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Warming Soils Could Trigger Potentially Unstoppable Climate Feedback Loop: Study


Warming Soils Could Trigger Potentially Unstoppable Climate Feedback Loop: Study

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Increased temperatures led to microbial activity that led to surges of carbon emissions

Heated and control plots in a long-term soil warming study at Harvard Forest, Petersham, Mass. Jerry Melillo of the Marine Biological Laboratory and colleagues began the study in 1991. (Credit: Audrey Barker-Plotkin)


and this is just the carbon, no mention of the methane which is way more powerful…spooky


This study apparently dovetails with regional measurements of methane releases. Scientists have been puzzled that not only the Arctic but the tropics have been releasing extra methane.

If human civilization is imperiled by an existential climate change crisis, then we have an awful lot of work to do. We need lots of practical R&D in fossil fuel displacement, in biofuels to cover what can’t be otherwise displaced, in planet remediation to keep the carbon/methane bomb in the ground, in sequestration, in destruction of methane and NOx in the atmosphere, and in species protection. To get the practical R&D going we need college activists to challenge their local college’s attitude of “If a big corporation didn’t pay for it with big wads of cash, we’d prefer to all die off in a hot, dry Hades, thank you.”

If talk is all you ever do, if mass extinction’s just not you, then there’s a good career waiting for you at some place such as CNN.

One of the most immediate possible remediations is wind-powered snowmaking on Massachusetts soil. Artificially made snow on the ground in December and in March changes Eaarth’s albedo back to earth-normal, shutting down the local soil bomb. We need some brave landowners or brave colleges to try this with one patch of land. Hardware cost, maybe $10,000.


None of this is any surprise. Astute scientific observers have, for many years now, pointed out the many, many potentially catastrophic feedback loops that we are playing Russian Roulette with, by pumping so much carbon into the atmosphere.

The fools who sit “at the table” making the decisions to continue full speed ahead with the profiteering fossil fuel economy, have done so knowing that there are sober scientists pointing to these truly unprecedented risks, risks of global ecological and civilizational catastrophe. Fools, criminals, the greatest criminals in human history, playing on their own egos and looting options, against the interests of all life on Earth.


Money, quite possibly, is indeed “the root of all evil”. The ancients were right.


How far gone is planet earth?
There are climatologist who are convinced that humanity, at least in terms of today genetical makeup, will be long extinct by 2100, and they can State many stats supporting their views.
Why are US and Euros quiet about their financing to the tune of 10s’.of billions for research by firms such as of Mosanto and others and parmas on UV resistant plant life?
WHY do not officials tell some population centers that sometimes for a period of two weeks the radiation levels that by law run over and x’s above mandatory evacuation levels?
WHY do all the oceanographers in US when asked about the ongoing extinction of all life forms in Pacific as to causes all have same answer,“I dunno”!
WHY are so many Euro nations building underground communities; It is most assuredly not for population growth, when their birthrates have fallen below replacement level.


Methane is not different from carbon, as it literally contains carbon. Methane is CH4- that C stands for carbon. CO2 and CH4 are different, but the major element that is a concern is carbon


Take a gander at what would happen if the now melting permafrost was to warm up that average daily 1 degree, and release it’s massive amounts of methane suddenly.


Sorry PS.
Take another gander at amount of % to planets oxygen supply we have lost due to, at present time, the almost total loss of plankton in Pacific Ocean

Stop letting our leaders split the totality of dangers into each minute part, for while they let carbon be topic there are many many causes for declining health of planet and of its human inhabitants.
Cancers are not “normal” and yet we dumb and dumbest have grown to accept it as but a part of being alive.


Methane is mainly broken down in the atmosphere to form carbon dioxide and water. Perhaps that is why there is no mention of methane.


And another radically unnatural and unusually hot day begins here in central Florida, I think back to when I was a child in the late 1960’s. Back then, October found us ALWAYS wearing sweaters-yes, here in “sunny,warm Florida” (that’s chamber of Commerce Bullshit; Florida used to have seasons you could detect), and it was never so warm as to make you dress in shorts or a tee shirt. Nowadays, October feels like June. I have not worn a cold-weather coat in over 6 years. It’s getting very bad, very quickly.


It’s going to be almost Florida (in summer)-like her in Pennsylvania today too - Well into the 80’s. Aside from a minor frost in some low-lying areas a week ago, we are still safely in the growing season - even still some tomatoes ripening.


Yep. It’s simply not normal. And I remember what normal used to feel like.What gets me also is the refusal by every main-stream weather outlet to even mention global warming. It’s always “an unseasonably warm period” Goddamn corporate lapdogs and cowards don’t want to admit the truth


How to stop it:


“Love of money…” Or, as we see these days an outright lust for it.


Over the short term methane is about 100x the greenhouse gas that CO2 is.