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War Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We

War Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We

Ramzy Baroud

So, what have we learned from the Israeli legislative elections on April 9?

A whole lot.

To start with, don’t let such references as the “tight race” between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his main rival, Benny Gantz, fool you.

Yes, Israelis are divided on some issues that are particular to their social and economic makeup. But they are also resolutely unified around the issue that should concern us most: the continued subjugation of the Palestinian people.

Netanyahu is a racist, a conman, and a cheat.

And, a warmonger.

All qualifications for a Hellbound heathen.

When the IDF began assassinating protesters last March, I wrote my Congressman and begged him to speak up. He wrote me back - his answer to the ongoing slaughter was a strong faith in the Two State Solution. It’s a liberal’s excuse for doing nothing.


You can’t rightly be opposed what Israel is doing in any respect because, as Israel is a Jewish State such opposition would be, “anti-Semitic", and anything, “anti-Semitic” should be treated as antisemitism of the bigoted prejudice kind, as is made clear by opponents of the BDS movement.

So Israel should have a free hand to subjugate the Palestinians’ and take their land,and to take its neighbors’ land, contrary to law and every principle we say we stand for.

I agree that there is little meaningful difference between the Zionist Right and so-called “Left” when it comes to dispossessing the Palestinians of their land.

While their “left” wing parties are “perceived” to be less belligerent and more willing to reach a peaceful solution, their actual history paints a starkly different picture.

"Paying lip service to the division of Palestine while planning and propogating territorial expansionism has been the policy of the Labour party ever since the early days of the Zionist movement, sprinkled by sporadic attempts at giving up some of the territory in return for getting rid of as many Palestinian inhabitants as possible from under Israel’s control in the process.

"Labour might have invented this double-tongues policy, but it has now been adopted by all the main powers in Israeli politics, from Kadima to Likud and even the radical mark on the right – Lieberman’s Israel Beytenu…

"The fact of the matter is that Labour has supported all the wars Israel has waged, and actually ran and instigated most of them.

“The intransigence, the expansionism, the racism and the warmongering are not the problem with only one of the big parties in the Israel’s politics; at the moment they seem to be the national consensus.”


It’s certainly true that Zionist “right” wing parties are often more openly and vocally “oppressive” towards the Palestinians.

But when it comes to “dispossessing” them, there is (and always has been) a remarkable unity of purpose between the “right” and “left” wings of the Zionist Project.


BDS the apartheid state of Israel.


What the obviously partisan author and the commenters here cannot, will not say, is how the Palestinians got to the miserable spot in which they find themselves. The will hold Palestinians blameless for 70 years of rejection and terrorism. They will never say Palestinians should have accepted their own state in '37 or '48-'67 or 2008. They will never say their leaders have failed the people miserably by honouring “steadfastness” and martyrdom and maximalist ideologies. They will never bemoan failing to prepare Palestinians for compromise, nor for encouraging murder by “pay for slay” policies. They will never admit that, whatever excesses Israel sometimes commits, they would act the same if: they were subject to the same terrorism, saw discos and buses and religious events (and lives) destroyed by suicide bombers, had their Olympic athletes slaughtered, their planes hijacked, their babies stabbed in their cribs, their young men forced off to fight defensive wars against hateful neighbors.
They will never ask, or answer these questions because to do so would tacitly admit that Jews have a right to their own land, by moral and historical right and their horrible recent history; that no one except a Jewish army will fight to save the lives of Jews against the many who wish to destroy them. The people commenting here, and their hateful supporters, detest the idea of a Jewish state anywhere, so they make Israel into the perpetual agresser against the poor, hopeless Arabs. They are OK with 50+ Muslim majority states, with Islamic countries that expelled and murdered their Jews, that are proudly devoid of Jews. Never mind that 25% of Israelis are Arabs with full citizenship. They are OK with Muslims controlling 99.5% of the Middle East, but aghast at the idea of Jews controlling 0.5% They will never admit that the charters of Hamas, the PLO, and BDS reject the existence of a Jewish state. They could and should know. They could read those documents. But just like Mein Kampf, they don’t care because it’s only aimed at the Jews.
So, I don’t care what you say or write, until and unless you accept that Jews are off limits to your desire for our destruction. I don’t care until you hold Palestinians to the same moral high ground. I don’t care that Israel is now the powerful one, instead of the victim. I don’t care because it takes two to make peace, especially among enemies, and a “just” peace which includes my destruction is a non-starter. I don’t care because I’d rather see Israel survive, even when it sometimes crosses the line, than to see the world weep crocodile tears to the next Holocaust. I don’t care because “Never again” means just that.

It is so terribly disturbing to me that I cannot discuss this with any of my Jewish friends. They represent, in a microcosm, the lie that has also been sold to the larger United States population, that war and terrorism are necessary to protect ourselves.

I think you’re confused. War and terrorism is the preferred tool of Israel’s Arab and Palestinian neighbors. If they wanted peace there would be peace. It sounds trite, but is unfortunately true: “If the Arabs laid down their arms, there would be peace. If the Israelis did, there would be no more Israel.”

That is a tautology - everyone has a right to the land they own. The question is, and the crux of the issue is, did Jews have the right to the land of Palestine (own it) in the 1940’s when they came to take it, and still have that right. If the Jews in fact had and have the right to all this land, and the Palestinians living there had no right to any of it, then the Palestinians should have just left, and the conflict is all the fault of the Palestinians. Otherwise, the Jews have little right to complain about Palestinian resistance to their subjugation, and no right to say that opponents are just out to destroy the Jews - that a calumny posing as a justification.


“Everybody has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can…Everything we don’t grab will go to them.”

– Ariel Sharon, 1998


Hey peaedoc did you see that soljur video where a Israeli guy shoots a Palestine guy way off behind the wall and all the soldjurs laugh cause he killed him and it was a reel good shot. It looked like wicked pisser fun! Ha ha one laffing soljur even said the shot guys ‘legs went right up in the air’!

Can I kill bad guys with the soljurs if I move to your place, peacedoc? I will kill lots and lots of them like in the cowboy and injun movies! I wanna kill all the bad guys until there aren’t even any left.



Thank you, peacedoc, for proving my point.

And this, just in from Amy Goodman today: For the past year, tens of thousands of Palestinians have marched every Friday to the separation fence between Gaza and Israel. It’s called the “Great March of Return,” and is met by Israeli military snipers who fire live ammunition into the nonviolent crowd. According to the U.N., over 270 Gazans have been killed, at least 41 of whom were children, and close to 30,000 have been injured, with many of those injured suffering amputations. Journalists and medical first responders have also been shot, some fatally.