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'Warm Our Hearts, Not Our Planet': Greenpeace Demands Climate Action From Trump and Putin

'Warm Our Hearts, Not Our Planet': Greenpeace Demands Climate Action From Trump and Putin

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin came together in Helsinki, Finland on Monday for a closely watched summit, Greenpeace activists partnered with a local parish to unfurl two massive banners on the Kallio church's bell tower to call on the leaders to "warm our hearts not our planet."


Congratulations and thanks again, Greenpeace volunteers, but I fear moral messaging is wasted on these two authoritarian nihilist soul-mates.

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Prolonged Hate is more profitable than Sustained Love.

Once corporations all agree about the existence and impact of Climate Change, their bottom lines will shrink.


Do you mean that the health care and pharmaceutical industries will compete with the war industries and all other corporations will be in deep decline since people will be to ill to make ordinary businesses thrive? (wink)

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Greenpeace moves in hypocrisy. They take millions of dollars from the meat industry. Greenpeace knows the meat industry is just as guilty of causing green house gases as the fossil fuel industry. For the love of money a mind can be purchased!

That’s about it. Both of them need to be replaced although at this point I don’t how the Russians can replace Putin and with a government-controlled press in Russia I wonder how many Russian citizens even know enough about what is really going on to want to replace him. Russia’s economy is largely based on fossil fuel production. Do the Russians understand the urgency to transition to another economic base before the planet becomes largely uninhabitable?