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War With Iran? Tillerson Accuses Tehran of 'Provocations,' Casts Doubt on Nuclear Deal


My guess is that Tillerson is taking the lead on Iran to distract attention away from Exxon's pending arctic oil deal with Russia. He hasn't been exactly passionate about any other issues, so why the big show about Iran unless it can somehow benefit his one true love, Exxon?


Small wonder. Ever since the Iran treaty gasoline has dropped .... a lot. The Exxon Man has to do something about it even if it screws every hard working American.


Composed a long comment here yesterday which I didn't post. Here's some ingredients in the mix:

With the treaty and Iran trying to re-integrate into the global economy it is insisting on its right to resume oil exportation to those (OPEC approved) levels that were in place before the sanctions. Saudi Arabia's flooding and depressing the global oil market hurt many petro-interests - the US shale oil/gas boom, Russia, and their arch-enemy Iran. Also hurt SA, but they will do what Wahhabists do.

and - Explorations in the central 'Stans suggest large oil and gas deposits. There is a proposed but not under construction pipeline route from Iran's northern border to Iran's coast - a relatively short (compared to the existing Russian territory pipeline network) and direct conduit to international markets for anticipated production from the central 'Stans. So long as Iran remains a sovereign and independent nation, with territorial control and the right to impose transportation royalty fees, the US will probably try to prevent this.

btw - speculation on these prospective fields in the 'Stans is quite far along and US interests hold at least 50% of the agreements for joint development. Exxon-Mobile is heavily involved.


Bit of distortion to say Russia and Iran are "fighting IS" in Syria. They are fighting for Assad. Not the same thing. Assad on gas attack: Maybe those kids aren't even dead. The Alex Jones of the Mideast.


Nope. Gas prices have been rising in recent months. As of course have crude prices.


Trump is worse than Clinton. Glad to help.


President-elect Trump considered ISIS as a big threat to US and accused Clinton of creating ISIS. President Trump now wants to go to a war with Iran who is fighting ISIS.

Denouncing the nuclear deal and fighting Iran is more of special interest than US interest