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Warming Oceans Behind Historic Coral Bleaching Events: Scientists



I am a heretic as far as that death cult goes. Yay the diversity of life, humanity take a hike (if we are lucky we will figure out a way to go to other planets before we destroy most of the species on this one.)

It looks like scientists are battling against their former conservative estimates that first broached the subject of climate change as happening a century from now. Then they managed to convince everybody that bad things (like what is happening now) would start to happen at mid century. Well they've changed their minds or rather scientists have changed the time schedule for climate change but people still don't associate the catastrophic effects of climate change with the word >>> SOON!

Scientists should start focusing on soon to be changes that people can expect to see and believe it when they see it.

We just lucked out (except in the Carolinas) with this recent hurricane Joaquin because it turned out to sea. unfortunately it will take a truly horrendous storm - a killer storm - to convince the republicans (and many dems) to get serious about climate change.

Meanwhile scientists should be clarifying just how fast this will occur and start showing people just how fast it has already occurred.


Don't worry be happy!

Scientists just found corals in Hong Kong that are immune to global warming. There is a technological fix for everything. And behind every catastrophe is opportunity. Trust Zog.


Some scientists are telling people... like Guy McPhereson who says we are already done. Also, Tim Garrett... physicist ... Dr. Waddum, forgot... does methane studies for one thing... look up Noctilucent clouds. ... Paul Beckwith, Kevin Andersen... they are all trying to tell the real story...


What story? The real story today, the real story a decade from now? The story two or three decades from now? A century?

I am not saying the Gulf isn't slowing (I've already said so previously many times) but I am saying that the hollywoodized ice age Europe scenario will not happen. What do you think I am saying?


Hey Wereflea, I wasn't picking on what you said, I agree with what you mentioned above, so I was adding to it... good point...