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War, Peace, and Bernie Sanders


War, Peace, and Bernie Sanders

Robert C. Koehler

It’s the day after the big vote and I’m doing my best to dig Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders out from beneath the pile of Super Tuesday numbers and media declarations of winners and losers.

As a Boston Globe headline put it: “Clinton and Trump are now the presumptive nominees. Get used to it.”


This country needs more Tulsi Gabbards in it! Let’s hope the HRC-DWS axis is truly exposed in the media. Perhaps Rep. Gabbard could espouse her concerns about it and implicitly contrast her honorable behavior to that of DWS who has been carrying HRC’s pale of putrid brew for too long.


As a Boston Globe headline put it: “Clinton and Trump are now the presumptive nominees. Get used to it.” That is like saying get used to a drop of cyanide in your breakfast coffee. I’ll never get used to this:


I’d like to go off-topic, to pass on the appeal for funding from CD. Where would we all be if this great resource went away? We, the CD community, all get great articles, news, and the ability to write/share our views pro or con. I have contributed to Bernie’s campaign and will again - I just contributed to CD and hope many of you will also to assure our voices will continue to be heard. “Many hands make light work”, and many small contributions make a campaign like Bernie’s or home for our thoughts like CD…thanks for all you do!


Back to this Robert Koehler piece who wrote - “War and peace and a fundamental questioning of who we are as a nation are actually on the line in this race, or could be — for the first time since 1972”. Koehler also points-out the principled support of Sanders by Tulsi Gabbard. “stepped down as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee in order to endorse Sanders — because he’s the only candidate who is not financially and psychologically tied to the military-industrial complex.” this refutes the “real left” mind-readers who trash Bernie on imagined failures in the future - give the guy a little credit please!
People who claim/write Sanders is just another Dem establishment sycophant are missing or misrepresenting many things, IMO, especially his military issues - only time will really tell - they should have a little faith in people that actually put their bodies on the line!


Thank you Tulsi Gabbarb, though as I read more about Trumps ideas for finally nixing the warmongering neocons, I’m starting to lean more and more toward him. No, I never in this lifetime thought I’d ever vote democrat again–much less republican–and much, much, less cast a vote for Donald Trump. But he’s the only one that might…MIGHT…stop the madness. I might willing to give him a chance. After exploring a bit more about the situation by reading Justin Raimondo’s pieces, I think I’ll have to give the man the benefit of a doubt. What’s to lose? He supports peace. No one else does and that’s my number one concern.


While my intuitive feelings have been where Congresswoman Gabbard’s views are, I wonder how much the corporate news will give attention to this discussion. The cabal known as the Illuminati took over what is now called the Military Industrial Complex in 1945. They own the major global banking institutions and a good part of the fossil fuel industry and when war is created they make loads of money.

They fund political candidates who will support war. Those of us who served are their pawns and finally, we are stating to awaken. When I notice how much our annual defense (offense) budget is I can fully understand why the congress finds it necessary cut social programs and promote poverty.


If Trump can be believed - his racist statements are over the top…he is a sociopath…this is a very weird and dangerous situation, but so is the current Tweedle-dee-tweedle dum status quo. The NeoCon warmonger traitors and AIPAC, pro-Israel at-any-cost, having made US foreign policy their lap-dog, are frothing at the mouth opposing what Trump has said about ME wars and Israel - but…talks cheap…


Here is a further look at what you began - (also old & cyclist-‘motor’)


yes indeed, robert koehler, let’s talk about peace on earth! i do both admire and thank tulsi gabbard for speaking out. yet, had i not read this essay, i would not have known that she stepped down from her post in order to speak frankly about “war and peace.”* we know of several organizations bent on promoting peaceful coexistence, veterans against the wars, greenpeace, wikileaks, the green party and the like. however, our faux journalists in the mass media choose instead to ignore us peaceniks! we, not a small swath of the populace, have been left out of the public discourse while the media focuses on so many hot button non-issues designed to stir the emotions of xenophobia, fear and hatred. as you say, bob, “The presidential election is supposed to be a distraction, not some kind of public accountability process.” for example, divisive issues such as same sex marriage or a woman’s right to choose for which many among us may have strong opinions we must acknowledge that the repercussions from these very personal decisions affect the few. in the true spirit of democracy the majority has no right to impose its will on the minority. each of us has the responsibility of making the best moral and ethical decisions s/he sets as guidelines, but not one of us wants to be ruled by the opinion of another. until we_the_people take personal responsibility, stop looking for a “leader” and wrest the reins of control from the political class we will continue to view life through the narrow political lens!

although i thank ms. gabbard for speaking up, one point in her endorsement of sanders as cited in the nyt op/ed bothers me, ““I know how important it is that our commander-in-chief has the sound judgment required to know when to use America’s military power and when not to use that power.” we, who wish to support a peace agenda, should see the office of president as head of the executive branch; not as commander-in-chief! that very term is reserved for the unique circumstances when our nation is forced by some aggressor into declaring war for self-defense. wasn’t the last time congress actually declared war the date was december 7, 1941?

gee, i would love to believe that sanders would embrace dave lindorff’s advice to immediately slash the military budget, but have lost faith in empty political rhetoric. already, he has promised that if not selected by the dnc, bernie will throw is support to whomever the super delegate choose. what kind of a revolution is that?! also, some years ago while running for a senate seat from vermont, sanders supported continuing vermont’s investment in manufacturing f35s while at the same time admitting that this stealth war plane is a costly fiasco. he suggests that the u.s. manufacture and sell these war planes to “our friend” the king of saudi arabia. war by proxy is still war! whenever some politician like john kerry takes a stealth bomber to a “peace negotiation” peace is not the true goal.

also, sanders shies away from denouncing israel’s aggressions. if, however, hillary gains the nomination and bernie decides to continue promoting the grassroots revolution reneges on his promise to support whatever the dnc dictates, then i will join with utmost entusiasm the revolution for peace

* just checked with democracy NOW! and sadly no mention of tulsi gabbard


you know, i’ve noticed that many long devoted republican and democrat voters, alike, feel appalled by the prospect of a trump card in the white house. i feel certain that his gop nomination would ensure the election of wall street’s choice, hillary clinton. just as i was leaving a friend’s house after coffee this morning, i made that very observation. becky, who prefers rubio, answered, “yes, but that’s better than trump!”

we’re all being gamed. don’t fall for it!


We came; we saw; and he died because of the Gold Dinar! The whorespondents never mention the rest of the line that HRC left out!


There is no need for anybody reading CD today to vote for Trump. He will have an easy cakewalk beating Clinton in November without any help from us.

Although I would not bet money that Bernie would beat Trump in November, I WILL bet money that Trump will beat Clinton in November. I will, however, never vote for Trump.


Clinton has more baggage than all of the GOP contenders combined. Trump has proven himself expert at wrapping contenders’ baggage around their necks and he will have far more fun wrapping Clinton’s baggage around her neck than he has had with the GOP contenders. I recently visited one of the bluest cities in one of the bluest states and was surrounded by many Democrats and Republicans who have disliked Clinton for at least a decade. Nobody will have a wider smile than Trump when Clinton is nominated.


A Clinton nomination will result in a record number of the Democrats’ potential voters sitting out the November election. Trump’s nomination will have the opposite effect and the GOP knows it. They are just putting on some theatrics to smoke over the racist flag that Trump has run up the pole. Mitt Romney’s criticism of Trump is guaranteed to increase Trump’s support.


Yes, I have been contributing to CD for a long time and I agree with you. But like Democracy Now! CD will not touch the 9/11 alternative narratives. But it may not be their fault, they may have somehow been intimidated and their licenses threatened. I smell a rat, because for the most part, both sites do an excellent job.


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I can only hope you’re right, Cookies.


Got it.


I opted out of the MSM several years ago. Strange how god-awful it looks when you do by chance see it in action again. You can hardly believe you wasted you hard-earned life watching (any) of it. Best thing I ever did was ditching it. It can suck the hours right out of your life.


Trump is a climate change denier. Clinton believes climate change is occurring and the main cause is humans and advocates green energy for all households. It shouldn’t take more than a microsecond for a progressive to decide that Clinton is the better choice. No predictions now about a contest between Clinton and Trump are worth anything. And anyway, neither have won anything yet.