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Warming Planet Threatens More and Possibly Deadlier Pathogens, Warns Study


Warming Planet Threatens More and Possibly Deadlier Pathogens, Warns Study

Jon Queally, staff writer

An overall hotter planet and a rapidly-changing climate are altering the range of pathogens and increasing the appearance of infectious diseases, warns a new research paper published this week.


One of the legacies of the human adoption of the primacy of writing is arguably constant exposure to the dynamics of the flawed assumption/assertion/premise that humans are not integral to the vast and constant dance of novelty (in the scientific sense) and its counterpart, habit (the conservation of novelty). In other words, that the universal roots of millennial spiritual caveats, calls and practices of mindfullness which sustain and nurture capacity, far exceed the limitations of these assumptions and extraction from the equilibrium of living change.
The system constantly replicates these lacunas and is rendered paranoid, scrambling for imperial replacement of the ‘creator/creation’ with this ever narrowing manipulation. A graphic representation of this is the Sierpinski triangle or pyramid. I come to imagine its replacement of the pyramid on the dollar bill as emblem of the ‘debt economics’.
In the mean time ‘love’ is also claimed as a human reality subject to the ‘possession’ of the intentionally imposed narrowing dynamic for its ‘currency’ - with consequences that will become be laughable beyond words as we choose to turn our attention to the deadly pain that it begets.
What does this have to do with the electrobiochemistry at the ‘invisible’ level? Maybe its just pointing to the false dichotomies raised to a crowning unfolding of everything that has for centuries and longer been excluded and violently eliminated so as to distract from the arrogated voids in the hubris.
I think about the excuses made for atrocities in the ‘cloud of war’ and flip the image of the cloud with all of us precipitating and coming back to Earth.


Of parasites, large and small