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War With Iran? Tillerson Accuses Tehran of 'Provocations,' Casts Doubt on Nuclear Deal


War With Iran? Tillerson Accuses Tehran of 'Provocations,' Casts Doubt on Nuclear Deal

Nika Knight, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ratcheted up tensions with Iran on Wednesday, accusing Tehran of "alarming and ongoing provocations" and comparing the country to North Korea before calling the lan


Nobody should be surprised about this. It is one more of the many campaign promises that Trump is keeping.


It's a bit of a mess what with the ongoing destruction in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, not to mention that Russians and the Iranians are allied and fighting against IS, the same IS the US claims to want to defeat. The US policy is incomprehensible, if not totally insane.


I think there should be a new sign above the big T on the White House door.


When T-Rex says: " alarming and ongoing provocations by Iran" that means that Iran is perceived by the deep state as a potential threat to it's Empire's power, hegemony, and hubris. The most alarming and ongoing provocations? Is there any country in the world that is worse than the Fourth Reich!


It's the "axis of evil" again David Frum's invention for W's State of The Union address a true neocon...


Can we finally put to rest the narrative that Hillary was going to start WWIII and that rump was the 'peace' candidate? The MIC and demorepub warhawks will play rump like a puppet, he will do whatever he is told. The only difference is that H would have been leading the charge. Tell me one is worse than the other.


Our country and the world is on the edge of a climate catastrophe, which all these guys are well aware, and they want to start (another) war to divert attention from their lies, innuendos, greed, and betrayals. Mostly, they betray their humanity as will become more obvious as time goes on.


"Deep state"? Isn't it simply called "The United States of America"? Nothing new here...


It seems that in the view of the neocons, US interests play second fiddle to the interests of Israel to smash any country that inhibits it's colonial goals.


This mother fucker is actually going to pop a nuke, isn't he?


More like the United Fascist States of Amerika!


The only explanation for the recent about face of Tillerson on Iran, discussed in this article, is that Trump intervened. The problem is that he is an ignoramus in terms of governmental history, too.


What "policy" beyond knee-jerk, testosterone-driven actions solving absolutely nothing and provoking widespread angst? The demented dimwit knows nothing about the complexities of international relations, foreign policy, world geography, geopolitics, etc. and could care less as he is proven to be completely devoid of intellect or intellectual curiosity. When interviewed by two Washington Post investigative reporters writing a book on him (Trump Revealed published last year...DJT granted them audiences with him for more than 25 hours in Trump Tower where he "held court"), they asked him if he would read the daily reports and memos from cabinets and other offices, DJT replied: "Hell no, I won't read the memos. I can figure it out within minutes of hearing what I need to hear." And that is what too many in the US MSM try to normalize and call presidential.


For T-Rex and T-dump (and the Bush cabal before them with their Iraq debacle), it is all about the oil. What neither T-Rex nor the emperor do NOT realize is that Iran is far more formidable than Iraq in size, population, and military might: Iran is more than three times larger in area than Iraq with borders on the east with Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan and little Iraq on the west; at 79.1 million, Iran has more than twice the population of Iraq (The populations of both having been around millenia longer than these wealthy white boys and their European ancestors). And we saw just how effective the military might of the US was in Iraq and Afghanistan.... Massive destruction without any resolution.

Does Mesopotamia (lasting more than 3,000 years) ring a bell with either of these witless shells of human beings? Rattle your sabres, you phuckers and you too, will pay dearly with the rest of humanity.


Full Spectrum Dominance--please proceed; and I do believe that Israel will bring us down.





Rex Tillerson has one objective - push the price of oil up. He has his retirement in oil and is still doing things to help Exxon-Mobil. His friends in Russia would also benefit from higher oil prices.


With all out war with Iran, Israel will be a victim of its fallout and overrun (and/or targeted) by their hated Arab and Persian nemesis brown hordes trying to escape the destruction. They better watch what they wish for....


You might have something there! Tillerson is just another know-nothing in Dump's admin.


" Iran is far more formidable than Iraq."

Also, Russia is involved in the equation. One of these times, one has to wonder if our insane, so-called leaders and war mongers will not bite off more than they can chew!