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Warning Against 'Another Endless War,' Ilhan Omar Says Congress Must Act to Stop Trump From Attacking Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/17/warning-against-another-endless-war-ilhan-omar-says-congress-must-act-stop-trump

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This is as false flagish as it gets and the main stream media is lapping it up like a thirsty cat .
Why ?
Why would Iran taunt a huge vicious bully that is frothing at the mouth for a fight .
What could they possibly gain by such a conflict?
Think people . This is like a guy standing on a corner in a US town with an exposed gun and sign around his neck saying “Fk the police “
and then start shooting when the police roll by.


I just can’t put my finger on it, but I think I’ve seen this movie before…
Oh yeah, I think it was set in the gulf of Tonkin. Or maybe it was Iran in 1979. Perhaps it was in Kuwait? Ok maybe New York, or Afghanistan, or Iraq.
Maybe they are all just different scenes from the same movie. Yeah, that must be it.


There may be more to this than meets the eye.



Thanks for that. I forgot to mention in my comments that one only needs to look at who benefits from a supposed “international incident” especially one involving the petroleum industry in order to find out who is responsible.
America has over drilled, over pumped, every fossil fuel we could think of. US companies are sitting on record inventory of natural gas and fracking oil that nobody wants or needs. What to do? Why, maybe “arrange” and attack or incident in the largest oil field in the world of course. Prices go up, multinationals make abhorrent amounts of money, and the earth continues to warm.


‘No rush to retaliate’.
good news this morning.


Farsi News reports this morning that Saudi Officials have approached Iran to supply gasoline while they rebuild their facilities… seems the Saudis know from whence their destruction came. A ragtag cobbled together military in South Yemen has cleaned their plow. The US is in damage control to protect their criminal MIC Empire. Multi billion dollar American provided defense systems were totally useless against home made precision drones. Imagine the destruction Iran can inflict!!

I suggest Trump replace Pompeo with Tulsi Gabbard and appoint Llhan Omar as his personal adviser. The world will be much safer.


The neo cons want war. They will have their war. They have too much power. They must be eliminated, peacefully if possible.


I learned recently that fracked oil is pretty much kerosene… aka jet fuel… hmmm…

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Did US Military Intelligence fail to figure out where the drones origniated yet?


Yay for Ilhan Omar.
Note that her opposition to Zionism and to Saudi Islamic extremism are equally strong and publicly articulated.
She’s falsely called an anti-Semite for opposing Zionism. Will she be called anti-Islamic for opposing the Saudi murderers and their ludicrous Wahhabist extremism?
I oppose all the Abrahamic father god religions and their offshoots.
As Chris Hitchens so eloquently said, “Religion poisons everything.”


We all have to carefully explain, when writing or discussing, that disliking an Israel government action or policy does not automatically spill over to hate the jewish religion.

The nutzoids marring synagogue buildings and murdering attendees, as near Pittsburgh, certainly are dumber than a brick. Misplaced anger.

Greetings. I don’t hate people of any religion because they believe in that religion. I’d never support attacking any religious building or group of people.
However, I do hate these religions because for centuries they’re responsible for hacking human minds to install delusional ideas, actions, and thought processes into billions of people.
Religion creates a mushy mind incapable of handling or even seeing reality.
When a mind has been softened up by invisible sky father mythology and religious systems, it’s also easily controlled by other vertical power elites and hierarchies.
Hitchens’ book “God is Not Great,” the book “The God Delusion,” and the first Zeitgeist movie are all instructive on this topic.
And also of course, “religion is the opiate of the masses.”

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this AM, peace broke out in the middle east - by some miracle - or cooler, more experienced, people intervened. There are four different religions and three are dominant with the fourth, Britz, french and USA christians the invaders.

The saudi damage will be repaired fairly quickly and back on stream. The royal family is ticked with the low oil prices.

The on the dot, low flying, cruise missles is olde technology. Our navy had it two generations ago and used it in desert storm trying to get Sadam. I cannot think up any easy defense, nor has anyone else. Intercept spare parts may work. Placing stronger target dots onto something nearby that is not critical may work.

Congress has never stopped a war. When they eventually cut off funding for the U.S. invasion of Vietnam it was because of massive demonstrations and the risk that they would be turfed out if they didn’t take that step, which they resisted on a bipartisan basis for years.


Not sure if he’ll hire Tulsi after this amazing Tweet:


IIhan Omar: " Only Congress has the authority to declare war".

True Omar, but Congress committed treason and abdicated their Constitutional authority to declare war in 1950.

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Thanks for the link. As always, Cui Bono.

Harry, when asked why he did not request a declaration of war from congress.
Said that he had the UN resolution and that legally, this covered our entry - July 1950 - into Seoul to try and defend. Six north korean tanks stopped our rescue effort.
Also said that day or the next day, congress would have declared war. After that, they would not have.

If memory serves, I believe Cheney had a hand in the Enron VS California energy back in the day. This shit by wealthy POS’s never ends . And that’s our fault for not doing something about it.

Even if it were not a false flag in SA, don’t the Iranians have the right to retaliate against U.S. bullshit sanctions on a number of fronts. I suspect the Iranians could surely have started to fight back. The U.S. is the one that should be worrying. What does it take to assemble a drone in a farm field and send it to Chicago or LA ?