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War on Wildlife Crime – Time to Enlist the Ordinary Citizen


War on Wildlife Crime – Time to Enlist the Ordinary Citizen

Bradnee Chambers

It is no exaggeration to say that we are facing a “wildlife crisis”, and it is a crisis exacerbated by human activities, not least criminal ones.

Whatever our definition of wildlife crime, it is big business. In terms of annual turn-over it is up there narcotics, arms and human trafficking – and the proceeds run into billions of dollars each year, helping to finance criminal gangs and rebel organizations waging civil wars.


The leading cause of species extinction is animal agriculture. Unless we are willing to stop using animals as products, we are doomed. Visit cowspiracy.com for more information.


If politicians only ended the counterproductive, enormously expensive permanent wars, there would be more than enough to save wildlife, have free education and healthcare for all and more.

Politicians are the rotten apples in the public barrel.


Isn’t that deflecting from the topic at hand? American citizens are active participants in animal extinction–note our ongoing wars on wolves, our degradation of habitats through urbanization and deforestation, our use of pesticides etc. We also seem to be active buyers of illegal ivory, even if unwittingly. To say that governments have skewed priorities is speaking truth, but that doesn’t really solve the issue…


Again with the idiot One Size Fits All WE clause. I have never used pesticide, and neither does
anyone I know. I don’t shoot wolves and neither does anyone I know.

The encroachment over wilderness terrain through population explosion, the emphasis on
meat eating, the logjam put in place by existing energy behemoths (to impede the use of wiser energy systems
and related fuels), and the unending WARS are the key contributors.

The poachers are a horror, to be sure…

Trying to make the problem into everyman and everywoman (as appears to be the Talking Point preferred by
think tanks that follow the Frank Luntz playbook and thus apply this “logic” to all the critical issues of our times)
dilutes cause with effect and thereby protects the real–as in most empowered–trespassers.

Nice try.


I agree with everything you said. However, you are not mentioning the unmentionable: population control. Should there be less of us, we’d eat less meat, buy less ivory, wear less fur/leather, etc. It is very uncomfortable to face and discuss this, but we should act on birth control. The sooner the better


America’s war on wolves, degradation of habitats, pesticides, ivory, are symptomatic of lack of education and regulation. Oligarchs don’t want an educated public, or regulations to protect wildlife from their plundering of public resources. They own “our” representatives and the keys to our future. All final decisions are made by the oligarchy through their politicians, judges and bureaucrats. The people have no voice in government.


I would like to remind you, SR, that personal attacks are considered inappropriate in this forum. You are certainly welcome to disagree, but a minimum of courtesy would be appreciated.