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War on Women Continues With Passage of 'Atrocious' Anti-Choice Law in Kansas


War on Women Continues With Passage of 'Atrocious' Anti-Choice Law in Kansas

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed into law the first national ban on an abortion procedure often considered the safest termination option for pregnant women.


Sounds like ALEC legislation. Everything that group puts their filthy hands to nationwide wreaks of misogyny, racism, and fascism. The Repug war on women wherein the women are targeted and totally objectified then stripped of their right to make their own life choices is downright nefarious and totally repugnant. Brownback, like his name intimates, is a pit viper without a brain that consumes itself (ala Lewis Carroll). Ugh!


“Anti choice.” Pro-slavery FASCISTS is what Brownback and his ilk are. The subjugation of women is their aim.


Never mind that a responsible woman who doesn’t want to carry a child should have an early-term abortion.

Never mind, that she waits until long after she can hear the child stirring in her, enough to evoke motherly feelings.

Never mind, how barbaric a late-term abortion is, never mind the experience the child gets.

I think Liberalism is very one-sided on this topic.


It is readily apparent (your photo) that you have never been pregnant nor have you spoken in depth with any woman who has been (or who is/was and did not know she is/was). As a male, you do not have a clue what a woman goes through when she is considering the procedure. FYI,.amniocentesis is performed after the third month that might reveal birth defects that would adversely impact the unborn child as well as the mother/parents and their other children. Amnio is not performed earlier as it may be harmful. Thus the necessity for the procedure to be performed later in the pregnancy.

You sound like you are pro-life and consider yourself a Christian: Christ said “Judge not lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7:1,2). Interpreted to say, “The context makes it clear that the thing here condemned is that disposition to look unfavorably on the character and actions of others, which leads invariably to the pronouncing of RASH, UNJUST, and UNLOVELY judgments upon them.”

Your comment on “barbarity” is offensive at best.


She also sounds like a man, posing.

The first sentence makes NO sense


while we’re on the “think” subject, how about just letting the woman make her own personal choice, rather than a group of hell-bent white male politicians and their cohorts, the right-to-lifers who also support endless war. the hypocrisy would be overwhelming if it weren’t for the stench coming from the right.
oh, and while we’re on the subject of “motherly feelings,” how about you, emilywindsor, google “deformed iraqi babies.” then get back to us with an expanded thought process on those motherly feelings.


Seatower, Whether you are man, woman, mare or stallion (your photo) all of us are indeed entitled to an opinion on this issue of abortion. No matter what form of words you may use, abortion is the deliberate intervention to prevent the life of another Human Being. Without spitting feathers and champing at the bit, is this not the case?
Any attempt to cloud the issue with accusing one who is opposed to abortion as being anti-female is twisted logic and specious casuistry. One is pro-Life thus anti-Death, anti Capital Punishment and anti-War. Not much right wing about that position. You bring Christianity into your argument and assume that EmilyWindsor is Christian thus unable to judge, lest she be judged. This is once again an absurd extraction for if we were to apply that dictum then there would be no need/use for either laws or Ten Commandments.
My own pro-Life position owes nothing to either Church or a belief in God. It stems purely from an innate sense that killing other Humans is wrong i.e. that all Human Life is sacred. However, if one wishes to find some Christian reason to oppose abortion, then I suspect that Jesus himself opposed abortion because of the way in which he intercedes in the stoning of the women taken in adultery: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. His own mother Mary would have met a similar fate had not Joseph intervened and made no objection to her unplanned pregnancy. So men do have a part to play and their voices need to be heard too.
Finally, in India, most abortions are carried out against female fetuses i.e.females are targeted for killing. Or does it matter that we can decide to kill a fetus whose only crime is being female?


Lino. “Twisted logic” is not an accusation you ought to be hurling around since your own thoughts are so convoluted. How can you accuse EmilyWindsor of being right-wing, thus in favour of all the crimes committed by the US military in Iraq and elsewhere? This paradigm that to be anti-Abortion (pro-Life) therefore you must endorse a whole package of other views is complete and utter nonsense. I can only speak for myself, but I am pro-Life whether that life be Black. White, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, male, female or all shades in between. I can support both Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and detest the whole right-wing neo-con gang from John McCain through to Curtis LeMay. No doubt you will claim for yourself - as a pro-Choice Liberal - that you are in favour of Free Speech. Time to proactice what you preach and allow some people their right to express an opinion of views that are deeply hled convictions. Do not assume that you can speak for them on thehr views on every other matter, Even Pro-Life Human Beings are worthy of respect. I will not be holding my breath though…


What is true is, medical hierarchy has a very clinical view of terminating a pregnancy that does nothing for the clear thinking process of a woman terrified by the choice of being a victim of her circumstances and making another living growing child be a victim of the circumstances. Medical science DOES NOT COMFORT a woman in this position; they make their money off the surgery.


Right to an opinion, yes…right to stop or interfere with a woman making a life choice for herself, ABSOLUTELY NOT.
As for the Ten Commandments…they really do not seem to be working either here (a purported predominantly “ChristIan” nation) or elsewhere in the world.

Interesting how you can channel what Jesus thought about abortion.

As for your other analogies…never mind.


So Emily has a right to an opinion. Excellent! In that case, we are making progress and I suspect you owe her a very big apology for trying to attck, humiliate, ridicule and bully her. Your reaction to her sincerely expressed views is what I found pretty objectionable. If you are prepared to exchange views in a courteous and respectful manner without resorting to ad hominem attacks, then ideas and arguments can become informed debate. Otherwise, forget it.
I agree with you wholeheartedly that the Ten Commandments are not working; I only ask that you imagine a world in which we tried to observe them - in particular “Thou Shall not Kill”.
I do not pretend to have any special insight into Jesus’ mind and its possible I am 100% wrong on the matter. Maybe Jesus was pro-war, pro-abrtion, pro-stoning of women for adultery. I await your learned views on the matter of what Jesus or Matthew or anybody else in the bible may have been - since as I recall, it was you who first started quoting the bible in this commentary.


Let’s not forget that, half of the voters in that state are women… Women’s groups are indeed fighting themselves. If half men support this but 95% of women were against…Brownback or any other Repub could not get elected. So ladies, you need to look at your own. As a black man, we are definitely on the same side of equality. smh…this is why so many men do not give a crap. Do yo think we would have had a civil rights movement with half voting against it??? Probably not!


My body, my choice and I would bet that choice is never taken lightly. “abortion is the deliberate intervention to prevent the life of another Human Being”. and it sounds like you agree life is not at conception but at birth.

So many unwanted children brought into this world is a travesty and there is less and less safe guards for these unwanted children. Do these pro lifers put into place education on these issues, do they have safe guards in place for children, do they volunteer to take care of these unwanted children who end up living on the streets. these issues are not a consideration in this country and any funding for mothers and children and families have been decreased… Planned Parenthood is a good place to start education of family planning and is not a killing profit machine like wars and privatizing of our basic needs.


Yep, you nailed it…BTW… love your little ID picture… It is a horse’s eye, right?


That’s a weak argument (it assumes the doctor performing the procedure only derives income from abortions…I doubt that highly).

If you’re an American (I’m not, so someone please confirm this for me), but carrying a child to full term and delivering that child in a hospital comes with a HIGH COST. I’ve read (somewhere) that it can cost 10-20K to deliver a child in the United States, and that’s for ‘uncomplicated’ deliveries. Who gets that money? The doctor and the hospital.

…then the mother gets to go back to work a month later incurring child care costs.

It is one thing to [try to] use moral persuasion, quite another to attempt a financial/economic argument for abortion. There isn’t one. BTW, I’m a Catholic.


If this were a country where every child being born could be guaranteed clean water, clean air, food, shelter, a loving home and a free and comprehensive education, with the likelihood of employment as something other than cannon fodder for resource wars, THEN and only then would there be grounds for denying abortion. The country with the highest child poverty rate in the developed world does not have those grounds. The travesty we have now, where primarily male legislative bodies restrict access to abortion while at the same time gutting bills that allow women to feed and care for their children, is the immoral thing. And f the state is going to require that a woman who discovers her child has a serious birth defect carry that child to term against her will, then it is the state’s moral obligation to support that child for the duration of its life. The same holds true in cases of rape.

As a woman, I am getting very tired of being regarded as nothing more than a womb on legs in certain parts of the country. I’m beginning to wonder if people shouldn’t join together and combine resources to enable women in these states with these laws to move out of them and start a new life in a place that is more enlightened. Let’s see how these red states like having 2 or more men to every woman. Ask China how that works out-there are many men in rural areas there who, because of their practice of female infanticide, will never marry or have families. Regarding a woman as a lesser thing tends to be a bad idea in the long run. And while it may seem counter-intuitive to conservative types, empowering women and raising their economic status and giving them full access to contraceptives, lessens the frequency of abortions.


Yes, it is a horse’s eye…a lovely one that looks into the deepest part of any human close enough to feel them breathing…am a lifelong lover of horses!


Excellent comment! Thank you.


Why not Seabiscuit? (smile)