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War to 'Stop' War: Why the Obama Doctrine is Ravaging the Middle East


War to 'Stop' War: Why the Obama Doctrine is Ravaging the Middle East

Ramzy Baroud

Everyone seems to have a theory on how to obliterate ISIS, or ‘Daesh’. However, two points are rarely raised: one, concerning the origins of the group and the second, on whether there are genuine intentions to defeat it, in the first place.

We must boldly address the first to unravel the enigma behind the rise and growth of ‘Daesh’ – otherwise, how else can the group be dismantled.


I think the point is not to win the "war" but to continue to stir up chaos in the Middle East in countries that might have
provided leadership toward stable governments with enough power to challenge Israel. We are stirring the pot to keep
countries in the Middle East in chaos so that their citizens will focus on civil wars and not on challenging Israel. This is a cynical view. But if our government wanted Peace and Stability they would be making efforts to provide it. I always use the maxim from the bible to understand things when I don't understand them: "By their fruits you shall know them."


Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex 65 years ago.
Nobody listened.
Now all these years later they are in charge of our endless wars because of our feckless, corrupt presidents and idiotic, thieving politicians.


The easiest way to get elected is by using fear.

Hitler proved that and Trump is following his path.


President Peacey Prize is simply following the shadow government's playbook, which is best described (to my knowledge) by Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard (1997).


And HRC is using fear of Trump.


Your use of the term WE conflates what is done by the military and its specific voluntary operatives with The People. The two are not one in the same and the suggestion that anything done by the military somehow seamlessly comports with The People is a very dangerous, slippery slope. It is the vernacular of the fascist military state.

I dissent!

Your "we" does not speak for me. Or Jill Stein or anyone else who doesn't believe in "military solutions" and recognizes the false flag that unleashed the calamitous wars that turned the M.E. into an open Hell... benefiting ONLY weapons suppliers and Shock Doctrine financiers.

Fundamentalist Christians raised from birth to believe in the authority of male father figures AND all those wounded boy-men who think their identity is based on military service MAY identify with this collective "we," yet as mentioned it does NOT speak to citizens with very different views, sensibilities, and voices.

How many of the latter were invited onto any radio or TV programs prior to the run-up to the already planned--on the basis of FIXED evidence--war against Iraq?

How many are seen on today's news programs?

Those who take the forced consensus and turn it around into the illusion of public support are PART of that fascist government and/or the MIC.


Perpetual war to stop war makes me think of the places where dams have been removed and how quickly thriving ecosystems return. Just stop the wars, stop the ridiculous fighting that is supposed to stop war, but just exacerbates the problem, stop selling the armaments that perpetuate war, stop supporting the corrupt warlords that keep wars going and justice from being served. Take all those away and I think very quickly thriving communities would return.


So this is world war three? Thanks to neocon/neoliberal policies of war we can expect this to go on endlessly. Obama has tried it his way, with air strikes, drones, a cleaner way to wage war, but you can bet Hillary will do it the way Bush did. Get those boots on the ground and lets do some real killing. Obama has been weak and reluctant, per the neocon way. Besides the Saudi's and Israeli's are funding ISIS so we can't expose them and cut off funding, which would be the obvious thing to do. No we give the rebels weapons on a regular basis. Then they give them to ISIS. Nice!
So Baroud says we have given up and normalized perpetual war, have we? I sign petitions for a group or two but nothing happens. There is no real anti-war movement with any teeth.
Jill Stein has the real answer, if the Greens get strong enough they may be able to rally people to get in the streets like they did against Veit Nam. It is the first thing to do to fix the economy too. The billions going into the dark hole of war would be better spent here.
This country has so many domestic problems it's hard to do much about the foreign one's. Maybe Hillary's wars will motivate this country to put a stop to this insanity?


The price of gasoline thrown on the fire


I should not say this. He is otherwise a real good guy. But because his name is a Muslim name...he is going heavy duty against it....it is human nature...


She can't do it all alone.
She needs the congress to give her the money.
If it's a Republican congress she it will get all the money she wants from the bloody warmongers.
If it's a Democratic congress it will be more problematic.


Osama Bin Laden gave us the answer. His actions and those of ISIS are in retaliation of western occupation of Arab lands.


I would wager that if the Congress were to reinstate the draft, Americans would suddenly become very much aware of all these wars. I remember the protests in the early 90's when college students thought they might be drafted for the Bush venture against Iraq. The marches fizzled out in a hurry when it became known that there was no threat to their personal selves. Invisible wars, complacent oblivious nation.


After Obama & Co ravaged the environment, failed to protect critical habitat and wilderness, aided/abetted wild animal slaughter in the West, threatened the marine environment to aid/empower the oil&gas industry & war-machine, it's perfectly in character for that unconscionable sellout corporatist fraud to commit mass murder, sell death and destruction all over the ME/NA, and further empower the for-profit war-machine via a 30 year trillion dollar nuclear weapons upgrade! - aided by his SOS, the likely successor the equally depraved Hillary Clinton - the Queen of deceit, who just appointed the odious Ken Salazar to head her "transition" team..........
While Trump and his pathology may be even worse, the perfidy of the Clinton's and Obama dominating Democratic politics and the herd of slavish sycophant politicians & others that support them is especially infuriating - FDR & Eleanor and all the Dems of conscience from the past are turning-over in their graves at the corruption and corporate/big-money servitude and murder of the Democratic Party........now Hillary salivates at the prospect of taking the reins of Obama's pathetic "legacy".......

There is a critical need for a political revolution in this country to end the rule of the 1% and their corrupt cowardly political shills!





"In January, the cost of the war on ‘Daesh’, as estimated by US Defense Department data has
jumped by $2 million dollars a day to a total of $11 million. “The air
war has cost the US about $5.5 billion total since it began in August
2014,” Business Insider reported. The escalation in Libya is likely to produce new, more staggering numbers soon."

Meanwhile, China is laughing all the way to the bank as it buys overseas farms, mines, real estate, steelworks, finances infrastructure for oil via loans, buys privatised public transport systems, buys privatised power generating systems and their networks, does deals in Afghanistan to explore for minerals and even makes the uniforms for the Australian army.

Why is the USA so utterly stupid?


Getting to the root of the problem means questioning and then transformation from the corporate capitalist system.


Transforming the system would have solved many of our problems, but this should have occurred decades ago, because now our species is headed for extinction,and it's probably now too late to prevent that from occurring.