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War, Peace and the Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/20/war-peace-and-democrats


Good article but… the Old Guard Dems are in complete control.
Essentially they have picked up George Bush’s play book: what
was often referred to as the “Texas Two Step” they pay lip service
to progressive issues with insider agreement that nothing will
ever be realized. As a case in point, let me remind you that
Obama was for Public Option too, but in rhetoric only, When the time
came to nail it down, Public Option got conveniently tossed
under the bus. Now Biden has resurrected that theme at the
convention presumably to buttress the lefts hatred of Obama Care.

Does anyone really think Biden’s big money Insurance handlers are going to allow a Public Option
anymore then the recent DNC cave job restoring subsidies to Big Oil?

Seriously people, Trump obviously needs to be
removed at all costs, but don’t fool yourself with what Biden is going to
deliver for the downtrodden, for Mother Earth, for sustainable
energy solutions: very little if anything. This convention is offering
nothing more than ‘What if’s.’


Robert Koehler’s hope:

“If only the Democratic Party—not just a few outliers, but the party as a whole, acting with the full force of the voters it represents—were capable of asking that question. And demanding an answer”

They are not capable as evidenced by the dire predicament the u.s. is in re: covid, AGW, income inequality, level of oligarchic control, lack of health care and so much more . . . . all of which brought to you by the dems and republicans.

Dems are capable of:

Gaslighting, crazy making, feigning empathy/compassion. . … blame shifting and duplicity a go go.

They bring heightened significance to George Orwell’s quote from 1984
“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.”

p.s. glad I missed the Stephen Stills performance-----I like Stephen Still’s music : ( damn. Sounds like a garish ending in keeping with the nationalistic/faux patriotic garish beginning of the convention.

p.s.s. Michelle Obama’s gold “VOTE” necklace went viral. I don’t even know what to say about that


War And Peace, both promises you’ll always get from the Democratic party.


This DNC spectacle has been a display of the visible decay of the party. Same faces, same families, same policies that brought us Trump, with a straight face, speaking from their multi million dollar mansions, making Trump the boogie man. Obama talking democracy, while making calls to oust Sanders, talking press freedom, while aggressively prosecuting whistle blowers, the other Obama talking about empathy and children…when her hubby’s admin drone murdered innocent people (including a 17year old american) and separated families. What a bitter joke these days have been. And Joey and wife talking about their dates? Where is the talk about the suffering, the dying, the unemployed, the silence majority of the americans…for whom other than to get a vote, they couldn’t care less (in facts, not in words). The country needs a fresh party.


A fresh party–singular?

How about a complete makeover
of both parties?



"The country needs a fresh new party."

Nothing borrowed from Joe’s “Corporate” party.


How about a complete “annihilation” of both corporate parties?


“The country needs a fresh party.”

Step 1: Replace Trump.
Step 2: Replace the corporate Dems.


Obama promised to close Guantanamo --many times.

A timeline:



Just curious. If we shouldn’t fool ourselves

Then why would we fool ourselves with


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Nice plan.

Except the part where your Step 1 leads to more of who we have to replace in your Step 2.

How about we burn an entire party to the ground and build better atop the ashes?

Meanwhile, there’s this:



Can we have a government that’s not controlled by the neo-liberals and unduly influenced by the military-industrial complex? The answer is yes, if we’re prepared to support and fight for a political party that’s willing, in turn, to fight for something better.

From 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. Eastern time on August 30, a mere ten days from now, that upstart Movement for a Progressive Party will conduct it’s virtual convention. Please, please, please do not let it take place without your presence, for that would be a crying shame. You can attend simply by registering and logging on at the designated time.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the Movement’s website:

“The People’s Convention will discuss plans to build the largest party in America in the next four years, including building local hubs and state parties, sending representatives to Congress and local office in 2022, and winning the presidency in 2024. We will discuss why we must finish the political revolution in a major new people’s party and how we can do it.”

Now, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but this, I do know. It will only work if enough progressives and others hoping for a better future for themselves and those they love finally come together to make it happen. And if sufficient numbers participate, that progressive political party with meaningful impact on the quality of our lives and the lives of our loved ones will become a reality and a force to be reckoned with. Go to their website, register for the convention scheduled for August 30 and show up!


They are having a “People’s Convention” on 8/30/2020. Speakers to include:
Cornel West, Nina Turner, Jimmy Dore, Eynelys Vinson, and others to be announced.
Dore is supposed to live stream the event on his YT Platform.



I’m well aware of that but always happy to see a fellow travelor promote the event.

I signed up today for the Zoomcast of Michigan’s M4aPP discussion of how to build that party here.
That’s on August 25th. If you signed up at the website below, maybe your state is also having a web meeting you can participate in. They reached out to me, which is awesome:



“I’m well aware of that…”

I figured as much since you listed their web address, it was meant more for the rest of CD readers than you. I will check on the zoomcast for my state, but probably doubtful knowing my state.


Republican administrations come and go, and Democratic administrations come and go. But the Pentagon Administration came and stayed, and it rules them both.


Since you don’t know what to say about Michelle Obama’s necklace, you really deserve another 4 years of tramp and don’t worry, I am not going to comment anything on this pro Putin side. You will see the Gulags in person!

While we’re on the subject of war and peace, I’ve helpfully written the inauguration speech for whomever wins in November. Here it is:

My fellow Americans, I stand before you today in deep gratitude and profound humility for the honor that you have given to me to serve you as your President for the next four years. Thank you. I also stand before you to swear a solemn oath, not only to protect the Constitution of the United States, but to open a new door to an historic new future for our beloved country.
Today I pledge myself, and every day of my administration, and every day of the rest of my life, to wage peace, in your name and in your honor. No longer will the wealth of this country be squandered on war and planning for war, but instead will be spent on your well-being and the well-being of your children and grandchildren.
My first act as your President will be to initiative the closure of all American military bases abroad. Our men and women in uniform will be told that their mission is no longer to kill and be killed, but to live, and support life. Our military will be brought home and retrained through a new GI Bill that puts them to work creating a green energy economy that will restore our clean air, clear water, healthy soils, and the great natural beauty of our land. They will be put to work repairing our outdated and damaged infrastructure of aging schools, bridges, roads, affordable housing and public transportation. They will be retrained as teachers and healthcare workers to provide vital educational and health services to you and your families.
As of today, all bombing and offensive military actions abroad will cease. Instead of your taxes paying to rain down death on our brothers and sisters abroad, your money will be used to give you the very best that a renewed and peaceful American can offer. Instead of death and terror, your taxes will fund healthcare for all who are sick, living wages for your hard work, and decent educations that will not bankrupt you and your children. Once and for all we will house our homeless fellow Americans. And never again will this country face a crisis such as the present tragic pandemic, unprepared.
As part of this country’s transition to an era of peace, I am immediately and permanently banning the sales of arms to foreign nations. We will no longer be the sponsors and underwriters of wars of misery and ruin abroad. Nor will these arms be used at home to militarily police our own people or to terrorize our communities of color.
As of 2019, the annual Pentagon base budget, plus war budget, plus nuclear weapons in the Department of Energy, plus military spending by the Department of Homeland Security, plus interest on deficit military spending, and other military spending totaled $1.25 trillion. This is more than the combined military budgets of that of the next ten countries combined – three times China’s and eleven times Russia’s. This is truly an astronomical sum. If you were to place that $1.25 trillion end to end in one dollar bills, it would create a path that led from earth to 24 million miles past the sun. Every single year. And all this is for a country that has not been attacked by another nation since 1941.
You may ask if we need this astronomical expenditure to keep ourselves safe. I can assure you that we do not. Turn your attention to most of the other countries in the world with minuscule military budgets compared to ours, who yet remain safe from the threat of war.
Today is the day that we begin the process of rising above a primitive fear based economic system that not only does not serve us, but is bankrupting our nation, and preventing us from investing in your well-being and the happy future of your children and grandchildren. For each of the years of my administration, I will refuse to sign a defense budget that has not been reduced by at least twenty percent each year. These reductions will continue until our military is right sized for only what is needed for the actual defense of this country. We human beings have done an excellent job creating a hell on earth through our pursuit of war. Let us turn our talents and energy to the opposite end and create a heaven on earth through our pursuit of peace.
Today, in the words of the great American Abraham Lincoln, I call upon all of the better angels of our nature, to choose life, not death - and love, not hate. Let us rise together to a height that this country never before has achieved, of living peacefully on this planet, devoted to the common good, which in truth is the highest good for each of us. As we do this, our United States, truly united, will shine again as a beacon not only of liberty, but of justice and peace. Let us begin this sacred work together.


The fuckings will continue from both parties until the coming collapse is inevitable. Expecting Joe to do anything for average Americans is magical thinking, like believing Santa Clause will save our nation.