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Warning Against Abdication of Duty, Senators Demand FCC Abandon Net Neutrality Vote


Warning Against Abdication of Duty, Senators Demand FCC Abandon Net Neutrality Vote

Julia Conley, staff writer

Ajit Pai's plan would leave the U.S. with a "gaping consumer protection void," say 39 senators


From this one issue alone it appears that a whole segment of our legislative representatives are listening to someone else besides the people that they are sworn to serve. Strangely this is not the only one but just one of way too many. The House of Non-representation badly needs to be restaffed next year.


In a representative democracy the people’s reps are tasked with making and voting on policy …supposedly. In a dictatorship, one person or small cabal, do whatever they or their cronies or backers want, regardless the harm caused or will of the people.

It seems clear the United States of America is being ruled by a cabal of extremists who clearly are going against the will and desires of the people - NOT “fake news” - like a dictatorship would, with the great orange pumpkin as supreme leader and his appointed shills as surrogates, destroying what is in the best interests of the 99% to gift the 1%…the blithering adoration of “the flag” and contempt for The Constitution and Bill of Rights…the rule of law and truth is out of control and must be turned around.

It is disappointing that so-far many in Congress, not clearly in thrall to the dictatorship, have remained largely silent…hopefully that is changing!


Why only a majority? Why not every single one? Which ones did not sign on?


Pai is just another one of thousands of greedy corporate tools in D.C. who don’t give a damn about democracy.

The dustbin of history is too good for all of these greedheads who have nothing but contempt for the Common Good.


Probably just a misunderstanding on my part but the Constitution clearly lays out who “rights” are whose. The feds have clear powers and things they are prevented from doing. The 10th amendment states that powers not delegated to the feds by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Of course, there is little written in the constitution about control over the internet or who has power over it. Stating as part of a federal law that …

{The new rules would also prevent states from implementing their own regulations, resulting in what the Democrats called a “gaping consumer protection void.”}

This would be a states rights issue and would quickly be in court, I would think?


Aha. So there are others questioning the truth of the claim that millions of comments were fake and thus the whole process could be dismissed. I had the feeling that little arrogant twerp was lying.


Where are the other 9 Democratic Senators. I bet it’s oe Donnelly (Ind.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), John Tester (Mont.), Mark Warner (Va.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Tim Kaine (Va.), Gary Peters (Mich.), and Michael Bennet (Colo.), These are 9 DINOs that HAVE to go.


I note that my Senator Michael Bennet was not a signatory. Nor were Feinstein, Heitkamp, Manchin, McCaskill, Mark Warner (VA), Carper & Coons (both Delaware), Joe Donnelly (IN) .

Several of those are not surprising…being true DINOs. On a different comment thread, someone was so proud of voting for their Senator Feinstein. Sad.


I just saw your post after posting my reply to an earlier comment. Peters, Tester and Kaine DID sign… you might wish to correct that post.


It looks like you just did. However, I can find plenty of places where these “Democratic” senators voted for Republican initiatives, appointees, or the destruction of Dodd Frank:


I’d suggest that they all are DINOs.


My sense is that this “protest” was planned all along. Each new assault on net neutrality is a trial balloon by the corporate and government forces who would love nothing more than to restrict the internet to the point where they completely control the flow of information. The one time they throw out a challenge and it is not met with strong public opposition will be the time that the FCC actually goes ahead with it. Right now, there’s still too much to lose by doing so, so–for now–they’re content to stop and wait for another, better day.

How can I be so sure? If these politicians really were all that concerned, they would have come out individually weeks and months ago, before doing the mass outrage thing.

This is just more transparent political posturing. Please do not laud them for doing this. They are not on our side.


Indeed. That is why it is not only necessary to beat back these attacks whenever they come but to make the internet municipal and classified as a public utility so that we can prevent this kind of attack from happening every few years. Those who want to kill it want us to fall over in exhaustion from repeated attacks. And don’t expect the Dems to pick us up if we do fall over.


So many greedy, fascist sh*theels.


What will be the last straw?


Let’s hope they just missed the letter. I fail to see how appearing to quietly go to bat for Comcast helps a single one of these folks.


Probably when it starts interfering with people’s porn.


It’s sad that you are probably right.


It always amazes me how well trained these Republican shills are. They can do the most awful, unforgivable, loathsome, despicable, damaging, etc., things all with a smile on their face. Spooky!