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War Zone America?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/war-zone-america

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Fine article !

"At the heart of today’s crisis lies a grim but simple fact: in this century, America’s power brokers decided to invest staggering sums of taxpayer dollars, manpower, and time in distant and disastrous “forever wars.”

  • Andrea Mazzarino

“There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited.”

  • Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Well - the clock is ticking. The election clock, and many others.

On this day - the Autumnal Equinox - the leaves are turning here in Calgary - golds and greens - best time of the year. Soon the ‘Fall’ will begin in earnest, as the trees ‘strip’, and winter approaches.

Metaphorically that’s where we are as nation states devolve.

You know @Giovanna-Lepore, what happens in the States will hugely impact Canada - and the rest of the world, n’est pa ?


I have news for you.

This country does not have a democracy any more. It hasn’t in more than 26 years.



It seems as if they have traded our futures away, we just dont know it yet.
Lots of work is going into hiding this.


“…what kind of society values property over Black lives?”

The kind of society where Black lives were once valued as property?


Those US troops that went abroad in service of the Corporations were all volunteers and visited upon the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan and Bosnia and countries too numerous too mention the same types of horrors that are now coming home to the place that set them loose on the world.

It not something to wish on anybody but this the reality of violence. A country can not exercise it continuously on peoples and expect to live free of it themselves. Any with a genuine concern for US soldiers should be advocating for NO US soldiers. Visiting violence on other peoples should not be seen as a “career” choice.


Good article by the author. Good thing Trump does not read, otherwise, Andrea would be labeled a domestic terrorist!


The distinction between people by race has now been replaced with a distinction by money. The system we’re putting in place will help the (now wealthy) African (not African American) descendants of the very same people who sold American blacks into slavery - and will come at their (and the rest of our) expense, for example. Why? Mostly because its very cheap labor tats available at this point in time, that we want to exploit, but also In part its framed as reparations because of colonialism in some countries, for example in europe, . This is perhaps why politiicnans like Macron (of France) were so mad at Trump, for aking noises that he might pull out of what for some countries is framed as a reparations deal. But Biden is likely going to put the deal back on track.

Does it matter that the US never colonized any countries in Africa?

No the reason we are doing this is cheap high skilled labor.

I feel sorry for the author. She is married to a career military man and she realizes now (or before) that war is a racket and that war has absolutely nothing to do with building democratic societies, protecting human rights or improving peoples lives. Instead it is the exact opposite.
Now the author realizes that her husband may very well soon be asked to slaughter American citizens at the behest of corporate America as the wealthy, in particularly one madman who rose from being the poorest man in the world to the richest man in the world in just four short years due to his unchecked corruption and complete absence of a moral compass. Will Andrea tell her husband to desert and flee to a civilized country? Or will she stand by her husband as he watches a manufactured race war spin out of control with the best case scenario being that another corporate sycophant will replace the existing one?
The author is far too intelligent to buy into the mainstream narrative that none of this has to do with race, income inequality, soaring poverty, unjust wars and corporate greed. Yet our MSM media will follow the strict corporate narrative that it is “Liberals”, “Democrats”, “Black Lives matter protesters” and “murderers and rapists from Mexico” versus freedom loving, gun toting Republican victims of a politically correct society that has gone too far pandering to the lazy and violent enemies that disparage our proud history of benevolent slavery and waging war against brown people who want to kill us.
Important issues like ending poverty, dismantling nuclear weapons, abandoning the era’s of endless fossil fuel extraction and mass consumerism will be completely ignored. Instead we will be subjected to the usual rhetoric about “jobs” the “stock market”, “investment opportunities” by so called ‘experts’ until we finally change the channel. And because this civil war will be fought half heartedly (to replace one tyrant for another), it will probably not spin out of control. But as a friend of mine once said… “Never under estimate the stupidity of the American public.”

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