pictures, listen to conversations...what's a little robot? Maybe we'll all get one in a govt program!!!